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Four Ways Travel Can Help Bring Families Together Post-Pandemic

The world is a crazy place right now and the safest place for us all to be is home, hopefully with loved ones.  At our house we’re spending a lot of time sitting on the porch, riding bikes and playing board games.  We joke and tell the kids, we’re letting them experience a little bit of how their parents were raised.  Our days are definitely slower and while we look forward to returning to some parts of our “old lives” we are certainly enjoying some extended time together.  Most days of course!

And while the days of social distancing and extended school closures may not be over yet, there will come a time when things will go back to normal.  As I’ve continued to say, “this too shall pass”!

There will be many things that we’ll get back in our lives and the ability to move around freely and begin traveling again is certainly one of them. Travel can be a great way to reconnect and bring families back together after weeks of anxiety and uncertainty.Southern Most Point Key West

Here are four ways that travel can rejuvenate family dynamics and help them to re-explore the world.

  1. Travel is a great way to celebrate family milestones

Family at Castaway Cay Disney Cruise for birthday

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, graduation, wedding, retirement, family reunion, or any number of special celebrations, traveling outside of your norm can help provide meaningful memories that will stick with you forever.   Last year my family and I sailed on the Disney Wonder for my 40th birthday celebration and on December, 18 of us will sail onboard the Norwegian Escape to celebrate my inlaw’s 50th wedding anniversary this past April.  Can you imagine spending your 50th anniversary in quarantine?  I bet they never imagined that happening!

  1. Reignites Family Friendships

family at Universal Studios OrlandoEveryone is always busy. It’s hard for families both near and far to make time to see each other and before you know years have passed. When families travel together their relationships are strengthened and deepened. By disconnecting from routine and indulging in new experiences, memories are made that will be taken many decades into the future, often outliving some of the older generations.

  1. Makes Family into Teammates

Sisters traveling togetherThere will come a time during any journey or excursion where you and your family may find yourselves in new and unfamiliar environments and situations. These are the moments where the family dynamic can shift from friends into teammates. Simple scenarios like finding your way around a big city, navigating a new public transport system or figuring out a menu in a foreign language, brings family members together and has them working like teammates.

  1. The Importance of Time

framily on vacation togetherUnlike at home, where there are both mental and physical distractions to keep us preoccupied, traveling makes it essential to truly live in the moment. This makes it easier for family members to catch up and spend quality time with one another. While vacations might seem to fly by, time really does slow down making those special moments string together into days that won’t be forgotten.

There’s truly no better feeling than getting to explore new destinations with the ones you love. Whether it’s your biological family or the people you choose to call family, we call them “framily”, travel can help bring these relationships closer together.

While travel has slowed, it is a perfect time to start daydreaming and planning your next big vacation. Reach out to us if you’d like some destination inspiration and unique ideas for your group.

Jamie Rumph
Jamie Rumph
Hi, I'm Jamie, traveling mama, entrepreneur, and travel advisor. I'm addicted to Disney, traveling and exploring the world with my family, and have a passion for helping families experience the magic of travel. My home is filled with love and chaos, 2 crazy girls, 2 large dogs, and the most spectacular architect and Disney Cast Member I call my husband. We live in Florida and spend our weekends playing at Orlando's many theme parks and visiting the beach. In 2015, after helping numerous families plan their vacations to various Disney Destinations, I started a blog to answer all of the many travel questions I received daily. In 2016, the blog grew into a travel agency, and Love of the Magic Vacations was born. With a team of nearly 20, we spend our days creating family vacations around the world. What started as a blog is now a full service, worldwide vacation destination planning service. I create custom itineraries for each of my clients that not only meets but exceeds expectations. There is no greater gift than making memories while sharing the world and its cultures with your kids.


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