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2023 Inspiring Itineraries Recap

A Year of Inspired Travel: 2023’s Inspiring Itineraries, Month by Month (Plus Travel Resolutions for the New Year, too)

Inspiring Itineraries of 2023: A Recap

Can you believe it’s been a full year of Inspiring Itineraries? If you’ve been following along month by month, you know our Inspiring Itineraries have taken us all over the globe, from Themed Cruises, Holiday Getaways and Epic Road Trips in destinations like Paris, Portugal, California and so many other places in between! 

We’ve all got a Bucket List of places where we’ve always wanted to travel, but knowing where you want to go, and knowing all the best things to see and do there, are often very different things! That’s where we at Love of the Magic Vacations come in! Not only do we take care of all the travel details for you, but we also love to offer you a day by day idea of what your vacation can be; hence, our Inspiring Itineraries! 

Map and Compass

While each Itinerary is meant to give you an idea of the kind of vacation you can have in a given destination, of course we can always customize each Itinerary to meet your exact preferences and needs. 

And before we jump into the first Inspiring Itinerary of 2024 in January, we wanted to pull all of 2023’s Itineraries into one place for you, because even though the years may change, our ideas for Inspiring travel don’t expire! So be sure to bookmark this page for whenever you’re looking for some Vacation Inspiration!

Month by Month



January 2023: The Perfect Themed Vacation, by Land and by Sea

Themed Travel offers a diverse range of experiences, from group vacations centered around shared interests to entire cruises dedicated to specific hobbies. Whether it’s a family donning matching shirts for a “Disney Family Vacation 2023” or a meticulously planned cruise with themes like Marvel Day at Sea or an 80’s Cruise, the possibilities are vast. This month’s Inspiring Itinerary, in Love of the Magic Vacations-Style, combines Themed Disney Park experiences with a Group Cruise Sailing on Disney Cruise Line. Whether you’re new to Themed or Group Travel or a seasoned participant, this itinerary promises a fantastic experience. Although a similar adventure is available from Florida, this particular journey will embark from California, uniting Disney Enthusiasts and Fabulous Followers of Favorite Influencers for an unforgettable themed voyage.


Jamaica Resort

February 2023: The Perfect Romantic Escape to Jamaica

Jamaica stands out as a premier Caribbean destination, and its allure is well-founded. Despite its widespread popularity, the island’s size ensures a sense of uncrowded tranquility, with expansive beaches offering the possibility of secluded retreats. Jamaica boasts a captivating diversity, featuring serene and hidden shores alongside a vibrant culture enriched with music, art, and culinary delights. Whether craving a serene beach retreat or an adventurous immersion in Jamaica’s rich traditions, the island caters to every desire for a perfect Caribbean vacation. As this month happens to be February, the focus turns to the theme of love, making it the ideal time for a romantic getaway to Jamaica, escaping the winter chill. Imagine a romantic escape at one of the island’s exclusive all-inclusive resorts—a thoughtful and unforgettable Valentine’s Day gift, whether you travel for the holiday or give the promise of travel to come. Your trusted Magic Vacations Travel Advisor is poised to assist in crafting the best Valentine’s Day present with this Inspiring Itinerary, promising you and your sweetheart a luxurious and romantic escape to cherish.


Portugal Food and Wine

March 2023: The Perfect Foodie-Inspired Vacation to Portugal

Portugal has emerged as a rising star in popularity, not only for tourists, but also for those contemplating a European relocation. Its allure is undeniable, leaving visitors with a profound desire to stay indefinitely. Often overshadowed by more commonly frequented European destinations, Portugal, a hidden gem, offers a comprehensive experience that encompasses ancient architecture, rich history, charming towns, breathtaking coastlines, and vibrant beaches. Boasting modern amenities, a lively nightlife, renowned vineyards, delectable cuisine, and globally acclaimed restaurants, Portugal caters to diverse traveler preferences. The country’s culinary scene, featuring exceptional food and wines, has become a major draw, prompting many to embark on a culinary pilgrimage. This Inspiring Itinerary, focusing on the perfect vacation for foodies, unveils the multifaceted allure of Portugal, inviting travelers to savor not only its gastronomic delights but also to explore the myriad adventures the country has to offer.


