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Chicken Guy Disney Springs

Chicken Guy Disney Springs is a quick, inexpensive great option while visiting Disney World!  There are so many options to choose from when eating at Disney Springs that it can be overwhelming to decide what to eat!  The lines can be long, the prices a bit high but Chicken Guy is breaking this trend!

Chicken Guy Disney Springs sign

What You Need to Know:

Chicken Guy is a quick service restaurant (meaning reservations not needed) located in Disney Springs near the Orange Garage and Planet Hollywood.  They serve all things chicken both grilled and hand-breaded!

Chicken Guy was dreamed up by Guy Fieri and delivered to Disney Springs with the idea that good food can be affordable and fast!  To add to the flavorful fun this Boss of Sauce has introduced 22 sauces to be served up with your favorite chicken sandwich or tenders of choice!  I may use the sauces for my fries too… that’s ok, right?

Tips for getting a Chicken Guy Disney Springs reservation/table:

Chicken Guy outdoor seating at Disney Springs in Disney World

  • Reservations are not needed to eat at Chicken Guy in Disney Springs.
  • This is a quick service location and therefore you can show up at your own convenience.
  • Even when the line is long it moves quickly.
  • There is an abundance of seating at Chicken Guy.  Most seating is outdoors but all of the tables are well shaded.  There are a handful of tables inside but these may require a wait in hotter months.

Where is Chicken Guy Located: Disney Springs – Disney World

Chicken Guy at Disney Springs map location Chicken Guy at Disney Springs close up map location

Chicken Guy is located at Disney Springs near the Orange Garage and behind Planet Hollywood.

How to Get to the Chicken Guy at Disney Springs

Disney Springs is a large and recently expanded food, shopping and entertainment district at Disney World.  There are two parking garages, the Lime Garage and the Orange Garage with a third garage opening soon across the street.

Traveling to Chicken Guy From:

  • Magic Kingdom: Bus
  • Epcot: Bus
  • Hollywood Studios: Bus
  • Animal Kingdom: Bus

From your Disney Resort:

From most Disney resorts you’ll take the bus to Disney Springs where you’ll be dropped off at the new bus loop located centrally to all of the fun at Disney Springs.

To get to Chicken Guy from the bus loop you’ll take a left when entering Disney Springs.  Chicken Guy is located behind Planet Hollywood near the Orange Garage.

You can take a boat to Chicken Guy Disney Springs from the following resorts:

  • Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa
  • Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter
  • Port Orleans Resort – Riverside
  • Old Key West Resort

Chicken Guy Menu

The menu at Chicken Guy is simple yet extensive at the same time.

You’ll have the option to choose from chicken tenders, both grilled and breaded, chicken sandwiches, salads, smothered fries and mac and cheese!  What makes the menu complex is the ability to customize each of these items with one or more of their 22 different freshly made sauces.  Add on fries, they’re a must.  The seasoning makes them some of the best you’ll ever have!

Front of Chicken Guy menu Back of Chicken Guy menu Chicken Guy menu board

All of the food is made fresh in the restaurant.  The chicken is fresh never frozen, hand-breaded and hand skewered nightly.  The twenty-two sauces are also made right there at the restaurant using fresh ingredients.

Chicken Guy food line at Disney Springs

One of the fun things about Chicken Guy is watching your order being made on the food line right in front of you!

Cocktails & Speciality Drinks

Milkshakes at Chicken Guy Disney Springs

Chicken Guy serves wine and beer but the specialty drinks worth talking about are the non-alcoholic milkshakes.  You can choose between the “Triple Double Mint” and Guy’s favorite, the “Apple Cinnamon Cereal”.

The “Apple Cinnamon Cereal” milkshake delivers a tasteful crunch filled with milk infused Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Apple Jack cereal topped with fresh whip cream.

While I did not try either of these milkshakes because they are not gluten-free, my friends told me they were both pretty amazing!  So make sure you try them and then tag me in your posts so I can see what you think about Chicken Guy and these creative milkshake concoctions!

Signature Sandwiches & Shareable Sides

Food at Chicken Guy in Disney Springs

Chicken Guy’s menu features a few signature sandwiches that are made with two of their crispy fried chicken tenders or grilled chicken for a gluten-free option.  I personally am so excited when a restaurant offers more than plain chicken or salad as the gluten-free option.  And a gluten-free bun instead of a lettuce wrap totally makes my day!

Shown above are the gluten-free options I ordered (tray on the front left) and the regular menu items ordered by Casey and Serena.  The Sauce Boss is Chicken Guy’s most popular sandwich (middle of the picture) and can be customized with 2 sauces of your choice.  On the far right is the loaded mac and cheese, which can be ordered as your entree or as a sharable side.

In the back, you’ll see ALL twenty-two house-made sauces at Chicken Guy.  You get two sauces with each sandwich or order of chicken tenders and can order additional sauces for a small upcharge.

Chicken Guy Allergen Menu

There is not a specific allergy menu at Chicken Guy, so make sure to ask for the allergy options when you order.

Gluten-Free Chicken Guy Menu Options

Chicken Guy Allergen Menu - Gluten-Free food

The grilled chicken is available as both tenders or a sandwich with a gluten-free bun.

The fries are also gluten-free and Chicken Guy has a dedicated fryer to ensure no cross-contamination.

Salads are always an option if you have the gluten-containing items removed.  Make sure to let the cashier know you have a gluten allergy so the kitchen can prepare your food in a clean area.

All but three of Chicken Guy’s sauces are gluten-free.  These three are well marked on the menu.  The sauces containing gluten are the Wasabi Honey, Teriyaki and Sweet N’ Sour.  They’re the Asain sauces that contain soy sauce for easy reference.

I ordered the other most popular sandwich, the Big Bite B.L.A.T with a gluten-free bun and grilled chicken.  The sandwich was smothered in Guys avocado cream and buttermilk ranch sauces which soaked into the bun nicely making this sandwich so yummy!

I also ordered the smothered fries with grilled chicken instead of fried making this an awesome gluten-free option as well!  They were so good!  A great grown-up option to the typical cheese fries we all know and love!

Chicken Guy Disney Springs is on the Disney Dining Plan

Disney Dining Plans are accepted at Chicken Guy.  Each entree item will use one quick service credit.  The sharable sides are large and could easily be split as a meal between two people to get the maximum use out of your credits.

Chicken Guy Take-Aways

I was really happy with my meal at Chicken Guy and thought it was a great bang for my buck at Disney Springs.  I could easily eat a sandwich, fries, and drink for $10 ish dollars and be full.  The portion sizes were good for one person unless you choose a sharable side and then I think you could split it between two people as long as they’re not huge eaters.

Next time you’re at Disney Springs give Chicken Guy a try and then tag me in your photos and tell me what you think!

Need more help or have questions?  Connect with me on Instagram and Facebook @loveofthemagic or email me at

Chat soon!

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