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Alaska Land and Sea

by Jamie Rumph

We all know that a cruise is a wonderful way to see Alaska, and now is the PERFECT time to book!

Since Alaska cruises only run in the summer months, they fill up quickly and quite far in advance.

Add in to that the virus that shall not be named, which canceled almost all Alaskan cruises last summer, and we’re going to have a lot of full Alaska cruise ships this summer! I’m already seeing fill ships sold out for 2021!

What you might not know is that you can add a land tour portion on to your cruise for an even better experience!

No matter which cruise line you are sailing, you can add a land tour to the beginning or end of your cruise.

One of the most popular land tours includes a trip to the Denali National Forest, including a trip on a glass topped train. Cool, right?

There are several different trains, but the picture below will give you the idea…

Denali National

And here is a picture of a room in the Grizzly Bear Lodge, one of the hotel options in Denali:

Typically you get to stay at one of the lodges in the Denali forest, and you can take all kinds of excursions, depending on the level of activity you prefer.

There are driving tours so you can see the wildlife and sights from your vehicle, bus/van guided tours, and also hikes that allow you to experience nature first hand.

Word to the wise – there is VERY little shopping once you’re out in the wild of Alaska, so make sure you pack EVERYTHING you can think of that you might need! 

Contact me today to start planning your Alaska land and sea trip – you won’t regret it!


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