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Spotlight on Virgin Voyages Cruise Line

VV Ship

Are YOU ready for a whole new way of cruising?

Forget the “traditional” ways of cruising, with assigned dining times, daily schedules, and oversized dining rooms. With Virgin Voyages, you set your own pace, and design your own cruising lifestyle! 

If you’re looking for a unique and immersive experience, with a focus on entertainment, dining, and socializing, Virgin is the perfect vacation for you!  The Virgin Voyages crowd includes adventurous professionals, solo travelers, couples, and groups of friends who are looking for a lively and exciting vacation. 

And with cruising destinations across the globe, Virgin has an itinerary that’s perfect for everyone, wherever you want to go!

Jamie and VV

Plus, if you haven’t heard yet, the whole team at Love of the Magic Vacations absolutely LOVES cruising with Virgin Voyages! In fact, we have, not just one, but TWO Group Cruises with Virgin Voyages that you can join to sail with fellow travel enthusiasts at special group rates; Jamie and members of the team will be sailing in January to the Caribbean on a Fire & Sunset Soirees Cruise (you can find all the details here), and also in June to Europe on a French Daze & Ibiza Nights Cruise (email for more information now, and watch the blog for details about the June sailing coming soon)!

Maybe you’ve already been on a Virgin Voyages Cruise and are curious about where else you can go, or maybe you’ve never sailed on VV, but it’s on your Travel Bucket List because of how everyone raves about their unique Virgin experiences; either way, or for anyone in between, in this blog, you’ll find insight and inspiration about the Who, What, When, Where and Whys that make cruising with Virgin Voyages unlike any other cruising experience you’ve had before!

Let’s Get Cruising!

VV Pools

The “What” of Virgin Voyages

Although the 5 Ws usually start with “Who,” it makes more sense in this case to begin with the “What” to understand exactly What makes Virgin Voyages such a unique experience.

Here are the Top Ten “What”s that set Virgin Voyages apart from many other Ocean Cruise Lines:

  1. Adult-Only! Virgin Voyages is an adult-only cruise line, which means that you can enjoy a more mature atmosphere with no children around. This can be great if you’re looking for a more relaxing and stress-free experience.
  2. Unique and Innovative Design: The ships of Virgin Voyages are designed to be unlike any other cruise ships on the market, with unique features, such as a rooftop lounge and outdoor workout spaces. Jamie can personally attest to just how beautiful they are! 
  3. Amazing Dining: Virgin Voyages is known for its exceptional dining options. With over 20 restaurants and bars on board, you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes. And the best part? No specialty restaurant up-charges and NO large dining room! Instead, think bougie restaurant-style dining with impeccable food and drink pairings!
  4. Included Gratuities: Unlike many other cruise lines, Virgin Voyages includes gratuities in the price of your cruise, so you won’t have to worry about tipping on board. This also means no big unexpected charge to pay at the end of the cruise!
  5. Sustainability Focus: Virgin Voyages is committed to sustainability and has implemented a number of eco-friendly initiatives on its ships, including using reusable water bottles and reducing single-use plastics. Looking to do your part to save the Earth? Grab your favorite water bottle and hop on board!
  6. Onboard Entertainment: From live music performances to immersive theater experiences, Virgin Voyages offers a wide range of options to keep you entertained throughout your cruise. Jamie’s personal favorite is the “It’s A Ship Show.” The talent is INDESCRIBABLE! Pro-Tip: Pack something RED to wear!
  7. Top-Notch Spa: The onboard spa on Virgin Voyages ships offers a full range of treatments, including massages, facials, and acupuncture, so you can relax and unwind during your cruise. They had me at SPA; how ’bout you?
  8. High-Tech Amenities: Virgin Voyages has invested in cutting-edge technology to enhance the onboard experience. Ships are equipped with smart technology, including mood-match lighting in cabins and champagne delivered to you wherever you are on the ship. Yep, you can actually “Shake for Champagne!” (Literally, you shake your phone and they bring you champagne; how is that real life?).
  9. Unique Shore Excursions: Virgin Voyages offers unique and immersive shore excursions that allow you to explore your destination in a more authentic way, such as a Street Food Tour of Barcelona, or a Private Yacht Experience in Santorini.  And their Private Beach Club at Bimini has some of the most gorgeous, clear, blue waters Jamie has ever seen!
  10. Complimentary Wi-Fi: Virgin Voyages offers complimentary (as in FREE) Wi-Fi throughout its ships, so you can stay connected with your loved ones (by sending them selfies from your balcony hammock of course), or whittle down that dreaded inbox before returning to work.

