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Disney World Crowd Calendar – Best times to visit

by Jamie Rumph

The number one question I get when people are in the beginning stages of planing their Disney World vacation is

“When is it the least crowded?” 

The general rule is this:

  • If the kids are out of school, it’s more crowded.
  • Long weekends or holidays are the most crowded times at Disney World.

2020 Disney World Crowd Calendar


Light Crowds (green)

Moderate Crowds (yellow)

Heavy Crowds (Orange)

Packed Crowds (red)

There are a few additional events each year at Disney World that add to the crowds:

  • RunDisney weekends
  • Cheer and Dance Competition weekends

Note: Over the past few years, the parks have become more full and the low crowd times of the year seem to be fewer and farther between.

It’s all somewhat relative, as the slow times are less slow and the more crowded seasons are even more crowded.

Annual Events at Disney World

Each year Disney World has a series of events, festivals, and parties that can affect the crowds. 

You can find out more about these events by visiting the Disney World Events and Refurbishments page

This page is updated monthly with the most current schedule from Disney Parks and Resorts.

For more information contact Jamie@lotmv.com

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