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A Year of Inspired Travel: 2022’s Inspiring Itineraries, Month by Month (Plus Travel Resolutions for the New Year, too)

Map and Compass

Inspiring Itineraries of 2022: A Recap

Can you believe it’s been a full year of Inspiring Itineraries? If you’ve been following along month by month, you know our Inspiring Itineraries have taken us all over the globe, from London to Mexico to Greece to Grenada to Scotland and so many other places in between! 

We’ve all got a Bucket List of places where we’ve always wanted to travel, but knowing where you want to go, and knowing all the best things to see and do there, are often very different things! That’s where we at Love of the Magic Vacations come in! Not only do we take care of all the travel details for you, but we also love to offer you a day by day idea of what your vacation can be; hence, our Inspiring Itineraries! 

2022 to 2023

While each Itinerary is meant to give you an idea of the kind of vacation you can have in a given destination, of course we can always customize each Itinerary to meet your exact preferences and needs. 

And before we jump into the first Inspiring Itinerary of 2023 in January, we wanted to pull all of 2022’s Itineraries into one place for you, because even though the years may change, our ideas for Inspiring travel don’t expire! So be sure to bookmark this page for whenever you’re looking for some Vacation Inspiration!

Month by Month

London Street

January 2022

London and Paris With Kids: The Perfect Family Itinerary 

The “London and Paris” Pairing is one of the most popular trips, especially for people just starting to explore Europe, and although many parents are nervous to take children to Europe,  January’s Inspiring Itinerary offers the Perfect Family Plan! This Itinerary takes you to many of the Must-See attractions in both cities, as well as incorporating downtime for kiddos in ways that immerse your family in the culture of each country!

Hawaiian Beach with Surf Boards

February 2022

The Perfect Hawaiian Vacation

Hawaii is one of the most perfect tropical paradise destinations in the world, and one of the few that Americans can visit without a passport, making it an even more popular vacation location among US residents who live on the mainland. With six distinct islands available to visitors, and so much to experience on each, having this Inspiring Itinerary is definitely helpful in guiding your choices of which parts of paradise you want to prioritize on your trip! 

Alaska with Eagle

March 2022

An Insider’s Guide to the Perfect Alaskan Vacation

Often known as America’s Last Untouched Frontier, Alaska certainly deserves a place on any Travel Bucket List. And with this Insider Guide, it’s not just Insider Tips you’ll get about where to visit and what local places to pop into, it’s also literally a tour of the Inside Passage, where many of the larger Ocean Liners cannot fit or are not allowed to go. Along the Inside Passage, you’ll see some of the most majestic and beautiful glaciers, mountains and wildlife in Alaska; experiences that many others just pass by without even knowing they’re there. This is for sure a Tour not to be missed!

Sorrento Coast

April 2022

The Perfect Immersive Italian Vacation

April’s Inspiring Itinerary immerses you right into the heart of Italian Culture, instead of immersing you right into Italian crowds! While the Italian cities of Rome and Venice offer an incredible amount of history and have so much to do, this Immersive Italian Vacation is for those who prefer the more quaint and quiet side of Italy, or for those who have already done the Big Cities tour of Italy and are looking to deepen their experiences of authentic Italian traditions. This tour focuses on smaller cities and towns like Florence and Siena, in addition to the picturesque seaside towns of Sorrento and Positano, and even the island of Capri. Immersing yourself in the authentic Italian culture of this tour will take your breath away!

Cinderella Castle with Harvest Wreath

May 2022

All the Fall Things for the Perfect Autumn Vacation in Orlando

While it may seem strange to look back at the whole year of Inspiring Itineraries and see an Itinerary focused on Autumn in May, it’s because May is actually the point at which you should be booking (or even have already booked, especially if you prefer the more popular resorts) your Fall Vacation in Orlando! Travel Planning is all about looking ahead, and booking with enough advance notice to get what you really want, and your favorite Travel Advisors at Love of the Magic Vacations know all about the perfect times to book. Whether you’re going to Disney and Universal, or if you want to take a Cruise (definitely needs lots of advance planning), or even a month-long European Adventure, we are Love of the Magic Vacations have got you covered!

