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5 Must Haves for a Rainy Disney Day

by Jamie Rumph

5 Things You Need for Rain at Disney

Let’s face it no one wants to plan a trip to Disney world and then see a forecast full of rain! For some, rain causes sheer panic!

I’m here to tell you why the rain is ok and what you can do to beat it. Or at least use it to your advantage!

But to make rainy days great you do need to be prepared!

Family Disney vacation picture in the rain

1. A poncho or preferably a raincoat.

You can buy a poncho in the park in all of the chaos as the rain starts dumping. Disney sells them by the millions I swear! (PS they’re $10 each!) Or you can come prepared and bring one with you.

Personally, I prefer a raincoat over a poncho. In fact, you can get some really cute Disney inspired ones to coordinate with your Disney attire if you want.

If you decide to go the poncho route I do suggest you buy something that is good quality. Buying the really thin super cheap ones won’t get you through your vacation or keep you dry if you have to use it more than once!

2. Ziplock Bags

Disney ziplock bags

Ziplock bags are useful for so many things when you’re in the parks but you’ll really want them when it rains. Put your electronics and other items that you don’t want to get soaked in the downpour. My oldest learned this the hard way. A dead iPhone. Oh, the horror!

3. Flip Flops

Disney flip flops

Rain boots are ideal but are bulky to carry around if you’re not wearing them all day. Instead, pack your flip-flops. Then you won’t have to walk around in soggy shoes after the rain. Yes, your feet will be dirty but you can wash them in the tub before bed! I promise it’s way better than wet shoes!

4. A place to hide from the rain.

Main Street store

Most of Florida’s rain showers are quick downpours and then pretty much over. Even if it rains most of the day you can easily spend your time partaking in the indoor attractions.

So many of Disney Worlds attractions are indoors! So don’t stress! Hop from attraction to attraction in the lighter parts of the rain and then enjoy where you are!

5. Sweatshirt/Long Sleeve Shirt

Emmy on Main Street with Main Street entertainment

As soon as the rain comes and you’re even slightly damp you’ll be cold! If you don’t have a rain jacket to keep you warm, bring a sweatshirt to wear after the rain has stopped. You’ll thank me because buying a sweatshirt in the park is a big unexpected expense you don’t want to have. And if you’re anything like me you’ll spend all your money if it means you don’t have to be cold!

I hope this helps prepare you for rain during your Disney vacation!

Still, have doubts? Read “Rain at Disney World – 4 Reasons It’s a Good Thing“!

Have questions? Email me at Jamie@LOTMV.com

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