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Do you have this vacation necessity?

by Jamie Rumph

Do You Have this Vacation Necessity?

The list of must-haves for a vacation can seem endless, but there is one thing that is a must to have on hand at all times. A passport!

Don’t wait to get your passport after you’ve started to plan your vacation. Not having your passport can cause undue stress and can also delay your vacation plans. Some clients whos passports have been delayed have been unable to travel. Moreso I have clients who want to take advantage of great travel deals and are unable to because they don’t already have a passport in hand.

Getting a passport is easy with these few steps! Get started today, so you’re ready to travel when the world reopens!

1. Apply for a Passport at Travel.state.gov You don’t need to pay a fancy passport service company. You can do it directly yourself. All of the necessary forms are on this page.

2. Find out where to apply. You’ll need to appear in person to submit your passport forms. Make sure you take all of the necessary paperwork with you. Often this includes but is not limited to expired passports, your marriage license, and birth certificate.

3. Make an appointment. Typically this is the fastest way to get through the process.


I often get questions about Passports from clientele. And while I don’t know all the ins and outs of passport applications, I do have a good understanding of what is needed to travel.

1. Are passports required on cruises?

This is probably the number one question I receive about Passports. The short answer is no. Passports are not required for a cruise that departs a US port and returns to the same port. However, I highly encourage you to have a passport anyway for several reasons. If you have an emergency and need to return home during the cruise, if you do not have a passport, you will be delayed in your return.

Some cruise ports are now requiring a passport to enter their country. Don’t miss out on the fun on a tropical island or cruise port destination.

2. Can I get a Passport card instead of a traditional passport book for a cruise? It’s cheaper.

Yes, passport cards will work for cruise vacations. My advice, however, is to forego the passport card and get the passport book. Don’t waste your money or limit your travel possibilities by only getting the card. Apply for the passport book and have all of your travel needs covered.

3. My passport is due to expire within six months. Can I travel anyway?

Many countries require your passport to have more than six months of validity to travel. Make sure you are renewing your passport promptly and allowing more than 6-9 months before expiration to have it renewed. Don’t take any chances.

4. How long does it take to get a passport?

The time varies by season and other uncontrollable events. COVID has dramatically increased the time in which it takes to have a passport processed and return. The travel.state.gov shows approximate wait times for passports and will have updates on when passports applied for have been processed.

Have additional passport questions, or are you ready to travel?

Please email me at Jamie@LOTMV.com for all of your travel questions and needs!
Let’s see the world together!

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