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Spotlight on Disney Cruise Line (and whether it’s worth the cost)

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Have you ever wished that every vacation could be as Magical as a Disney Vacation? 

From the kindness and enthusiasm of every Cast Member, to the acute attention to detail, to the legendary service and hospitality, to every bit of behind the scenes planning that makes the whole experience so smooth and seamless, there are at least a hundred million reasons that make Disney Vacations feel like the best of the best. 

And while we all love the Disney Theme Parks, I think most of us wish there was a way to bring that Disney Magic onto all the vacations we want to take, wherever in the world we want to go. Last month, we focused on bringing Disney Magic to all of our vacations through Adventures By Disney, and this month, we’re featuring Disney Cruise Line!

Disney Cruise Line

Maybe you’ve already been on a Disney Cruise and are curious about where else you can go, or maybe you’ve never sailed on DCL, but it’s on your Travel Bucket List because of how everyone raves about their Disney Cruise experiences; either way, or for anyone in between, in this blog, you’ll find insight and inspiration about the Who, What, When, Where and Whys that make Disney Cruise Line able to bring that Disney Magic all over the world!

Let’s Get Cruising!

Disney Wish

The “What” of Disney Cruise Line

Although the 5 Ws usually start with “Who,” it makes more sense in this case to begin with the “What” to understand exactly What makes Disney Cruise Line such a Magical experience.

Imagine some of the most Magical elements of the Disney experience that we all know and love so well: the dream-come-true Character interactions, the incredible Cast Members, the outstanding accommodations, the highest quality service, the unparalleled attention to detail, the world-class dining, the comfort of knowing that almost anything you need is just an ask away…And now imagine taking these trademark Disney experiences out of the confines of the Disney Parks and Resort Properties and out into the rest of the world! 

Disney Cruise Line Deck

Disney Cruise Line truly offers the perfect mix of Disney Magic on the ship, and real world discoveries and adventures off the ship! The ships on Disney Cruise Line are full of the Characters we all know and love, with plenty of opportunities to interact and take pictures, plus themed dining experiences with even more Characters, a number of pools and water activities, such as slides and play areas, absolutely incredible kids’ clubs for different age groups, Broadway-caliber shows and entertainment, just like you find in the Disney Parks, and dozens of areas for relaxing, soaking up the sun, and taking in the gorgeous ocean views, plus tons of other Disney details that take your cruise experience to the next level (think hidden Mickeys, friendly door decorations, and specialty Disney treats, just to name a few).

Disney Magic

Disney Cruise Line currently has a fleet of five ships: Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, and the newest, Disney Wish. Each ship is similar enough to offer the Disney experience we all know and love, and yet different enough to give a unique sailing with special touches you won’t find on any other ship. In addition to these five ships, Disney will be debuting another new ship, Disney Treasure, in 2024. 

Disney Castaway Cay

And although the Disney Cruise ships alone can keep you busy and entertained for your entire vacation, the ships are only half the Magic! There is a whole great big world that the ships sail around, and that you get to discover throughout your journey! From Disney’s own private islands in the Caribbean, Castaway Cay and the new Lighthouse Point, to the marvels of European art and architecture, to the exotic paradise of the South Pacific, Disney Cruise Line has an itinerary that’s perfect for everyone! 

Actually, if you think about it, Disney Cruise Line is almost like World Showcase at EPCOT (one of my absolute favorite parts of all the Disney Parks), but instead of walking to mini versions of each country, you get to SAIL to the REAL country! Amazing, right? And speaking of all those countries, let’s get to where the Disney ships sail…

Disney Cruise Line Ship

The “Where” of Disney Cruise Line

Although you might be familiar with the Caribbean itineraries of Disney Cruise Line, especially those that go to Castaway Cay and Lighthouse Point, Disney actually has sailings ALL over the globe! Did you know you can take a Transatlantic Disney Cruise? Or cross the Panama Canal on Disney Cruise Line? And a whole bunch of other places in between? Read on for everywhere Disney Cruise Line can take you!

Minnie at Castaway Cay

The Caribbean

The Bahamas

Explore the beauty and tranquility of island life throughout the Bahamas, with ports ranging from Disney’s private islands, Castaway Cay and their newest location, Lighthouse Point, as well as Nassau, and San Juan, Puerto Rico, on some sailings. Cruises range from three to eight nights, so you can take a quick weekend escape, or a full week-long vacation!

Western Caribbean

Discover an inspiring variety of cultures from Mexico to Jamaica to a myriad of other locations, and even Disney’s own private islands, too, depending on the length of your cruise (which span from four to seven nights). These cruises also have a number of departure ports so that guests can choose the one most convenient from their home location.

Disney Castaway Cay

Eastern Caribbean

Experience some of the Caribbean’s most famous islands, including the US and British Virgin Islands, Nassau, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and others, and of course, Disney’s Castaway Cay and Lighthouse Point, depending on your sailing, as well. You’re sure to see some of the whitest sands and bluest waters of anywhere you’ve ever been on one of these cruises!

