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15 Gifts for the Travel Lover in Your Life

by Jamie Rumph

The Holidays are right around the corner and nows the time to grab up these easy gifts for the travel lover!  And all of them can be purchased from the comfort of your own sofa!

Happy Shopping!

  1. This Belt Bag!  Let me tell you just how much easier it is to access your essentials when they’re safely zipped right next to you!

2. This scratch map!  Share your travels by framing them and scratching off all of the places you’ve been!

3.  Everyone needs power!  Grab this inexpensive Anker charger that’s lightweight, small and recharges quickly!

4. Packing Cubes! I live by these!  It is the easiest way to keep your suitcase organized and to quickly unpack without having to unpack! You MUST have them!

5. Passport, RFID wallet/wristlet.  Keep it all together safely and then stash it in that belt bag!

6. Cork Globe – Love the idea of pinning your travels but don’t have the wall space for the scratch-off map?  Try this cork globe!

7. iPhone camera lens kit!  Perfect for the photography lover that doesn’t want to tote around a large camera!

8.  Luggage Scale – I keep this in my suitcase all the time! No one wants to waste money on an overstuffed suitcase or worse have to unpack standing at the check-in line to rearrange your stuff!

9.  Airpods – If you don’t have these I”m not sure what’s going on!  They are absolutely a must-have for all things!  I live for them for watching social media, daily phone calls, and even flights when they can drown out some of the noise!

10.  A packing list is a must.  I live by one!  I typically just print one out but this pre-printed one is pretty amazing!

11.  Coffee lovers unite!!! Who knew there was a portable Nespresso machine!  Swoon!!!

12.  Portable magnetic cell phone holder – this clips to any air conditioning car vent and then holds your phone.  Perfect for navigating new destinations!

13.  Phone tri-pod and selfie stick.  It’s the times we’re living in.  Time to get onboard!  And let’s face it… no one is ever going to watch to touch a strangers phone again to capture your special family moment!  We’re officially ALL germaphobes for life!

14.  Travel Jewelry Box – Another must have I can’t live without.  It easily comes out of my carry on and right into the resort safe.  It’s contained and I don’t have to worry about losing pieces or leaving anything behind!

15.  Cashmere-like blanket scarf – I hate to be cold on a plane, or anywhere really.  This is an easy yet packable solution to a quick blanket when you need it.  As my mama always says, “it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it!”


Happy Shopping for the holiday’s friends!  I hope you get to give and get all the great travel things this year!


*affiliate links.  When you purchased from these links a small commission will be paid to me at no additional cost to you! Thanks for your endless support!

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