Cabo San Lucas Arch

June 2022

The Perfect Mexican Beach Vacation

As soon as summer hits, everyone is in search of the Perfect Beach, and June’s Inspiring Itinerary offers exactly that on the sandy shores of Mexico! This Vacation on the Baja Peninsula features everything you could want from a Beach Vacation, from swimming with dolphins, to a glass-bottom boat tour, to surfing lessons, to riding a camel on the beach, to simply relaxing with your feet in the sand, there is truly something for everyone! And because trips to Mexico are often more budget friendly when traveling from the United States than some other world-famous beach destinations, this Inspiring Itinerary is a popular option for those in search of that Perfect Beach Vacation!

Christmas Market Germany


The Perfect European Holiday Vacation: A Christmas Market River Cruise

Christmas in July! Whether or not you actually do a little something for Christmas in July, early summer is definitely the time by which you should be planning any end-of-the-year Holiday Travel, if you haven’t already done so! And if you’re looking for something different and exciting for the Holidays, July’s Inspiring Itinerary offers the perfect opportunity to celebrate Christmas in a new way: by taking a Christmas Market River Cruise! The European Christmas Markets are known for their locally made treasures, treats and magical Holiday atmosphere. If you’ve never experienced a European Christmas Market, put it on your Must-Do list, and read July’s Inspiring Itinerary for why a River Cruise is the perfect way to do it!

Grenada Resort Room


Choose Your Own Adventure: The Perfect All-Inclusive Vacation in Grenada

If you’ve ever been to an All-Inclusive Resort, then you already know the benefits and ease of having everything you could want on your vacation all at your fingertips. But, if you’ve always been on the fence about whether or not an All-Inclusive can really offer enough for a fully enjoyable vacation, August’s Inspiring Itinerary gives you the chance to test it out! Every day of your vacation, you get to choose between staying on the property of your All-Inclusive Resort, and venturing out for excursions beyond. With all the activities offered on property, like snorkeling and kayaking and wind surfing and even scuba diving (including certification courses), just to name a few, sometimes you’ll find yourself hard-pressed to find something that’s NOT included with your stay! But if you do want to explore the locale, there is an option to do so on each day of this Itinerary, too, truly making this trip a Choose Your Own Adventure, as promised!

Santorini at dusk


The Perfect European Ocean Cruise: The Greek Islands

As one of the world’s most ancient civilizations, Greece has been luring visitors to its storied lands for thousands of years. And with good reason: there are centuries of history and beauty to discover there! Besides the Acropolis in Athens (which is one of the most visited ancient sites in the world), so many of the other incredible places to visit in Greece are on her many islands, such as Mykonos, Rhodes, and Santorini, among others. With all that island-hopping, the best way to experience all Greece has to offer is, you guessed it, by taking a cruise! And September’s Inspiring Itinerary offers the Perfect Cruise with everything you can’t miss in Greece!

Turks and Caicos Beach


The Perfect “Have It All” Vacation in Turks & Caicos: Family Time, Date Nights and Self-Care

Family Vacations are one of the best ways to create incredible memories with those closest to you, but sometimes it’s hard to make sure there’s something for everyone wherever you’re going. But with a Vacation to Turks and Caicos, that’s never a problem or even a possibility, because there’s something for everyone in October’s Inspiring Itinerary to this Caribbean Paradise! Each day of the Itinerary allows for a different member of the family to choose the activity, ensuring that everyone has the Vacation Experience they want! Can you really get Family Time, Date Nights and Self-Care all in one Vacation? Absolutely, and October’s Inspiring Itinerary tells you how!

Scotland Urquhart Castle


The Perfect Highlands Adventure in Scotland, Outlander-Style

Although I didn’t see it coming, November’s Inspiring Itinerary turned out to be my favorite of the whole year! Scotland has always been on my Must-Visit list, but in trying to capture all the meaningful locations from Outlander in one grand Itinerary, I completely fell in love with the country (and the show) all over again! It’s impossible to see the Scottish Highlands, whether in photos or while watching the show, and not get swept up in the romance and adventure the dramatic landscape promises. Between the rugged cliffs, the majestic castles and the storied lands that seem to sparkle with magic, especially under a newfallen snow, November’s Inspiring Itinerary serves up an epic Highlands Adventure with YOU in the lead role!

