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5 Ways to Beat the Heat on your Disney World Vacation

5 Ways to Beat the Heat on your Disney World Vacation

Let’s face it, Florida is hot and that only accounts for 8 months out of the year!? The summer months, May through August are downright sweltering!? About the only month, Florida sees cooler temperatures is in January!

So what can you do to beat the heat in the hot and sweltering months when visiting Disney World?? I’ve got the perfect list to help you cool off!

Because we live in the Orlando area we’ve become accustomed to beating the heat in the best ways possible!? Hot days don’t detour us from trips to Disney we just do it a little bit smarter!

Our top 5?favorite?ways to beat the heat are:

1. Visiting the Water Parks!

Entrance to Typhoon Lagoon

Disney World has two on property waterparks.? Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach.? We love them both, however, I tend to love Typhoon Lagoon more for its overly large wave pool that has periods of waves and periods of calm water.? Both waterparks have lazy rivers, family raft rides and kiddie zones and both are equally amazing on a hot summer day!? They’re open just about year?round (closed annually for refurbs) if that tells you anything about the year-round temperatures here in Orlando!

2. Plan your outside attractions early and late in the day.

Space Mountain Line is indoorsAt each of the four Disney World theme parks, there are indoor attractions and outdoor attractions. Disney was smart when they housed so many attractions inside.? Doing so protects guests not only from the sun and heat but also from the downpours and lightning that happen during Floridas summer afternoon storms.? During the morning and evening hours choose to ride the outdoor attractions and spend your mid-day time waiting inline indoors.? This will give you a nice reprieve from the heat of the day. Space Mountain’s que line is mostly indoors.

3. Split the day in half.

Grand Floridian Pool

Many guests choose to return to their Disney resort in the heat of the day, after lunch until dinner time, to relax in their room or spend the afternoon at the pool.? Disney Resorts are easy to come and go from and the pools offer a nice area for the kids to play, while the adults have some downtime and enjoy a drink lounging nearby.? The lifeguards at Disney are top notch and I can assure you that you’ll enjoy the resort atmosphere?in the midst of your crazy Disney vacation!

After you lounge at the pool, you can return to your park of choice and enjoy the evening entertainment.? Nighttime is the best time inside the parks in my opinion!

4. Water Bottles, Ice Bottles, and Fans

Sunglasses, fans, water bottles and hats

You can buy drinking water bottles all over the parks for about $3 each.? You’re also able to order free water at any quick service restaurants.? (This is what we do!) But I also recommend carrying frozen water bottles in your backpack.? You can drink them later in the?day after they start to melt, but for a good portion of the day, you’ll be carrying something cold on your back!? You can also use these iced water bottles to place on the kid’s necks when they just can’t seem to get over how hot they are.

We also bring along fans that are spray bottles.? This is refreshing when you can’t seem to find shade or get inside.? You can buy these at the parks but they’re pricey so I’d suggest bringing some with you.? I’ve seen them for about half the price of Disney at Walmart, Target, and Walgreens.

5. Travel during cooler months.

Epcot in the cooler months with jackets

Sometimes easier said than done with school schedules, I know.? But it’s worth mentioning.? If you can travel specifically not May through August you’ll miss most of the hottest days in Orlando.? Don’t get me wrong, you’ll still need to use the above suggestions during other times of the year, but the summer months are the hottest heat to deal with.? It’s still in the high 80s to low 90s into October but at least it’s not 100 degrees with 100% humidity.


The coolest month in Orlando in January when you might actually be a bit chilly and need a jacket.? February through April the temps are 80/90’s and late September through December the temps are 80’s/90’s.

Want to know more about the best times of year to visit Disney World?? You can check my crowd prediction calendars here or email me at for more info!? I’m always happy to talk Disney!

Jamie Rumph
Jamie Rumph
Hi, I'm Jamie, traveling mama, entrepreneur, and travel advisor. I'm addicted to Disney, traveling and exploring the world with my family, and have a passion for helping families experience the magic of travel. My home is filled with love and chaos, 2 crazy girls, 2 large dogs, and the most spectacular architect and Disney Cast Member I call my husband. We live in Florida and spend our weekends playing at Orlando's many theme parks and visiting the beach. In 2015, after helping numerous families plan their vacations to various Disney Destinations, I started a blog to answer all of the many travel questions I received daily. In 2016, the blog grew into a travel agency, and Love of the Magic Vacations was born. With a team of nearly 20, we spend our days creating family vacations around the world. What started as a blog is now a full service, worldwide vacation destination planning service. I create custom itineraries for each of my clients that not only meets but exceeds expectations. There is no greater gift than making memories while sharing the world and its cultures with your kids.


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