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Sailing with Virgin Voyages: What I Loved and What Could be Better

Virgin Voyages, with its chic ambiance, adult-only setting, and promises of eco-friendliness has attracted its fair share of travelers seeking a different kind of cruise experience. For those contemplating a voyage with this line or simply curious, here’s a balanced take on what I loved and didn’t quite hit the mark.  Your honest Virgin Voyages cruise review coming right up!

Virgin Voyages iconic red stack photo

What I Loved:

  1. Eco-Friendly Initiatives: Virgin Voyages’ commitment to a greener cruise experience is evident. Their ban on single-use plastics and dedication to sustainable seafood is impressive.  This means no plastic water bottles are onboard anywhere.  Bring your water bottle or purchase one in the gift shop to keep yourself hydrated.
  2. No Kiddos Around: The adult-only policy means no scrambling kids around the pool or young ones sprinting down hallways. It’s a different, more relaxed vibe.  It’s like enjoying an adult dinner with none of the chaos.  I have nothing against kids; I have a few of my own and love to vacation with them. But it’s also nice to be in an adults-only environment when choosing to vacation without kids.
  3. Innovative Dining: No buffets! And no main dining room or upcharges for better food.  The food on Virgin Voyages is the biggest wow factor for me.  We adored the unique dining spots, especially The Wake, Pink Agave, and the Test Kitchen.  It’s like dining in a nice restaurant each evening rather than a mass-produced dining room.Eat & Drink Festival Returns | Virgin Voyages
  4. Entertainment with a Twist: The entertainment differs from anything you’ll find at sea. Gone are the large theaters with Broadway-style shows. The entertainment on Virgin is in smaller venues with multiple different options each evening. This keeps you from running yourself ragged, afraid you’ll miss out. There’s more than enough to do without being “too much.”
  5. Stylish Cabins: Their cabins, especially the RockStar Suites, with their carefully curated designs, scream sleek luxury and comfort.  I typically stay in either the Sea Terrace (balcony) or a Seriously Suite, the entry-level Rock Star cabin.  Both are fantastic, with plenty of room—more than you’re typically accustomed to at sea.  The extra amenities offered at Rock Star Level are worth the splurge for Rock Star status.
  6. The Easy Boarding Process:  Boarding Virgin Voyages is incredibly easy with the pre-booked boarding times on the app.  Do this as soon as you book so that you’re able to select the earliest time available.  There’s no need to stand around and wait to board. Simply arrive at you’re designated time and get on the ship.  If you’ve pre-checked in on your app, you’ll quickly breeze through the port check-in, get your Band, breeze through security, and be right onboard.  Tip: Join the ship’s wifi as soon as you’re onboard (put your phone in airplane mode) and book extra options like exercise classes, the Grogg Walk, and more before they’re gone.  Rock Stars and Mega Rock Stars can board anytime and don’t need an arrival time.  If you don’t like the time you selected, consider purchasing the Splash of Romance package, which includes early boarding.Bands worn for room key and charging privileges on Virgin Voyages

What I Didn’t Love As Much:

  1. The App: While the concept of the Virgin Voyages app is excellent, it was sometimes a bit glitchy or slow.  This starts while at home prior to the cruise, so I know it’s not the wifi service. The options don’t always load correctly and will often tell you you can’t book dining or excursions when you should be able to.  Here are a few tips to work around it: contact Sailor Services by phone or chat to book dining and excursions, or go to the excursion desk or box office (day one only) to get help.  Whatever you do, do NOT delete the app and try to redownload it once you’ve left the port.
  2. Pool Size: The pool is a little small for my liking, which makes sea days extra crowded. I also don’t love the pool’s location and that you don’t have views of the sea while at the pool. To help, if I plan to spend the day at the pool, I get up early and grab a spot on one of the poolside daybeds or plan to sit on the deck above to enjoy pool and sea views with a breeze. Virgin Voyages pool on all ships
  3. Ship Layout: On my initial sailing with Virgin Voyages, the ship layout felt a bit choppy and hard to navigate.  Virgin Voyages has heard the feedback and added signage to help sailors get where they need to go. All four of Virgin’s current ships have the same layout, which does help repeat sailors.  The more I sail (six times at the time of this blog), the easier it becomes to navigate, and it feels more like warm, cozy gathering spaces rather than a choppy layout.

Final thoughts: Virgin Voyages undeniably offers a fresh, innovative approach to cruising. While there were areas we felt could use improvement, the overall experience was exciting and memorable. Whether you’re a seasoned cruiser looking for something new or a newbie trying to pick a cruise line, Virgin Voyages is worth considering.

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  1. I also didn’t love the wristband. It took me several swipes to be able to open the door to my cabin – not great after a night of drinking or entertainment.


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