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Disney has Temporarily Closed… What does this mean for your travel plans?

by Jamie Rumph

It’s a strange time at Disney World and really all across the nation and world as Disney World, Disneyland and Disney Cruise line all temporality close.

Anxieties are high and we’re all concerned for the unknown.  I am no different but I am optimistic that everything is as it should be and all will be back to normal soon.

I’m positive that the closing of Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line and the like is the right decision.  Does it feel good?  Oh gosh, no not at all.  I’ve cried quite a few times through it as I continue to cancel and rebook clients’ vacations.

Uncertainty is hard.

But I know that there are people in this world smarter than me that are making decisions to protect us all and I’m positive in the long run this will be for the best.  My minute by minute mantra is “this too shall pass”.  Hard times are HARD!  But they make the good times even better.

Hugs to each of you.  I hope we can all enjoy the hidden blessings of this time to slow down and be extra kind to one another!  If your neighbor needs a roll of toilet paper and you have extra, please share!  🙂  But in all seriousness, hang tight, this too shall pass.

NOTE:  IF you’re traveling with Love of the Magic Vacations to Disney or anywhere else, your reservation is being taken care of and we will contact you with information as soon as possible.

Disney Updates Around the World:

I most likely don’t even have to tell you this but in the interest of keeping everyone updated here’s what we know about Disney – around the globe.


On March 12th Disneyland announced it’s temporary park closures beginning Saturday, March 14th through the end of the month.  Hotels will remain open through Monday, March 16th so that guests are able to make travel arrangments to return home.  Downtown Disney will remain open for the time being.

Disney World

On the evening of March 12th Disney World announced it’s park closures beginning Monday, March 16th through the end of the month.  Disney Resort hotels and Disney Springs will remain open until further notice.

Disney Cruise Line

All new departures will stop beginning Monday, March 14th.

The Disney Dream will depart on a three-night cruise from Port Canaveral as scheduled on Friday, March 13, and will return to Port Canaveral on Monday, March 16. The Disney Fantasy and Disney Magic will return to port on Saturday, March 14. The Disney Wonder, which is currently in the midst of a westbound Panama Canal cruise, will continue on its scheduled itinerary, with guests disembarking in San Diego on Friday, March 20.

Below is a list of impacted sailings:

Disney Magic
March 14-19
March 19-23
March 23-28
March 28-April 2

Disney Wonder
March 20-25
March 25-29
March 29-April 5

Disney Dream
March 16-20
March 20-23
March 23-27
March 27-30
March 30- April 3

Disney Fantasy
March 14-21
March 21-29
March 29-April 4

Disneyland Paris

On March 12th Disney announced the closure of Disneyland Paris beginning on March 16th.  All guests are asked to delay calling even if your reservation is in the immediate future.  The high call volume is affecting phone lines even for emergency responders in Paris.  All guests will be taken care of.  Immediate cancellations are not necessary.

Tokyo Disneyland

Will remain closed through early April.  It was originally scheduled to reopen March 16th but has since extended the closure.

Shanghai Disneyland

Remains temporarily closed until further notice.

Disneyland Hong Kong

Remains temporarily closed until further notice.

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