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Jamie’s Destination “Do”s and “Don’t”s: Virgin Voyages


Welcome Back to our Friday Blog Series: Jamie’s Destination “Do”s and “Don’t”s, where our favorite Travel Planning Aficionado shares her wealth of knowledge and experiences about traveling the world! After every trip to a new destination, Jamie gives us her perspective as both a traveler, and a travel advisor, through a quick but comprehensive list of what to do or not do at each vacation location!

As many of you who follow along know, this month has been all about Virgin Voyages! The Monthly Love of the Magic Vacations Promotion for September is winning a Free Cruise (if you haven’t heard about it yet, or have and want more information, check it out here) when you book any Virgin Voyages Cruise with your favorite LOTMV Travel Advisor! You can come sail with our team in January to the Caribbean (booking details here), or in June to the Riviera (booking details here), or you can pick whatever VV cruise suits you best to be entered to win! And be sure to join the LOTMV Virgin Voyages Facebook Group, too (do that here)!

Virgin Voyages

To make sure you know everything you need to know about Virgin Voyages, we wanted to remind you of some “Do”s and “Don’t”s for sailing with this fabulous Cruise Line!

So Let’s Get You Ready for Your Next Virgin Voyages Cruise! But First…

Jamie and VV

Jamie’s “Do”s and “Don’t”s for Virgin Voyages!

Top Favorites, and Jamie’s “Must Do” Experiences

VV LOTMV Team Party

1. DO Bring Something RED to Wear

As you may have noticed from any other Virgin Voyages Blogs or Promotions you’ve seen this month at Love of the Magic Vacations, RED is the signature color of VV. From their logo to the running track around the ships to the hammocks that hang from each balcony, Virgin loves all things RED. And each sailing even has a Scarlet Night Party, where the whole theme for the evening is, you guessed it, everything RED. Of course, everyone is encouraged to wear red on this night as well, so don’t forget to pack your favorite RED outfit, or go out and splurge on a new one!

VV Pool

2. DO Snag a Poolside Lounger at Least Once

In addition to the Scarlet Night Parties, Virgin Voyages has some epic Pool Parties as well (if you can’t tell yet, Virgin seriously knows how to throw a great party)! Whether you prefer relaxing poolside, or joining in on the party, you’ll definitely want to snag one of the coveted Poolside Loungers at least once during your sail. There aren’t very many of them, so securing one requires getting up pretty early, but setting your alarm clock is worth it for the poolside experience. 

Greek Buildings

3. DO Sail to Europe with Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages is a wholly different cruise experience for many reasons, not the least of which is the Adults Only policy it has (across the board, on every ship, and every itinerary). And while there are loads of benefits to be had from cruising through Europe on a family trip, don’t dismiss the incredible experience of an Adults Only European Cruise. Virgin’s European Sailings are crafted specifically for Adults, and as such, they are sophisticated, chic, and a completely unique way to experience the culture, art and cuisine of some of the most popular European countries. 

Virgin Voyages ship

4. DO Pay Attention to Pop Up Activities on the Ship

Virgin has always been an elite part of the entertainment industry; don’t forget, Virgin’s roots stretch back to Virgin Records! And Virgin Voyages is no different in the kind of elite entertainment they provide. Of course there are all of the scheduled parties and events, but there are also Pop Up Activities throughout each sail, from comedy sketches to magic shows to improv theatre, all of which rotate every few weeks, so there is always something new and unexpected to experience on a Virgin Voyages cruise.

VV Tropical Drink

5. DO Take (and Post) ALL the Pictures

Another thing Virgin excels at is presentation. Every direction you look on every ship has something special to catch your eye, whether you’re looking out to sea, or right in front of you at your dinner plate, and everywhere in between. And while you should absolutely be present in the moment to soak it all in, you should also snap as many photos as you can, too, because you’ll want to remember every detail! And you’ll want to use all your photos to convince your friends to come with you on your next VV cruise, too!

