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Jamie’s 10 Favorite Things About Halloween in Orlando

Happy Halloween!

Jamie at MNSSHP

We know most of you are spending the day dressing up in costumes, taking pictures, giving and getting candy, and generally getting your Spook on, as you should, of course! Halloween is the penultimate day in Spooky Season, and savoring every trick and treat is definitely the priority today! 

But just in case you happen to be spending the day in Orlando at Disney or Universal, or if you’re already looking for a way to prolong Spooky Season by planning for next year, we thought today would be perfect to share Jamie’s 10 Favorite Things about Halloween in the Orlando Theme Parks! And if you are planning for next year, be sure to bookmark this page, so you know where to find it next Fall!

Jamie’s Favorite Things about Halloween in Orlando

Cinderella Castle with Harvest Wreath

1. Fall Decor at Magic Kingdom

As Magical as it always is to walk into Magic Kingdom and down Main Street U.S.A., when the Fall Decor goes out, the whole vibe of the park changes to pumpkin-filled coziness and there is nothing like it! From the oranges, reds and yellows of the leaves in the harvest wreaths and garlands to the (not-so) Spooky Mickey Jack-O-Lanterns all over the park to the Halloween costumes worn by Mickey, Minnie and friends for the season, Fall at Magic Kingdom is something every Disney Enthusiast should experience!

Hagrid's Hut

2. Cool(er) Weather

The Autumn months of September and October finally usher in some cooler temperatures than the heat waves of summer, and it’s always a welcome change and literally, a breath of fresh air! However, Orlando is still Orlando (and in the middle of Florida), so don’t expect the crisp, cold air other parts of the country get at this time of year, but the temps do usually finally dip below 90 and into the 80s (and sometimes even the 70s) by Halloween! Cooler temperatures make the Parks much more enjoyable, just beware of overdressing if you’re visiting from a place where Fall means 50 degrees; skip the sweaters and stick to Halloween-themed and fall-colored t-shirts!

Halloween Drink

3. Halloween Treats

As incredible as the Sweet Treats at ALL the Theme Parks are throughout the year, the Halloween Treats are seriously next level amazing. From the theming and design of each spooky confection, to the uniquely delicious taste of every seasonal concoction, you could easily plan your entire visit to the parks around trying the treats that are limited edition for the Halloween season! And even with all those decadent options to choose from, wanna know what Jamie’s favorite is? A good ol’ fashioned caramel apple!

Pizza Fries

4. Pizza Fries 

And speaking of seasonal food, PIZZA FRIES! Need we say more? Surely not, but for anyone who may have missed it over the years, this Halloween Horror Nights staple is Jamie’s absolute favorite of the year, and she never misses the opportunity to indulge in the awesomesauce that is Pizza Fries! Coming in second are Twisted Taters (also at Universal), but let it be known that we are Team Pizza Fries Forever!

Boo to You Parade

5. Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

MNSSHP might just be the biggest highlight of the entire Halloween Season. It takes place at the most iconic Park, Magic Kingdom; it features all of the favorite classic characters, like Mickey, Minnie and Pals, and also favorite Halloween characters, like the Sanderson Sisters; and it has all the elements of a great Disney Party: parades, character meet-and-greets, treats, treats and more treats, shorter lines on rides, and of course, fire works! Jamie’s personal favorite part is the Boo To You Parade, so don’t miss it!

EPCOT Food and Wine Festival

6. EPCOT Food and Wine Festival

While the spookiness abounds throughout all the parks, the defining Fall festivity at EPCOT isn’t related to Halloween, but instead celebrates the cuisine of the world with the Food and Wine Festival. It is delicious and delightful to spend the day at EPCOT, literally tasting your way around the World (Showcase, at least). And for Jamie, this is one of her Seasonal favorites because, as a local, she gets to sip and taste a little at a time, and circle back to her favorites throughout the season. 

Halloween Horror Nights

7. Halloween Horror Nights

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Halloween Horror Nights are not for the faint of heart. But for our brave leader Jamie, Halloween Horror Nights are one of the best parts of Spooky Season! The themed Haunted Houses, the heart-stopping character interactions, the terror of not knowing when or where the next scare might come from: it’s all part of the Halloween fun (and fright). 

Halloween Horror Nights
Never Go Alone

8. RIP Tour

And speaking of Halloween Horror Nights, just like a daytime VIP Tour, the RIP Tour of HHN is the best way to get to everything you want to see with the least amount of wait-times. You have access to all the Haunted Houses, while with regular lines, you usually have to prioritize your favorite few, and you get front-of-the-line access to all available rides, too. It’s absolutely the best way to experience ALL the scary, terrifying and horrific elements of Halloween Horror Nights!

Minnie Halloween Parade

9. Mickey and Minnie in their Halloween Costumes

It seems so simple and obvious, but really, one of the best parts of the Halloween Season is seeing Mickey and Minnie dressed up in their Halloween Costumes. It’s always heartwarming to see Mickey and Minnie throughout the Parks in Parades and Meet-and-Greets, but it’s really extra special to see them all dressed up in costumes, getting into the Halloween spirit along with everyone else!

Halloween Merch

10. Halloween Merch

Like the Halloween Treats, the Halloween Merch in the Parks is next level amazing. From the spooky to the cute, the merch around the Parks will tempt you to turn your home into a Haunted House of your very own, whether you prefer the MNSSHP-style, or the HHN-style! As for Jamie, she’ll always take another Pumpkin Mickey to add to her collection! 

Disney Halloween Mickey Pumpkin

Ready to Plan?

Now that you know all of Jamie’s favorite things about Halloween in Orlando, are you ready to plan your own Magical Halloween Vacation for next Fall? Wherever you’d like to visit for your own Spooky Season Adventure, I would love to help you choose and plan the perfect trip! Email me today at to get started planning, or click here for a free quote from me or your favorite Love of the Magic Vacations Travel Advisor!



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