Disney Cruise Verandah

Southern Caribbean

On a Disney Southern Caribbean cruise, you’ll head to some of the most picturesque islands in the world, such as St. Lucia, Antigua, Barbados and Curacao. These postcard-perfect destinations are as breathtaking and serene as they are full of adventure, too! And with cruises up to ten nights in length out of multiple ports, you’ll have plenty of time to take in everything the Southern Caribbean islands have to offer. 


Bermuda is famous for its stunning pink sand beaches, colorful houses, great golf courses, and blissful atmosphere! With options from four to eight nights (the longest being in combination with a trip to the Bahamas out of Port Canaveral), Bermuda is a fantastic destination for anyone who would rather sail out of a Northeastern port, but still visit a tropical location.

Disney Cruise Alaska

North America


Alaskan Cruises have always been one of the most popular ways to visit America’s “Last Frontier,” but a Disney Cruise brings the Magic you know and love out into the natural wonder that is Alaska. With equal parts adventure, entertainment, education and enthralling landscapes and wildlife, a Disney Cruise is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Cruises run out of Vancouver, and range from five to nine nights.

Pacific Coast Highway

Pacific Coast

Explore the rugged coastline of the North American West Coast as you sail from Vancouver, Canada to San Diego, California (or visa versa) over the course of four days, with stops in Victoria, Canada, or Astoria, Oregon. This unique cruise will grant you a spectacular vantage point from which to view one of the most beautiful stretches of coast in North America.


Explore the Canadian Provinces of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick on a cruise that takes you up along the New England coast. Steeped in history and culture, the ports of call along this route will immerse you in the maritime way of life, including lobster! Cruises are four nights long and depart out of New York City. 



Discover the exotic paradise of Hawai’i as you sail to four of the major islands: Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and The Big Island. Your epic island adventure will include some of the most stunning and picturesque beaches in the world, and will also instill an appreciation for Hawaiian culture and the island way of life. Cruises are nine or ten nights, and end in Vancouver, giving you plenty of time at sea!

Amsterdam Lights and Bridge


Northern Europe

Experience the rich culture and heritage of countries such as the Netherlands, Finland and Sweden on an unforgettable sail with ports that bring you to castles, museums, and some of the most famous and impressive architecture in the world. 

Arendelle Dining

Norwegian Fjords

Disney Cruise Line would not be complete without a cruise into the absolutely Magical Fjords of Norway! Get ready to channel your inner Elsa (or Anna, or Kristoff, or Sven, or Olaf) as you sail by the mountains and castles that inspired one of Disney’s most famous animated films, Frozen, where the Magic is more real than ever!

Lake Como


Of course, Disney offers cruises to the most popular and storied countries in the world: Italy, France, Greece, Spain, Portugal, and the list goes on! Imagine spending your days sight-seeing around the most famous landmarks, such as the Colosseum and the Acropolis, and then spending your nights hanging out with Mickey and Minnie and all of your favorite pals! It’s the best of ALL the world, right in one cruise!  

Sheep in Ireland

British Isles

Watch Magic and Mystery come alive before you as you visit the storied countries of the United Kingdom: England, Ireland and Scotland. From tours in bustling cities to strolls through thatched cottages and around mysterious standing stones, you’ll find yourself adventuring through the rich cultures and traditions of the British Isles.


Who doesn’t want to experience an epic transatlantic sail? Whether you want to set sail from Southampton, with stops in Spain, Portugal and Bermuda, or if you’d rather begin your journey in Florida and head East to Barcelona by way of the Azores islands, Disney will make your transatlantic adventure more Magical than you can imagine!

Cabo San Lucas Arch

Central and South America


Short but sweet cruises from San Diego sailing down to Ensenada, Mexico, and ranging from two to four nights are the perfect little escape when you really need to get away, but don’t want to stay away for too long! And with a Disney Cruise, you’ll get all the Magic you know and love, packed right into a quick, but amazing trip! 

Cabo Sunset

Mexican Riviera

Enjoy the splendor of the Mexican Riviera as you cruise from San Diego, along the Baja Peninsula, and into some of Mexico’s most famous ports, like Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas. Culture and tradition come to life in vibrant colors along these cruises that last for five to seven nights.

Panama Canal

Check off a Bucket List Location by sailing through the famous Panama Canal! With both Eastbound and Westbound journeys that last fourteen nights, with seven to eight nights at sea, this unique experience gives you plenty of time to explore the ship and soak up the sun!

Private Tahitian Beach

South Pacific

Set sail across the Pacific from Honolulu, Hawai’i to Sydney, Australia (or visa versa) on an exotic adventure stopping at the South Pacific islands of Fiji, American Samoa and New Caledonia to name a few. As you cross the International Date line, you’ll either live the same day twice or skip a day, a once in a lifetime experience that you’ll surely never forget!

New Zealand and Australia

From the metropolitan of Sydney to the vineyards of New Zealand, cruises in Australia and New Zealand offer adventures just as varied as the landscapes! And with cruise lengths ranging from two to seven nights, there’s surely an itinerary for everyone.