Top “Must-Don’t”s, or Things Jamie Would Do Differently

VV Ship

1. DON’T Forget to Download the VV App BEFORE Boarding

While you’re getting ready for your VV cruise, DON’T forget to have the Virgin Voyages App downloaded to your phone (or at least do so before leaving the port). The sooner you download the App, the sooner you’ll be able to make dinner reservations and spa appointments, and also the sooner you’ll get used to using it, since you do need it for almost everything onboard. Hot Tip: Don’t delete the app while onboard if you are experiencing difficulties with it; instead, go to Sailor Services to have them take care of it for you!

VV Dining

2. DON’T Stress About Dining Reservations

And since Dining was just mentioned, if you’re having trouble with the App, or don’t see the reservations you want right away, don’t stress about it! You can always walk up, put your name on the waitlist, and enjoy a drink in the lounge while you wait. Taking a more laid back approach will enhance your whole vacation experience anyway (because will it really be that terrible to have an extra glass of wine as you watch the sun sink over the horizon while waiting for a table to open up? I don’t think so…).

VV Relaxation Spaces

3. DON’T Pass Up the Rockstar or Mega Rockstar Quarters (if possible)

While they may not be in everyone’s budget, if you can swing a stay in either the Rockstar or Mega Rockstar Quarters, you should absolutely jump at the chance. With elite experiences ranging from early access to excursions and onboard activities, to a separate VIP entrance for boarding, to a private outdoor deck area, to Rock Star Agents at your beck and call every moment, the Rockstar and Mega Rockstar experience is so much more than the absolutely unrivaled accommodations. If it’s within reach, who wouldn’t want to be treated like a Rockstar for their vacation?


4. DON’T Miss Scarlet Night

As mentioned earlier under “DO Bring Something Red to Wear,” the Scarlet Party on every sailing is THE party, and you don’t want to miss it! The live entertainment, the dancing, the atmosphere, absolutely everything about the Scarlet Party is unforgettable, so don’t hide away in your room for this one. Forget something red to wear? Don’t sweat it, just go! You’ll have the time of your life!

VV Pools

5. DON’T Assume Virgin Isn’t for You; Instead DO Book a Quick Getaway to Try It

By this point, most people who travel have heard something about Virgin Voyages, whether it’s just that Virgin started its own cruise line, or that its an Adults Only experience, or that it’s different from any other cruise line out there, for a variety of reasons, or maybe you’ve heard all about it from our own LOTMV blogs and emails! Whatever you’ve heard about Virgin Voyages, the most important thing to know is that Virgin Voyages is for EVERYONE (over 18) who is looking for a fresh and innovative take on cruising, with a focus on fun, relaxation and adventure! 

And, if you’re looking for the perfect cruise to dip your toes into cruising the Virgin way, join us in January on the Fire and Sunsets Soiree Cruise (details here)! 


6. DON’T Book On Your Own 

There are SO many reason to book with your favorite Love of the Magic Travel Advisor for every vacation you take, like personalized service, a professional who can navigate the travel industry for you, having someone to turn to if anything happens that shouldn’t, and the extensive knowledge and experience that allows every LOTMV TA to help you plan the best vacation possible, every single time…just to name a few. BUT, specifically to Virgin Voyages, there are even more perks to booking with your favorite LOTMV Travel Advisor: because of our relationship with Virgin Voyages, we can exclusively offer our clients extra Sailor Loot (onboard drink credit) for booking with us! 

Want to make sure you have all the latest information and updates from Virgin Voyages? Join our Fans of Virgin Voyages – Tips and Deals Facebook Group here!

And…that’s a wrap of Jamie’s Destination “Do”s and “Don’t”s for Virgin Voyages!

VV Ship and Palm Trees

Ready to Plan?

Now that you have all of Jamie’s best advice for having the best cruise on Virgin Voyages, are you ready to plan your next Adventure at Sea? Contact your favorite Love of the Magic Vacations Travel Advisor or email to start planning today! And don’t forget to join the Fans of Virgin Voyages – Tips and Deals Facebook Group!

Just like last year, in 2023, a new Destination “Do”s and “Don’t”s list will come out the Friday after Jamie returns from her latest trip! And you can find links to all of Jamie’s 2022 Travel Tips at this Blog: Jamie’s 2022 Destination “Do”s and “Don’t”s: A Recap

Jamie boarding VV

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Jamie's Destination Dos and Don'ts Virgin Voyages



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