Track on VV

The Virgin Voyages fleet is currently comprised of four ships: Scarlet Lady, sailing itineraries throughout the Caribbean, Valiant Lady, sailing mostly European itineraries (with some Caribbean, too), Resilient Lady, sailing throughout Europe and the South Pacific, and the Brilliant Lady, sailing throughout the Caribbean with a home port in San Juan. And speaking of where each “Lady” ship sails…

VV Beach Club

The “Where” of Virgin Voyages

Although you might be familiar with Virgin’s Caribbean itineraries, especially those that go to their private Beach Club on Bimini, Virgin Voyages actually has sailings ALL over the globe! Did you know you can take a Transatlantic Virgin Voyages Cruise? Or that Virgin Voyages offers almost as many cruise options in Australia as it does in the Caribbean? Plus a myriad of other places all over the world? Read on for everywhere Virgin Voyages can take you!

VV Caribbean Cruise


Riviera Maya

This 5 night cruise out of Miami takes you right into the heart of the Riviera Maya with stops at Playa del Carmen in Cozumel, and to Virgin Voyages’ own Beach Club at Bimini.

Dominican Daze

Cruising out of Miami for 5 nights, this cruise brings you to the beautiful white sand beach of Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic, and also stops at Bimini for a full day and night at Virgin Voyages’ Beach Club at Bimini.

LOTMV VV Florida

Fire & Sunset Soirees

This 4 night cruise from Miami makes stops at the picturesque island of Key West before heading to the Beach Club at Bimini; it’s the perfect “long weekend” getaway to reset and recharge yourself! AND if you’re interested in this cruise, be sure to join the Love of the Magic Vacations Team for our Virgin Voyages Group Cruise in January (see details here). 

Mayan Sol

Sailing out of Virgin’s signature Miami port, this 5 night cruise brings you to Costa Maya on the storied Yucatan Peninsula, and then to Virgin’s Beach Club at Bimini, of course, before heading back to Miami.

Western Caribbean Charm

Offering an extended Caribbean experience, this 6 night cruise out of Miami makes stops at Costa Maya, Mexico, and Roatan, Honduras before Virgin’s signature stop at the Beach Club on Bimini.

Eastern Caribbean Antilles

Enjoy a luxurious 8 night sailing in the Eastern Caribbean as you cruise out of Miami, stopping at Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic, San Juan in Puerto Rico, and St. Croix of the US Virgin Islands before sailing back to the Bahamas for a stop in Bimini at Virgin’s Beach Club.

Jamie in Puerto Plata

Dominican and Puerto Rican Daze

Sail for a week out of Miami on this 7 night cruise stopping in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic and San Juan, Puerto Rico before heading to Virgin’s exclusive Beach Club on Bimini.

Sunsets in the Lesser Antilles

This 7 night voyage out of San Juan, Puerto Rico sails to some of the most sought after destinations in the Caribbean, including: Aruba, Curacao, Martinique, and St. Kitts for some of the most spectacular sunsets and beaches you’ll ever experience. 

Southern Caribbean Isles

Sailing out of San Juan, Puerto Rico, to make the most of your 7 nights in the Caribbean, this splendor of the Southern Caribbean Islands includes stops in the British Virgin Islands, Guadaloupe, Barbados, St. Lucia and Antigua for visits to some of the most picturesque beaches in the Caribbean.



Adriatic Sea & Greek Gems

This 7 night sailing out of Athens brings you on a cultural journey through the Adriatic Sea by way of Croatia and Montenegro, then back to the Greek Island of Corfu before returning to Athens. 

The Irresistible Med

This 7 night sailing through the Mediterranean Sea is aptly named, as it stops in the most irresistible ports, including the French Riviera, the island of Corsica, Italy’s Cinque Terre, and Spain’s vibrant island of Ibiza before returning to Barcelona.


French Daze & Ibiza Nights

This elegant 7 night cruise out of Barcelona features the French Riviera and Mediterranean Islands, with stops in Marseilles, Cannes, Palma de Mallorca, and Ibiza before heading back to Barcelona. 

Greek Island Glow

Cruising out of Athens, this 7 night journey takes you to the most idyllic Greek islands, including Santorni, Rhodes and Mykonos, with a stop in Bodrum, Turkey as a bonus! 


South Pacific

Melbourne to Hobart (and back) 

This 5 night sailing out of Melbourne gives you plenty of time to enjoy Tasmania’s capital of Hobart for two full days before heading back. 

Melbourne to Burnie (and back)

The perfect 2 night getaway, this ultimate weekend adventure brings you from Melbourne to Burnie, the quintessential coastal town of northwest Tasmania.

Maori and Australian Shores

This limited edition 11 night sailing from Auckland, New Zealand to Melbourne, Australia gives you time to explore both islands of New Zealand, and two of Australia’s major cities. Stopping in New Zealand at Tauranga, Napier, Picton and Wellington, and in Australia at Sydney and Melbourne, this itinerary is not to be missed!