Captain Minnie

The “Who” of Disney Cruise Line

So, who is Disney Cruise Line for, and also who makes it so Magical? 

Contrary to popular belief, Disney Cruise Line is not just for people who love Disney. Because there is so much to see and do off the ship and around the whole world, in addition to the Magical Disney details on the ship, you don’t have to be the most enthusiastic Disney fanatic to appreciate all that Disney Cruise Line has to offer. Besides all of the traditional Disney elements, DCL offers a variety of itineraries, from the most unique to the most sought after, with the highest quality excursions and adventures to pair with your cruise. 

MInnie and Mickey Pirates

With all that said, if you do happen to identify as a proud Disney enthusiast (which honestly, if you’re here reading this, you probably do), you will be absolutely delighted by the attention to detail around every corner of every ship in Disney Cruise Line’s fleet. Disney Cruise Line is the perfect next step for people who love Disney and want a Disney experience outside of the confines of the Parks and Resorts. And, if you have anyone in your life who is on the fence about Disney (who are these people and where do they come from, anyway?), you can use the previous paragraph to convince them to join you on your next Disney Cruise!

Cast Member Magic Touches

And, we can’t mention the “Who” of Disney Cruise Line without giving credit to the ever-amazing Cast Members who make the Magic! One of Disney’s most enduring trademarks is their quality of service, which is provided by the carefully selected Cast Members, who never fail to be attentive and extra helpful, and who are always ready with kind words and a contagious smile! If you ask any regular Disney-goers what the most Magical part of Disney is, they will almost always say, “The Cast Members;” whether it’s about the Parks, Resorts, Cruises or Adventures By Disney, it’s the Cast Members who really make Disney Vacations the most memorable!

Disney Wish Deck

The “When” of Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruises sail throughout the year, so there will always be an option to choose from whenever you want to travel! Of course, some destinations are limited to certain times of year, depending on the climate and sailing availability. For example, Alaskan cruises do not sail through the winter because the waters are not compatible for cruising, and same for certain European destinations, as well. 

Disney Cruise Breakfast

Disney creates its cruise schedule based on the best conditions for cruising in any given location, so if your “when” is set, you may have to be flexible with location, or conversely, if your “where” is set, you might have to be flexible with when you can travel. Whether you decide because of the “when” or the “where,” you’ll know that Disney offers cruises to each specific location only when conditions there will provide the best possible cruise experience!

Marvel on Disney Cruise

Another consideration to think of when deciding “when” to take your Disney Cruise is whether or not you’d like to sail on a Specialty Cruise! Disney offers multiple opportunities throughout the year to celebrate special occasions, such as the holidays and your favorite characters. For example, some of the most popular sailings are the Halloween on the High Seas cruises, and the Very Merrytime cruises. In addition, there is also Pixar Day at Sea, and Marvel Day at Sea that you can plan around. As always, if you are interested in any of these options, your favorite Love of the Magic Vacations Travel Advisor is ready to help you plan for the exact cruise you want!

Disney Cruise Sunrise

The “Why” of Disney Cruise Line

By this point, “Why” you should take a Disney Cruise is pretty clear: Disney Cruise Line offers  all the Disney Magic you know and love on the ship, while allowing you to discover new destinations throughout the world off the ship. Plus, if you have always been a Disney enthusiast, but have never been on a cruise, Disney Cruise Line is the perfect way to try out the world of cruising (you’ll love it, for sure). 

Disney Cruise Deck Sunrise

But now, to address the cost. Admittedly, the cost of a Disney Cruise is generally on the higher end for cruise lines, but when you think about it, so is a Disney Vacation to the Disney Parks and Resorts. You know the quality of the vacation you will get from Disney, and your choice to go to Disney (and for many of us, keep going back to Disney), is rooted in knowing exactly what we’ll get for our money: outstanding service, top quality accommodations, high-end dining, and all of that extra Magic we all know and love (and are willing to pay extra for). Disney Cruise Line is no different; everything you expect from a Disney experience is there on the ship, in the Cast Members, on the excursions, and of course, in the Magic. Ultimately, only you can decide if a Disney Cruise is worth the money, but if you know and love Disney, you already have your answer…

Disney Wish View

So, whether you are looking to enjoy one of Disney’s own private islands in the Caribbean, or explore the majestic sites of Europe, or set sail to an exotic Pacific paradise, or even take an epic Transatlantic journey, Disney Cruise Line has the perfect option for whatever you want to experience.

And chances are, whatever itinerary you choose, if you take your next cruise on Disney Cruise Line, it will be one of, if not THE BEST cruise experiences you’ve ever had! 

Disney Cruise at night

Ready to Plan?

Now that you know the Who, What, When, Where and Why of Disney Cruise Line, are you ready to plan your next cruise journey? Wherever and whenever you’d like to travel, I would love to help you choose and plan your perfect Disney Cruise Adventure! Email me today at to get started planning, or click here for a free quote from me or your favorite Love of the Magic Vacations Travel Advisor!

Spotlight on Disney Cruise Line



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