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Choose Your Own Adventure: The Perfect All-Inclusive Vacation in Grenada

Why Grenada?

Grand Anse Beach Grenada

A good question to start with, since the initial reaction of many people when they hear “Grenada” is, “Wait, where’s Grenada again?”

Grenada is comprised of three islands: Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique, all situated in the South-Eastern portion of the Caribbean (much closer to South America than to the tip of Florida, for reference). And just the fact that most people need a little geography refresher to picture exactly where Grenada is, IS part of the answer to “Why Grenada?” …Because it’s somehow still a fairly untapped gem among the islands of the Caribbean, with an abundance of natural, untouched beauty and virtually no crowds. 

Grenada Map

Many of the resorts in Grenada have been designed to fit in with, or at least compliment, the gorgeous landscape of unspoiled beaches and lush rainforests that make up much of the topography of the islands. And, as with many areas of the Caribbean, there are many resorts that fall into the category of All-Inclusive. 

Although we have Spotlighted some of our favorite All-Inclusive Resorts on the Love of the Magic Blog, and even featured some All-Inclusive Resorts at other Inspiring Itinerary locations (have a look back at June’s Inspiring Itinerary to Mexico if you want to check it out), some people worry that an All-Inclusive Resort won’t offer enough to keep them busy and entertained for a week all in one place. 

Grenada Resort

So for this Inspiring Itinerary, and especially because the All-Inclusive Options in Grenada are so incredible, I would like to present you with Choose Your Own Adventure: The Perfect All-Inclusive Vacation in Grenada, with each day featuring an option to venture out into the locale on an excursion, AND an option to stay at your All-Inclusive Resort to fully experience the value of having EVERYTHING included, from daily meals and drinks to daily activities and experiences.

Let’s Go!

Grenada Welcome

Day 1

There is nothing quite like coming in for landing onto a Caribbean island, suspended in the last moments of your flight above the most crystal blue waters you’ve ever seen, knowing this little island paradise gets to be yours for the duration of your stay. And as soon as you land, you’ll be whisked away to your Award-Winning Luxury All-Inclusive Resort, where your Perfect Vacation in Grenada can begin, and you can enjoy every bit of opulence offered with your All-Inclusive stay. 

Grenada Resort Room View

Depending what time you arrive, you’ll certainly want to settle in to your room, take in the vast ocean view from your balcony, and change into your favorite resort attire to go exploring. Of course, you should head out to one of the six bars (I’d suggest the over-water bar) to have a celebratory arrival cocktail or mocktail! And as your day of traveling probably helped you work up an appetite (and with ten restaurants to choose from for dining), you’re sure to find something to fit whatever you’re craving. 

Grenada Scuba Diving

Day 2

Option 1 (Included with your All-Inclusive stay):

The Caribbean as a whole is home to some of the best dive sites in the world, and Grenada in particular has exceptional underwater experiences that cannot be found anywhere else. Not only are there spectacular coral reefs to observe, but there are also shipwrecks to explore, and the one of a kind underwater sculpture park to discover. 

Your first full day at your resort is the perfect opportunity to take a PADI Discovery/Introductory course in Scuba Diving, earn your PADI Certification for Life right on site at your resort (as long as you completed an online course prior to arrival, since you won’t want to spend 8 hours online during your precious vacation time), or jump right into some of the world’s most sought after Dive sites if you are already an experienced and certified Scuba Diver. 

And the best part of all the Scuba Diving options (besides of course getting to dive to some of the world’s most gorgeous dive sites)? That everything, including the PADI Certified Instructors, all the equipment you need, AND the boat ride to take you to incredible Dive sites, is INCLUDED with your stay at a premier All-Inclusive Resort. 

Grenada Waterfall

Option 2 (Extra Excursion):

If Scuba Diving is not your thing (don’t feel bad, it’s not really mine either, I have a hard enough time breathing above water, let alone under it, though I may be tempted to try it just once since the opportunity would be included and can’t be beat, but I digress…), there are a plethora of other beautiful natural wonders to behold on The Spice Island. For example, Grenada is home to a number of cascading waterfalls within the lush rainforests populating much of the island’s landscape. 

Today will take you on an open-back safari ride through the forest, where you will learn about the local flowers and vegetation, and even sample some seasonal fruit on your way to the waterfalls. Make sure you’ve worn your bathing suit if you want to get up close and personal with some of Grenada’s most picturesque falls, like St. Margaret Falls, the Falls at Adelphi, Golden Falls (a therapeutic wonder where the water flows cold on one side and warm on the other), and Mt. Carmel Falls, where you can even take a dip in the water beneath the falls. Your safari adventure will make one more stop for some local fare before heading back to your resort. 

