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Must Haves to Stay Cool at Disney World this Summer

by Jamie Rumph

It is HOT at Disney World most of the year but the summer months can be downright excruciating! Most of the time I steer clear of the parks during the summer months unless it’s in the evenings or at a water park.  But with the reopening of my favorite place mid-July it seems we’re all going to get a taste of the Orlando summer heat.  Add on a required face mask and it may feel even hotter.

Here are my top five items to help cool you off in the parks this summer!

This Handheld Fan


This handheld fans but my favorite, and trust me I’ve tried a few, this one is this rechargeable one that folds neatly in half to fit in any size park bag.  Bonus because it’s inexpensive and arrives in just a few days from Amazon!

Cooling Towel

Cooling towels are great for so many things, shade being one of them.  A wet towel on the back of your neck or top of your head in the sunshine does wonder for cooling off!  I like this one because of it’s reusable bag and carabiner to attach to your bag helping to keep everything else dry.

An Umbrella

It’s rainy season in Orlando for most of the summer which typically means heavy rain showers every afternoon.  You’ll want an umbrella or poncho for those times but if you bring along an umbrella you can also use it for shade from the sun.

Water Bottle

I typically hate carrying a water bottle in the parks.  I prefer to get a free cup of ice water at Starbucks locations.  But life has changed and the less we can touch from the “outside” the better.  So I’d recommend you bring your own reusable water bottle and as a bonus freeze disposable water bottles and place them in your bag.  This serves two purposes, an ice pack on your back to keep you cooler and a water bottle refill as it melts.  Win, win!

Multiple Masks

Plan to bring multiple masks with you on your park days.  I suggest storing them in a zip lock bag and having a second zip lock bag on hand for the used masks.

It’s hot, you’ll sweat (a lot) and it will be much nicer if you have a clean fresh mask to change into.  Plus, once a mask is wet it’s not effective so you’ll need to swap it out.

If you need recommendations for where to get all the cute masks for your Disney vacation, hop on over to my friend Shannon’s blog, BRB Going to Disney for a list of places to order them!

Must have items for your Disney World Vacation

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