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Frozen Ever After – All You Need to Know!

Frozen Ever After – All You Need to Know!

It’s Frozen Fever at Disney World! ?On June 21, 2016 Frozen Ever After at Disney’s Epcot opened and is so popular, that it’s lines continue to be long and wait times even longer! ?Here is everything you need to know to enjoy Norway’s new Frozen attractions!
all you need to know about frozen ever after

  1. Anna and Elsa’s meet and greet location has officially, and permanently, moved from Fantastyland at Magic Kingdom to Norway at Epcot.FullSizeRender (38)
  2. Anna and Elsa’s new home is called the Royal Sommerhaus and is as cute as these two sisters!FullSizeRender (37)
  3. No Fastpasses are available to meet Anna and Elsa, and magically, they are not needed either! ?The wait times are consistently short!
  4. A fastpass for Frozen Ever After however, is needed! ?You must get this fastpass at 60 days prior to arrival. ?It is almost always gone after that.?FullSizeRender (39)
  5. If you don’t have a fastpass, line up when the park opens! ?This is where it get’s tricky! ?Epcot opens at 9 am (unless there is an Extra Magic Hour morning and then it opens at 8 am). ?The World Showcase opens at 11 am. ?Norway is located in the World Showcase. ?So, that means Norway and Frozen Ever After open at 11 am, right? WRONG! ?The rope drop for the World Showcase has been relocated to between Norway and China, meaning Norway opens at 9 am with Future World (the main park). ?So make sure when you enter Epcot at 9 am, you head directly to Norway, and get in line for Frozen Ever After. ?There is no need to run, just walk nicely there and hop in line!epcot frozen map
  6. The wait time says 75 minutes. ?Is it true? Sometimes, but not always. ?Disney’s wait time system is only an estimate. ?It’s based on a number of things and they do their best to keep guests informed. ?However, the majority of the time, I have experienced my wait times to be much less! ?In fact, recently the wait time was posted at 75 minutes and I literally waited only 17 minutes! ?That’s it!FullSizeRender (43)
  7. While waiting in the line you will walk through the Wandering Oaken Trading post. ?Make sure to find the window to the sauna and watch it! ?The show changes, so you can see different shows each time! ?You’ll only see this if you wait in the regular line, not the fastpass line. ?See, sometimes it pays to wait in line to see all of the extra magic! You can see a video of one of the sauna window scenes on my YouTube page.IMG_9041
  8. Frozen Ever After is about 4 minutes long and a very mild ride. ?The boat goes forwards and backwards, with two very small drops. ?It is perfect for kids of all ages!
  9. The new ride uses the same ride track system and boats from it’s previous attraction Maelstrom. ?It’s been updated with all new Frozen scenes and state of the art animatronics that mimic Anna and Elsa’s movements exactly.IMG_9047
  10. While in Norway, don’t forget to get your picture taken and have a conversation with the resident vikings! ?They are sure to make you laugh! ?You’ll find these guys wandering around Norway, eager to entertain!?FullSizeRender (40)
  11. Akershus, an already popular princess character dining option is located in Norway. ?With Frozen Ever After opening, it is gaining even more popularity! ?You can make an advanced dining reservation at 180 days prior to arrival. ?Do not expect to walk up and be able to dine here. ?Of course, in a bind, I always say it’s better to ask! ?Sometimes Disney magic does happen! ?The price is prefixed per person and is dependent on the meal you are eating. ?You an expect to see Belle, Aurora, Ariel, Snow White and Mulan while eating here. ?Characters are subject to change at any time. ?For pictures of this dining spot, check my Akershus Facebook album.FullSizeRender (44)
  12. ?You can find anything and everything Frozen in the shops in Norway! ?There are two stores, one after you exit Frozen Ever After and also as you exit Royal Sommerhaus. ?You don’t have to ride the ride or meet Anna and Elsa to go in the shops. ?You can enter from outside as well. ?You will even find some Frozen items that are exclusive to these stores! ?FullSizeRender (45)
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