Mel-Burnie Getaway

Much like the Melbourne to Burnie (and back) Itinerary, but instead of only 2 nights, the Mel-Burnie Getaway is 4 nights, giving you more time sailing during the day to enjoy and explore the ship.

Melbourne, Sydney & Hobart

This 6 night sailing out of Melbourne makes stops in the iconic city of Sydney, as well as the capital of Tasmania, Hobart before returning back to Melbourne.

Sydney to Hobart (and back)

Similar to the Melbourne to Hobart, this 4 night cruise is perfect for anyone who would rather sail out of Sydney and still get to experience Hobart, too.

Sydney Australia

Sydney to Burnie (and back)

Again, similar to the Melbourne to Burnie cruise, this 4 night sailing is for those who prefer to sail out of Sydney instead of Melbourne, but still want to visit Burnie.

Sydney, Melbourne and Burnie

This perfect “long weekend” itinerary consists of 3 nights, and sails one way from Sydney to Melbourne with a stop at Burnie, too! 

Melbourne to Tasmania (and back)

This 5 night cruise begins and ends in Melbourne, with stops in Burnie and Hobart to experience the best of Tasmania, and with two days at sea to enjoy, too!


Melbourne and Hobart Holiday

Much like the Melbourne to Hobart (and back) Itinerary, this one starts and ends in Melbourne with a stop in Hobart, though it is 4 nights in length instead of 5 if you have less time.

Melbourne to Melbourne (& Burnie)

Again, much like the Melbourne to Burnie (and back) Itinerary, this cruise is 3 nights in length, making it the perfect long weekend for nature-lovers who want to visit Burnie!

Melbourne, Sydney & New Zealand

This 10 night, one way journey begins in Virgin Voyages’ Australian home port of Melbourne, and ends in Auckland, New Zealand, with stops in iconic cities like Sydney, and through New Zealand’s famed wine country along the way (specific ports include: Picton, Napier and Tauranga). 

New Zealand Fjords & Australia Shores

This epic 12 night adventure begins in Auckland, New Zealand and ends in Sydney, Australia. This one way journey brings you through the South Island’s iconic fjords, towards Tasmania and its capital city of Hobart before making stops in Melbourne and finally, Sydney. 

Jamie in a Vineyard

Transatlantic and More

Transatlantic Med to Miami

This 14 night journey begins in Barcelona, Spain with stops in Ibiza and Malaga, before sailing to Portugal’s city of Funchal on the island of Madeira. From there, you’ll cross the Atlantic Ocean for 8 days at sea, ending your cruise in Virgin Voyages’ United States home port of Miami.

Transatlantic Miami to Med

This 14 night journey is almost the exact mirror image of the Transatlantic Med to Miami, with the exception of a stop in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, instead of Ibiza, and of course the trip begins with 8 days at sea instead of ending that way. 

Airlie Beach

Australia, Bali & Singapore

At 15 nights in length, this one way journey will allow you to discover just how transformative a transatlantic voyage can be. Starting in Sydney, you’ll sail up the coast of Australia, stopping at Airlie Beach (Queensland), Cairns (Yorkeys Knob), and Darwin before an overnight stay in Bali before heading up to your final port in Singapore. 

Singapore Sights to Dubai Delights

This 14 night one way voyage begins in Singapore and ends in Dubai, stopping in ports unique to this Virgin Voyages sailing only. From Singapore, you’ll stop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, then in Phuket, Thailand before sailing two days at sea to reach Colombo, Sri Lanka. From there, you’ll sail to India, stopping at Goa, and spending a night in Mumbai before another two days of sailing to reach Dubai. 


Modern Dubai to Ancient Athens

A one way, 14 night journey from one of the world’s most modern cities, to one of its most ancient; epic doesn’t even begin to cover it. Starting in Dubai, you’ll sail for 6 days until you reach Egypt, where you’ll stop in Safaga before crossing the Suez Canal, and make one more Egyptian stop in Cairo. From there, you’ll sail to Greece with stops in Rhodes and Santorini before heading to your final port in Athens. 

With more sailings and itineraries being added each year, everyone is sure to find their perfect itinerary with one of Virgin’s exclusive sailings.


The “Who” of Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages is a Cruise Line for ADULT travelers who are seeking a fun and energetic atmosphere, and who are interested in a modern and stylish approach to cruising.  

You may have heard that Virgin Voyages is for the young crowd, but from personal experience, Jamie says that is FAR from true. What IS true is that Virgin is for the young at heart, and anyone with a spark for adventure! 


