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First Timer Simplified Checklist for Walt Disney World

First-Timers Simplified Checklist for Walt Disney World. Are you visiting Walt Disney World for the first time? Worried you don’t know all the ins and outs of planning a trip in 2024? Here’s your simplified checklist created especially for YOU!

As you step through the iconic gates of Walt Disney World, you’re immediately swept up in a whirlwind of color, laughter, and pure enchantment. The air crackles with excitement as you catch your first glimpse of Cinderella Castle, standing tall and majestic against the backdrop of a perfectly blue-painted sky. 

Welcome, fellow adventurer, to the Most Magical Place on Earth! Whether you’re embarking on this journey with wide-eyed wonder or carrying a heart full of childhood dreams, one thing’s certain: your first-time Disney vacation promises to be an unforgettable odyssey through a world where fairy tales come to life. 

Most recently I’ve had multiple instances of family and friends planning for their very first trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. While this is exciting and thrilling for them (and me!), they are also met with anxiety and worry about not understanding how everything works and what needs to be done to plan the best trip ever. 

To ease their worries and in support of helping them navigate the complexities of planning a Disney trip, I created a “down and dirty” entry-level checklist for pre, during and post-planning that hopefully helps, along with a short essentials packing list of what not to forget. 

Today, I am sharing this simple checklist with you, our loyal readers, to have for yourself or your friends and family who may be in the same boat. 

So gather ’round as we embark on a checklist adventure fit for a Disney hero! Let’s dive right in!

Hollywood Studios – Galaxy’s Edge

First Timer – Know Before You Go

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Now back to the checklist!

Animal Kingdom – Harambe

Packing Checklist

During Your Trip

Animal Kingdom – Kilimanjaro Safari

After Your Trip

I hope you found this helpful as you start or continue to plan the most amazing and magical vacation to one of the very happiest places on earth. Safe travels!!


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