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How to get this picture! of Cinderella’s Castle

by Jamie Rumph

Not this picture! Keep reading!

Let’s face it, Disney World is all about making memories and having a great time doing so! ?Along with making those memories, we take pictures along the way, so that we can look back and remember the great times we’ve had! ?Magic Kingdom has many great places to take pictures and make memories! ?Memories to last a life time, memories that we hope to grow up and share with our own children!

We have all seen (a million times over) the pictures of families posted up on Main Street, with Cinderella’s Castle gleaming in the background. ?It’s almost says “I’ve arrived! ?We made it!” ?In that obligatory “we’ve made it picture”, it also shows the hundreds of other guests that have also, “made it” to the park that day! ?While there is nothing wrong with that, I can show you how to do it better! ?There is a way for you to have “THE” picture, minus all of the guests! ?(and you don’t need to know Photoshop!) So here we go!


“THE” picture!

The key is to get into Magic Kingdom before?everyone else. ?In order to do this, you need to book a breakfast reservation before the park opens. ?Magic Kingdom’s opening time is different each day. ?Book your reservation on a day that the park opens at 9 am or later, and does not have Extra Magic Hours in the morning. ?This will reduce the crowds entering the park, to only people attending a breakfast reservation. ?(I will write another post about what the morning of breakfast looks like, and how they line you up to get in the park).

Available breakfast locations and typical opening times:

  • Cinderellas Royal Table, 8:05 am
  • Be Our Guest, 8:00 am
  • The Crystal Palace, 8:00 am

Reservations can be made at 180 days prior to your arrival. ?You will need to book these then! ?Each of these restaurants typically offer a character breakfast each morning and therefore will get you into the park BEFORE the crowd!

Wa-la! ?You have your perfect “we’ve made it”, Magic Kingdom, Main Street, Cinderella’s Castle picture, minus the crowds!

Side note: Notice in my picture, there is a person walking in the background. ?This was me being to timid to ask the photographer to wait for a clear shot. ?I didn’t want to?inconvenience?them or put them out! Don’t do this to?yourselves people! ?Wait for it! ?Get what you worked so hard for! ?The photographer doesn’t mind! ?They’re going to be there ALL day!

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