Grenada Night

Whether you chose Option 1 or 2 for your day, after adventuring underwater or to see falling waters, you’re sure to need some relaxation time in the afternoon. Refresh yourself before your evening activities with a plunge in your suite’s swim-up pool. Enjoy the view and a glass of your preferred beverage, then head out to the restaurant of your choice for dinner (at the over water, dock restaurant, perhaps?).  

Grenada Kayaks

Day 3

Option 1 (Included with your All-Inclusive Stay):

When you choose to vacation on a Caribbean island, it’s only natural to make the water surrounding you on all sides the focus of most of your days. A great way to experience the delicious ocean breezes is by adventuring out to try one of those water sports you’ve always wanted to (or already love and enjoy) like kayaking or stand-up paddle-boarding. So after you enjoy breakfast at one of the restaurants of your choice, or even on the balcony of your own room, taking a kayak or paddle-board out over the crystal clear waters will give you an opportunity to get your body moving and expend some of the energy from your meal. 

Grenada Scuba Diving

Option 2 (Extra Excursion):

If manning your own boat or paddle board is not how you’d like to spend your vacation hours, you can still get out on the water with a boat tour! After being picked up at your resort, you’ll board a beautiful yacht, which will take you straightaway to the Underwater Sculpture Park, where you can snorkel off the boat and explore the unique underwater landscape. From there, you’ll cruise along Grenada’s coastline, passing the capital of St. George, and the many impressive yachts and fishing boats in the harbor, as you make your way to stop for some swimming along Grande Anse Beach and Mourne Rouge Bay, where you can linger on the beach before being brought back to your resort. 

Grenada Resort Bar

After your morning adventure (whether you chose Option 1 or 2), some relaxation is in order for the afternoon! Whether you prefer to be poolside or beachfront, you can while away the afternoon catching up on your favorite podcast, or just listening to the ocean waves, or finally finish that book you’ve been reading for months, all while sipping your drink of choice, soaking up the sun, and dipping in and out of the water to keep cool. Paradise found! Of course, for dinner you’ll have your choice of the resort’s restaurants, as always, so you can continue relaxing and dine poolside, or you can get dolled up for a fancy dining experience!

Hobie Cat Boat

Day 4

Option 1 (Included with your All-Inclusive Stay):

Although you wake up to the same blissful ocean vista each morning, the choices of how to fill your day, even while staying within your resort, are nearly endless! If you spent the time becoming a PADI certified Diver during your first day (or if you were already certified), today would be a great opportunity to get back out into the water to explore more of the colorful reefs and eclectic dive sites of Grenada, all while guided by instructors who can help you along the way whenever needed. Even if you didn’t scuba dive the first day, you can still explore the underwater treasures by snorkeling (and maybe work up to that scuba diving experience someday). 

And if you’re looking for something totally different, why not get adventurous with Water Skiing, or (if balance isn’t your strong suit and you’re just here for the ride), Tubing as specialized instructors teach you different techniques to maximize your fun! You could even try Wind-Surfing if you’re up for a challenge or take out a Hobie Cat boat if you want something less physically involved. The best part of trying out all the water sports your resort has to offer early on in your trip is that you will have the opportunity to go back to your favorite activities again (and again and again) throughout your vacation!

Grenada St. George

Option 2 (Extra Excursions):

If you are the type of person who loves to be immersed in the culture and history of wherever you visit, an Historical sightseeing and safari tour of Grenada will be a fantastic way to spend your morning. Your open back safari tour will sweep you through some of Grenada’s most historic and important sites and towns, such as Port Louis Marina, Fort Frederick, the town of Grenville, Paradise Bridge and the Pearls Airport. You’ll also be able to visit a local community in La Poterie for lunch, where you’ll get to experience a celebration with traditional food, drumming and dancing. Then, on to more history with stops at Hermitage, St. Patrick and Leapers Hill before reaching Dunquesne, where you can view the Amerindian Petroglyphs, and finally through Gouyave and into St. George. Whew! What a whirlwind! 

Whether you spent your day out and about in the water at the resort, or on safari all over the island, resetting with some relaxation before dinner, either in your balcony plunge tub, swim-up pool, or with a drink by the water will help you unwind and be ready to tuck in to your delectable cuisine choice of the evening. And if you haven’t done so already, be sure to plan in some time for sunset pictures on the beach, because there’s truly nothing like experiencing a Caribbean sunset!