Virgin Voyages also appeals to travelers who are interested in wellness and sustainability, as the cruise line emphasizes healthy eating options and eco-friendly practices.  Virgin ships are complete with a running track, and daily fitness classes at every level.

Overall, the ideal client for Virgin Voyages is someone who is looking for a fresh and innovative take on cruising, with a focus on fun, relaxation, and adventure.

I mean, that’s all of us, isn’t it?

VV Tropical Drink

The “When” of Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages Cruises sail throughout the year, so there will always be an option to choose from whenever you want to travel! Of course, some destinations are limited to certain times of year, depending on the climate and sailing availability. 

Virgin Voyages creates its cruise schedule based on the best conditions for cruising in any given location, so if your “when” is set, you may have to be flexible with location, or conversely, if your “where” is set, you might have to be flexible with when you can travel. Whether you decide because of the “when” or the “where,” you’ll know that Virgin offers cruises to each specific location only when conditions there will provide the best possible cruise experience!

VV Ship

Virgin Voyages also has special sailings for Holidays and Maiden Voyages of new ships, too. If you are interested in sailing for Christmas, New Year’s, or on a Maiden Voyage, check out the following special itineraries.

Scarlet Caribbean Holidays 2023

This 5 night cruise on the Scarlet Lady takes you roundtrip from Miami to Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic and to Virgin’s Beach club at Bimini over the Christmas Holidays this year. 

Valiant Caribbean Holidays 2023

Roundtrip from Miami for 7 nights, this Christmas Holiday cruise stops in the Dominican Republic at Puerto Plata, and in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

VV Interior

Brilliant Miami MerMaiden Holidays 2023

Sail the Brilliant Lady’s Maiden Voyage out of Miami for 5 nights over the Christmas Holiday, with stops in the Dominican Republic at Puerto Plata and St. Croix before ending your cruise in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Scarlet New Year’s Ahoy

Ring in the New Year aboard the Scarlet Lady on a 6 night cruise roundtrip from Miami with stops in Roatan, Honduras, Costa Maya, Mexico, and Virgin’s Beach Club on Bimini.

Aussie MerMaiden

Sail the Resilient Lady’s Maiden Aussie Voyage for 5 nights in December 2023, roundtrip from Melbourne, Australia with stops in Burnie and Hobart on Tasmania. 

Resilient Pacific Island Holidays

Roundtrip from Melbourne for 6 nights over the Christmas Holiday, this cruise stops in Burnie and Hobart for an unforgettable holiday experience. 

Virgin Voyages

Resilient Pacific New Year’s Ahoy

Ring in the New Year aboard the Resilient Lady on an epic 14 night one way cruise from Melbourne, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand. Stopping in Burnie, Hobart, and Sydney, Australia before heading to New Zealand for the ports of Picton, Napier, Tauranga, and finally Auckland, it’s hard to think of a more exciting way to start a New Year!

VV Ship and Palm Trees

The “Why” of Virgin Voyages

One of the most distinctive features of Virgin Voyages is that ALL cruises are Adults-Only, and as such, the Lady Ships are specially designed to cater to the interests and activities that adults enjoy, with no space or resources used up for children’s needs or daycare spaces. From spa treatments and exercise classes, to board games and crafts, to the hammocks that hang from almost every Sea Terrace, everyone onboard will be able to find something that tickles their fancy in ways they would most likely not find on other cruise ships. 

So, as you’ve probably gathered by this point, the major “Why” to taking a Virgin Voyages Cruise is that they offer a wholly different experience from any other cruise you may ever have been on. And if you are a cruise virgin, and Virgin Voyages is your first cruise ever, do not expect any cruise you take after to be anything like it. 


It’s a little out of the ordinary, it’s a lot of let-your-hair-down vibes, and most of all, it’s a ton of fun, maybe even in ways you didn’t know you could have fun. All facets of Virgin have always been proudly inclusive of the beautiful diversity that is humanity, so with an open mind and heart, your Virgin Voyages journey may present, not just a new place, but maybe even a new way of thinking, too. 

Come onboard with an open mind and heart, as your most fabulous and authentic self, and you’ll likely be booking your next Voyage with Virgin before your Lady Ship pulls back into port.

VV Room with Sofa

Ready to Plan?

Now that you know the Who, What, When, Where and Why of Virgin Voyages, are you ready to plan your next cruise journey? Wherever and whenever you’d like to travel, I would love to help you choose and plan your perfect Virgin Voyages Adventure! Email me today at to get started planning, or click here for a free quote from me or your favorite Love of the Magic Vacations Travel Advisor! 

And don’t forget about the Love of the Magic Vacations Virgin Voyages Group Cruises! Click here for details about our Group Cruise to the Caribbean in January!

Spotlight on VV



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