Bora Bora


The Perfect Gift of Travel: Tahiti

Whether you’re giving the Gift of Travel to a loved one or yourself, Tahiti is the Ultimate Gift of Luxury in Paradise. Home to the original Overwater Bungalow, Tahiti brings to life everything you picture in your mind when you imagine the most perfect tropical paradise. From rose gold sunsets over the endless ocean, to lush mountain vistas, to the scent of vanilla and the sound of ukulele bouncing on the breeze of your own private beach, a vacation in French Polynesia will make you feel as if you have the most gorgeous corner of the Earth all to yourself. December’s Inspiring Itinerary offers everything you need so that you can give the Perfect Gift of Travel!

Christmas globe

Travel Resolutions for 2023

The amazing thing about Travel is that, no matter how many months or even years we provide you with Inspiring Itineraries, there will always be more places throughout the world to explore and plan your next adventure to! So as we head into another New Year, there’s no better time to make some Travel Resolutions for 2023.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

BRB Cruise

  1. Go on a Themed Cruise

Cruises are fun to begin with, but when you add a Theme to your sail, your Cruise experience totally levels up! Themes can be ship-wide or created for a specific group of people sailing together. Disney does a bunch of themed cruises throughout the year, some of the most popular being the Very Merrytime Cruises and Halloween on the High Seas Cruises, but they also have cruises with a Marvel Day at Sea, and a Star Wars Day at Sea, among others. Other Cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean have Themed Cruises as well, ranging from an 80’s Cruise to a Country Music Cruise. The Theme can also refer to a group of people on any given cruise, who have planned to sail and do activities together throughout the cruise, much like Shannon’s BRB Cruise that Jamie went on at the beginning of December, and also like Casey’s Pearls on the Pacific Cruise coming up in May! If you are interested in attending Pearls on the Pacific, or Shannon’s 2023 BRB Cruise, contact your favorite Love of the Magic Vacations Travel Advisor today for more information!

Family Road Trip

  1. Take an Epic Road Trip

With air travel still being a bit on the pricey side, lots of people are still opting to take Road Trips instead of flying to faraway destinations. But jumping in the car and heading out onto the open road takes just as much planning as any other kind of trip to make it an incredible experience. As always, your favorite Love of the Magic Vacations Travel Advisor is ready to help you map out the most Epic Road Trip!

National Park

  1. Visit a National Park

This resolution can actually go along with the previous one, depending where you live! Globe-trotting is definitely fun, but sometimes we can find a destination just as exciting right here in our own country, and sometimes even in our own state! National Parks are one of our country’s greatest accomplishments, and they hold some of our nation’s most beautiful sights (talk about purple mountains majesty!). If you’re not sure which one to visit, or want a fun way to choose, check out the board game Trekking, all about visiting National Parks (it’s actually really fun, I promise; my family plays it a lot!). 

DLP Sleeping Beauty Castle

  1. Visit a New-To-You Disney Park

If you’re here, you likely know and love Walt Disney World as much as we all do! And although we often feature deals and happenings in Orlando, there is so much more that Disney has to offer, starting with, of course, Disneyland, the OG Disney Park! If you have only ever been to Disney World in Orlando, make the upcoming year the year you branch out to explore Disneyland. And if you’re well-versed in Disney World AND Disneyland already, why not venture out to one of Disney’s other Parks around the world, like Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland, Tokyo Disney Resort, or Shanghai Disney Resort? Each Disney Park offers a unique experience while always providing the Magic we know and love from Disney. 

Northern Lights

  1. See the Northern Lights

While Disney Magic is amazingly special, there are so many other kinds of Magic to be found out there in the world! November’s Inspiring Itinerary from this year will lead you to some Scottish Magic, and there are even Magical elements in nature if you know where to look. The Northern Lights, for example, are nothing short of Magical to behold, and traveling to the best places to see them is absolutely worth the journey. There are many places that offer incredible views of the Northern Lights, but not all of them are inhabited! However, there are, of course, some locations that boast excellent accommodations amid minimal light pollution for optimal Northern Light viewing. As always, your favorite Love of the Magic Vacations Travel Advisor can help you find the perfect place for you to see some Magic in the sky, whether it’s here in the United States or abroad!

Travel Desk

Ready to Plan?

Did one of 2022’s Inspiring Itineraries listed above speak to you? Maybe one of the 2023 Travel Resolutions resonated with you? Make sure you bookmark this page to come back to for future reference or whenever you need some Travel Inspiration! 

Whatever journey you see yourself on this year, we at Love of the Magic Vacations would love to help you turn your travel visions into reality! Contact me today at so we can get started planning!

2022 Inspiring Itinerary Recap



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