Eiffel Tower

April 2023: The Perfect Parisian Vacation: Paris and Disneyland Paris

Why Paris? The question seems almost unnecessary, as Paris is a perennial favorite on virtually everyone’s Travel Bucket List. Renowned as one of the world’s most iconic cities, a visit to Paris is inherently appealing. Boasting legendary art and architecture, from the Eiffel Tower to DaVinci’s Mona Lisa, the city attracts over thirty million visitors annually. Couples seek the “City of Romance,” global wanderers recognize its historical significance, and families appreciate the blend of culture, education, and enjoyment. Beyond the quintessential stops like the Eiffel Tower and Mona Lisa, Paris offers a plethora of experiences—from leisurely walks around Sacre Coeur, to people-watching on the Champs Elysees, and city exploration by bike. As for Disneyland Paris, it serves as the perfect complement to a Parisian vacation, providing Disney enthusiasts with the ideal conclusion to an already incredible journey. Much like Disney parks worldwide, Disneyland Paris offers a magical yet distinct experience, conveniently situated near one of the world’s most visited cities. Adding a few days at Disneyland Paris to your family vacation in Paris is the ultimate enhancement to an already enchanting trip.


Bixby Creek Bridge

May 2023: The Perfect California Road Trip

Embarking on an Epic Road Trip holds a distinct allure; the charm lies in the spark of adventure, the limitless possibilities, and the belief that the journey is as significant as the destination, fostering inevitable connections and personal revelations. A road trip, akin to a rite of passage, signifies a transformative journey into a new version of oneself. The beauty of a road trip is the freedom of the open road, leading to diverse landscapes, and nowhere is more perfect for a road trip than the captivating California coastline. California, also known as the “Golden State,” is renowned for its allure dating back to the Gold Rush era. California’s diverse attractions, from the iconic Golden Gate Bridge to Hollywood’s stars, picturesque beach sunsets, and an abundance of activities, make it a must-visit destination. Exploring this vast state is best accomplished through a road trip, offering access to numerous state and national parks, wine country, and 840 miles of coastline, with the Pacific Coast Highway standing out as a world-renowned route. This Inspiring Itinerary invites readers to buckle up for an unforgettable drive along California’s Pacific Coast Highway, promising the journey of a lifetime.


Denali Tracks

June 2023: The Perfect Alaskan Adventure By Land

Alaska, known as The Last Frontier, has become an increasingly popular vacation destination, and for good reason. Boasting vast expanses of untouched wilderness and offering epic adventures, it is the largest state in America, roughly one fifth of the size of the entire continental United States. With 365 million acres of space, only 160,000 acres are occupied by civilization, providing visitors with a sense of being true explorers, possibly treading where only a handful of others have walked. Alaska prides itself on its connection to and preservation of the land, emphasizing a need to tread lightly. The state has been prominently featured in various Love of the Magic blogs, highlighting its multiple facets, from national parks to Arctic adventures, showcasing the diverse experiences it offers. This time, the focus is on exploring the Last Great Frontier on land, from glaciers to mountains, immersing in the majesty of its untouched wilderness step by step, providing a unique perspective beyond the popular Alaskan cruises.


Disneyland Castle Holiday

July 2023: The Perfect Holiday Vacation to the California Theme Parks

Discover the enchantment of the California theme parks during the festive season! Disney, renowned for its extravagant holiday offerings, transforms its parks, resorts, and even cruises into magical winter wonderlands. While Walt Disney World in Orlando garners much attention for its remarkable holiday celebrations, Disneyland in California boasts an array of festivities that should not be overlooked. Disney’s dedication to Christmas is evident as they extend the celebrations from early November to January. Additionally, they seize every opportunity throughout the year to infuse the parks with Christmas spirit, including special treats and announcements in June, leading up to the grand reveal in July. This Inspiring Itinerary focuses on Disneyland, California Adventure, and Universal Studios Hollywood, highlighting the advantages of covering less ground than the Florida parks. With the flexibility to explore everything in under a week, a short December trip becomes an ideal escape from holiday chaos, offering a perfect balance of celebration and preparation. Get ready to embrace the Christmas in July excitement with this inspiring holiday itinerary!


Disney Halloween Mickey Pumpkin

August 2023: The Perfect Halloween-Themed Vacation By Land and By Sea

August marks the commencement of Halloween festivities at Walt Disney World, launching nearly three months of spooky delights across the parks. From themed parties and specialty foods to character costumes and autumnal decorations, the celebration extends beyond the parks to include Disney Cruise Line. This month’s inspiring itinerary offers a chance to immerse yourself in the Halloween celebrations in Orlando and at sea. Halloween has evolved into a significant cultural phenomenon, rivaling Christmas for some, and the influence of Disney and Universal Studios Orlando in amplifying these festivities nationwide cannot be overstated. The Halloween celebrations at Walt Disney World kick off in August with Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, featuring beloved events like the Boo to You Halloween Parade and the Hocus Pocus Villain Spectacular. Meanwhile, Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights begin on September 1st. The vibrant Halloween additions throughout the Orlando Parks are sure to spark inspiration for home and neighborhood decorations. Beyond land, Disney Cruise Line offers Halloween on the High Seas cruises, allowing guests to experience Disney magic at sea with themed sailings featuring character meet-and-greets, special parties, cruise-wide activities, and spooky treats to embrace the Halloween spirit.


