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Disney Cruise Line – What’s Included

by Jamie Rumph

Disney Cruise Line

What’s Included and WHY you SHOULD sail with Disney!

updated: October 13, 2017

Disney Cruise Line currently has 4 ships sailing. The two classic sister ships, the Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder.? These two ships move from various ports throughout the year; and the two larger ships (still small by comparison to some of the mega ships) the Disney Fantasy and the Disney Dream.? Both sail out of Port Canaveral on a 7 night and 3/4 night cruise, respectively.?

Finally, Disney has announced three new Disney cruise ships are on order, and will join the fleet with their inaugural sailings in 2021, 2022 and 2023.? The names have not yet been announced.? Any guesses?

What’s Included??

The answer is SO much!
    • Stateroom and all applicable taxes and port fees.
    • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at one of the 3 dining rooms or buffets. Yes, multiple buffets. (Use the stairs, you’ll thank me later!)?? (Dining locations vary by ship)
    • Endless snacks, ALL.DAY.LONG!? And ICE CREAM!? Did someone say “Mickey bar”? Yes, please!?
    • Soft drinks at meals and drink stations.? (Room service soft drinks are not free) Water (not bottled), tea and regular coffee.
    • Disney Character Meet & Greets?
    • Nightly entertainment, including live Broadway Style Shows (show is ship specific)?
    • Disney movie classics and current first run movies, in the Walt Disney Theater, on Funnel Vision, the outdoor poolside movie screen, and on your stateroom TV.?
    • Child Care at the Oceaneers Club and Oceaneers Lab for kids ages 3 to 12 (must be potty trained)?

?(Oceaneers Club themes vary by ship)

  • Teen Entertainment at the Edge for teens age 11-14?
  • Teen Entertainment at Vibe for teens 14 – 17
  • Adult nightclubs and lounges.? Did I mention the kids clubs stay open until 1 am so that you can enjoy the evening out??? (drinks not included)
  • Wave phone for your use on the ship.? Used to communicate with your friends on board
  • Disney Cruise Line app; used for in app messaging and full list of daily events?
  • Nightly delivery of the Navigator Schedule (and some chocolate coins from Sleepy)
  • Pools and Splash pad for families?
  • Water Slides!? The AquaDuck and the AquaDunk?
  • Adults only pool and swim up bar?
  • Fitness Centers
  • Disney’s Cast Away Cay (key) private island (BEST EVER!)?
  • Cast Away Cay 5k?
  • Deck parties?
  • Sports Deck and Putt Putt Golf at Goofy Golf
  • FIREWORKS at sea!? Coolest thing EVER!?
  • Interactive Midship Detective Agency Game?
  • Pirates Night! Ahoy Matey!? ?
  • Disney Jr. Character Breakfast! Yes, you read that right! A character breakfast IS included!? (select sailings, reservations required)?
  • Towel friends!? I love these! Don’t ask me why… they just add a fun element to the room!?
  • Only the coolest ship horn EVER!? This one alerts you by playing Disney songs, not just your typical ship horn!?
  • ENDLESS memories!?

What’s Extra?

    • Excursions?
    • Spa and Salon services?
    • Small World Nursery for babies 6 months to under 3 years?
    • On board photo service
    • Phone calls back home
    • Gratuities
    • Video Games (although there are games in both the kids/teen clubs) but if you want to go to the Arr -cade, it’s extra.?
    • Alcoholic beverages.? There are wine packages available, but Disney does not currently offer alcoholic drink packages like some of the other cruise lines.? You can however, bring on board 2 bottles of wine, standard size, or a 6 pack of beer.? Note: If you bring a bottle of wine to the dining room, they will charge you a bottle opening fee.? Open the wine in your room and bring your full glass to the table! TA DA!? Free wine!? Well, free ish!?

    • Adult only dining venues; Palo and Remy. These are available for brunch and dinner.? Reservations are a must!?

  • Virtual Sports Simulators?
  • Fitness classes (notice how I don’t have any pictures of these things?? That might tell you something about me :/ )
    • Body Sculpt
    • Metabolic testing – Does anyone actually do this???
    • Nutritional Consultation
    • Pathway to Pilates
    • Pathway to Yoga
    • Personal Trainer
    • Tour de Cycle
  • Vanellope’s Sweets and Treats?
  • Braids and the crazy hair do that comes after them!?
  • Shopping!?

So, COULD you cruise and NOT spend anything else?

Highly unlikely.? First, you will automatically be charged the daily gratuities. (These can be pre-paid )? Can they be adjusted? Yes.? Should they be?? Personally, I don’t think so.? The Crew Members work their tails off to make your cruise vacation as MAGICAL as possible. It is Disney after all, and they do customer service better than any other company I’ve ever known.? So, make sure you budget for gratuities.

Second, I suppose you could skip out on quite a bit of it.? That’s a personal decision.? However, I think it’s more realistic to choose what you think you’d like to do before hand, make a plan, and a budget.? Stupid budget!? I hate those things!

Until next time my friends!? I’ll be over here planning my next Disney Cruise Line vacation!? The biggest question is… how many days and which destination, will I choose next?!!!? See ya real soon!

Why Should You Cruise Disney Cruise Line?

For all of the reasons above!? Disney has the best kids clubs, family activities, and the most included with your cruise fare!? Also, you can see Mickey and friends!? That does it for me, every, single, time!

Have questions or ready to board DCL, contact me today!

For endless pictures of Disney Cruise Line, including dining menus, please visit my Facebook page. Don’t forget to view pics from our?Family Cruise on the Disney Fantasy?and tours of the?Disney Dream and Disney Wonder.

*Contact me at jamie@lotmv.com or via my Facebook page? *Pictures are from Disney’s Fantasy, Dream and Wonder.? All spaces are not on all of the ships.? If there is something you want on your cruise specifically, just ask and I can point you to the correct ship!

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