Grenada Resort Room

Day 5

Option 1 (Included with your All-Inclusive Stay):

After the thrills on the water yesterday, a slower pace to Day 5 might feel like the perfect way to spend your time. Why not take a leisurely morning with breakfast in your own room, languishing in the mentality of vacation-mode, where you have no one to answer to, and nowhere to be other than exactly where you want to be. You can make your way down to the pool or beach for a float, or even join one of the fitness center yoga classes to recenter yourself. 

Or, if you are the type of person who just can’t sit still, even on vacation, there are even more water sports to take on, such as Wakeboarding and Aquatrikes, and there are some drier options as well, like Bocce, tennis, and of course, beach volleyball. 

Caribbean Sunset

Option 2 (Extra Excursions):

Again, after a super adventurous and packed day yesterday, Day 5 might be a nice opportunity to slow down a bit. Though each day so far has offered an Option 2 that gives you the choice of an excursion off of the resort property, why not take advantage of the on-property spa to indulge in something extra (the spa is one of only two activities that costs extra on resort property, besides boutique shopping). Treat yourself to a morning at the spa, relishing in relaxation with a massage, facial, or treatment of your choice, to fully give yourself the royal treatment while on vacation.  

Once rejuvenated from your spa treatments, spend the late afternoon and evening on a Sunset Yacht Cruise around the waters of Grenada. Sip your favorite cocktail (or mocktail) as you watch the sky transform into the bright oranges, pinks and purples Caribbean sunsets are known for, and of course get that perfect picture with the glistening water and setting sun lighting you up in a golden glow. 

Grenada Dock Walk

Then, whether you’ve spent the day at the resort, or are just returning from your sunset cruise, satisfy your latest cuisine craving at the resort restaurant of your choice for dinner. 

Grenada Resort from the Water

Day 6

Option 1 (Included with your All-Inclusive Stay):

It’s not always possible, but when you can, sometimes it’s nice to save the last full day of your vacation for doing anything that was on your wishlist that you haven’t gotten to yet, and also for revisiting any of your favorite activities while you still have the chance. Maybe you want to get one more diving session in before leaving the Caribbean’s storied waters, or maybe you loved taking out the Hobie Cats and want to take one for another sail, or maybe you’ve finally worked up the courage to try water skiing. Then again, maybe that book you’ve been meaning to finish, and that lounge chair (that you’ve come to think of as your own) in that perfect spot by the pool are both calling your name for the day. Sometimes one of the best parts of a vacation is planning in some unplanned time for doing whatever you feel like at that moment. 

Grenada Spices

Option 2 (Extra Excursions):

If leaving a day of vacation unplanned makes you feel like you’re going to miss something, and you just need to soak in every moment and absorb every bit of culture that you can while you’re in a new place, have no fear, today’s excursion will bring you to the heart of what Grenada is famous for! Known also as The Spice Island, Grenada exports some of the most popularly used spices, such as Cacao (for chocolate of course!), Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and more! So what better way to immerse yourself in the culture of Grenada than by taking a Spice Tour? 

Grenada Waterfall

On a signature Historical Spice tour, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look into the Gouyave Nutmeg Cooperative, and then again at the Diamond Chocolate Factory and Cocoa Estate. After a stop for lunch, your tour will take you into the Grand Etang Forest Reserve, home to the volcanic crater lake, and then one final stop at another beautiful waterfall, to remind you how your trip began back on your first full day in Grenada. 

Grenada Resort at Night

If you haven’t gone all-out for dinner any other night, I always feel the last night is the perfect night for an incredible send off. Choose the restaurant with the cuisine you love most, put on whatever makes you feel best, and remind yourself to be fully present (instead of being sad it’s almost over) for your final night!  

Caribbean from Plane

Day 7

The last day of vacation is almost always difficult, but hopefully the little things, like one final breakfast overlooking the sea, the ease of getting to your flight with included transfers, and looking down from your plane window over those clear blue Caribbean waters that brought you so much joy all week will lead you, not to be sad about leaving, but happy to plan your next return!

Grenada Resort at Night

Ready to Plan?

If you are ready to plan your Choose Your Own Adventure: The Perfect All-Inclusive Vacation in Grenada, contact your Love of the Magic Travel Agent today. And of course you don’t have to stick to Option 1 or Option 2 for your whole trip, you can mix and match, and stay on-property or excursion-out as many or as few days as you like! Whatever you choose, your LOTMV Travel Agent will work with you to create the unique experience you’re looking for. 

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Ready to plan The Perfect All-Inclusive Vacation in Grenada? Contact your Love of the Magic Vacations Travel Advisor today or email 

The Perfect All-Inclusive Vacation in Grenada




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