Iceland Northern Lights

September 2023: The Perfect Adventure in Iceland

Iceland, often referred to as “The Land of Fire and Ice” due to its active volcanoes and expansive glaciers, captivates visitors with its breathtaking and diverse natural wonders. Recognized as “The Land of the Midnight Sun,” it stands out as one of the rare destinations worldwide where one can experience 24 hours of daylight around the Summer Solstice. Despite drawing crowds for the Midnight Sun phenomenon, Iceland remains a popular winter destination, enchanting visitors with the elusive Northern Lights. Over the past decade, Iceland’s popularity as a vacation spot has steadily risen, thanks to its myriad attractions. Beyond the iconic features like 10,000 waterfalls, hot springs, Puffins, and whales, the country boasts black sand beaches, dramatic coastlines, and vibrant cities like Reykjavik, renowned for their impressive architecture and cuisine scenes. Iceland beckons adventurers to explore its infinite opportunities for discovery, showcasing the magical wonders of nature.


Maine lighthouse

October 2023: The Perfect Fall Foliage Cruise Through New England

New England boasts a wealth of tradition and historical richness year-round, whether exploring the opulent mansions of Newport, the pristine forests of Acadia, or the rugged coasts of Canada. From barefoot beach walks in the summer to fireside coziness amid swirling snowflakes in winter, the region offers diverse delights. However, nothing quite rivals the splendor of New England in the fall, when vibrant hues of reds, oranges, and yellows paint a breathtaking canvas. Fall attracts Leaf Peepers from around the globe, drawn to the autumnal magic, complemented by the region’s renowned craft beers, local lobsters, and inviting decor. For an even more perfect fall escape, imagine witnessing the coastal brilliance from the water on a cruise through New England and Canada, offering unparalleled views of iconic shorelines enhanced by the vivid colors of the season. Cruising provides a convenient means to cover extensive ground without the hassle of driving or constant hotel changes, allowing travelers to revel in the scenic beauty while enjoying the amenities of a cruise ship. 



November 2023: The Perfect Cross-Country Adventure in Ireland

Ireland, often referred to as the Emerald Isle for its lush greenery and abundance of shamrocks, stands out as one of the world’s most welcoming and friendly destinations, captivating travelers with its unique charm. Beyond the renowned attractions like the Cliffs of Moher, the Blarney Stone, and the lively pubs of Grafton Street, the country boasts a wealth of natural, historical, and cultural wonders. Scenic drives through the countryside reveal breathtaking landscapes, while ancient ruins and medieval castles offer glimpses into Ireland’s rich history. The evolving culinary scene goes beyond traditional dishes, and friendly locals eagerly share tales of Irish folklore and traditions over a pint. Whether wandering Dublin’s centuries-old streets or exploring quaint countryside with thatched-roof houses and fluffy white sheep, visitors are enchanted by traditional music, magical folk tales, and the warmth of the people. Ireland is a year-round delight, but a Spring Break Vacation is extra special since March stands out as an ideal time to visit, especially for the lively celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day.


Norway fjord

December 2023: The Perfect Norwegian Fjords Experience

Norway beckons as the quintessential winter wonderland, offering more than just a festive scene with Santa and reindeer. With its renowned fjords, captivating Northern Lights, and Midnight Sun, Norway seamlessly blends natural wonders into its tapestry, complemented by trend-setting cities, charming villages, and a rich Viking heritage. The country’s commitment to eco-friendly practices, free access to National Parks, and the title of the Happiest Country in the World add to its allure. For Frozen enthusiasts, real-life castles, Scandinavian designs, and majestic fjords create a magical ambiance. The icing on the cake is an inspiring cruise through Norway’s famous fjords, promising an unforgettable experience where unpacking is a one-time affair. It’s time to make Norway your next travel destination, a serene and enchanting land where winter dreams come to life.

New Year's Eve

Travel Resolutions for 2024

The amazing thing about Travel is that, no matter how many months or even years we provide you with Inspiring Itineraries, there will always be more places throughout the world to explore and plan your next adventure to! So as we head into another New Year, there’s no better time to make some Travel Resolutions for 2024.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Turks and Caicos Beach

1. Visit a Country New to You

If you’ve been here a while, you’ve read it in our blogs, and you’ve heard Jamie say it again and again in videos and reels: the best part of Travel is how it opens your mind and heart to new places, new cultures, and new ways of life. Without traveling to experience the world in a new way, it’s easy to become very set in our own ways, and even to believe that our way is the only way, but Travel prevents us from getting stuck in our own heads and from getting in our own way. 

The best way to keep the spirit of embracing new experiences alive is by constantly visiting new places! So think of a country you’ve always wanted to visit, but just haven’t gotten around to yet, or if you’re really up for an adventure, pick a country you’re not super familiar with and research its history and best places to visit, and enlist the help of your favorite Love of the Magic Vacations Travel Advisor to plan your perfect first visit to a New-to-You country!

VV Pools

2. Take a New Kind of Cruise

Are you a seasoned Ocean Cruiser, but have never taken a River Cruise? Or maybe visa versa? Have you only ever cruised with your own family, but never participated in a group cruise? Or what about trying a Themed Cruise? Or an Adults-Only Cruise (thank you Virgin Voyages, for making this option possible!)? 

Whether you’ve never cruised before, or your preferred type of vacation is a cruise, I can guarantee that there’s a New Kind of Cruise out there that you have yet to try! What about an epic Transatlantic journey, or a luxury small-boat cruise, or a Taylor Swift-Themed Cruise (wink wink)? The possibilities are nearly endless, and your favorite Love of the Magic Vacations Travel Advisor is ready to find the perfect new cruise for you!

Bavaria Germany

3. Explore a Country of Your Heritage

While all Travel opens us up to meaningful experiences that shape who we are and who we become, there’s something even more meaningful about a journey that allows you to explore your own personal heritage. Not only does travel based on your heritage shape who you are going forward, it opens a window into your unique past, and illustrates how you, and your whole family became the people you are today. 

Imagine having a pint in the same pub your great-grandfather frequented in the tiny town of coastal Ireland where he was from; or imagine wandering through the aisles of the small corner grocery store your grandmother’s family owned, visualizing her as the cashier behind the register; or imagine standing under the doorframe of the house your grandfather helped build, with his initials carved into the frame itself, staring back at you. While every country, the US included, has had its ups and downs throughout history, the experience of walking the same streets your ancestors walked, sometimes for hundreds of years, is one that will take your breath away. And though it’s devastating to have to include, given the state of the world, be sure that the country of your heritage that you’d like to explore is safe to visit. 

Hotel Arrival

4. Plan a Surprise Trip for Someone

Have you ever wanted to be that person who is able to say, “Pack your bags, we’re leaving for the airport tomorrow,” or “Merry Christmas, we’re going to Disney…tonight!” but you’ve always been afraid of being able to pull it off? Guess what? With your favorite LOTMV Travel Advisor in your corner, you will only have to worry about the surprise factor, and your TA will expertly handle the rest for you! 

If you’re a parent, you probably pack for most of your family already anyway, so pulling off a surprise trip for everyone will just mean you have to hide the packing, while your LOTMV TA takes care of all the details of your trip. Or maybe your spouse would really appreciate a getaway for the two of you, so your major task would be arranging for childcare while your TA sets you up at a romantic All-Inclusive, or on an exclusive Wine-themed River Cruise.

Planning a surprise trip for someone becomes surprisingly easy when your favorite Love of the Magic Vacations Travel Advisor is by your side!

Silver Falls State Park Oregon

5. Explore a New-to-You Part of the United States

While traversing the world is something many of us travelers aspire to, exploring our own country is just as meaningful to experience. Although the first idea on this list focused on Visiting a New (to you) Country in order to open ourselves up to different people and ways of life, there are plenty of places within the United States that are so vastly different from our own familiar environments, that visiting them can accomplish the exact same thing. Creating an open mind and heart through which to learn from our differences to find common ground and make connections, all within our own home country, may even prove to be some of the most important travel we ever experience. 

Just like New-to-You cruises and countries, there is guaranteed to be New-to-You destinations throughout the grand ole’ US of A, whether they be National Parks, Theme Parks, spans of wide open roads for epic Road Trips, locations steeped in our Nation’s rich History, or even just serene beach getaways. Even someone who boasts having visited all 50 states can find a delightful destination where they’ve never been, and so can you!


Ready to Plan?

Did one of 2023’s Inspiring Itineraries listed above speak to you? Maybe one of the 2024 Travel Resolutions resonated with you? Make sure you bookmark this page to come back to for future reference or whenever you need some Travel Inspiration! 

Over the past year, we at Love of the Magic Vacations have absolutely loved planning your fantastic trips and epic journeys with you; we’ve loved hearing about the incredible memories you made while traveling; and we’ve loved creating Inspiring Itineraries to spark ideas for your future travels!

Happy Holidays

With full and grateful hearts, we thank you for spending this time with us (especially during the busiest season), and as always, all of us at Love of the Magic Vacations have the deepest appreciation for your support, and for choosing and trusting us with your Travel needs!

Whatever journey you see yourself on this year, we at Love of the Magic Vacations would love to help you turn your travel visions into reality! Contact me ( or your favorite Love of the Magic Vacations Travel Advisor today, so we can get started planning your 2024 travel adventures! 



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