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Sunday Funday Travel Quiz: Should You Take a River Cruise or an Ocean Cruise?

Cruise Ship in Greece

Happy Easter to those who celebrate, and welcome to our newest Blog Series: Sunday Funday Travel Quizzes! Remember the days when weekends were full of trips to the mall, spending hours on the phone with your best friend, and of course, taking the latest quizzes in all the teen magazines? Don’t you miss answering a few fun questions, and feeling like your whole life was figured out by reading your results? Well, we’re recreating that feeling for you with our Sunday Funday Quizzes! 

While your favorite Love of the Magic Vacations Travel Advisor is always available to help you make decisions about your travel and vacation plans, we thought a short and sweet quiz (on different travel topics as they come up) would be a fun way to kick off the thought process for you! So sit back, relax and enjoy our Sunday Funday Quiz!

River Cruise Boat with Castle

Should You Take a River Cruise or an Ocean Cruise?

Cruise Ships

1. What experience is most important to you on a Cruise?

A) That balcony view of the horizon. Nothing beats gazing out to where the ocean meets the sky. 

B) Feeling like I’m in a boutique, designer hotel that floats me from port to port. 

C) Just being on the water, whether it’s the open ocean or a winding river; water is my happy place.

Cruise Show

2. How do you envision your evenings and nights on a Cruise?

A) Give me Broadway! Give me dance parties! Give me aerial stunts and acrobats! Give me comedy hours! Give me ALL the entertainment!

B) A glass of wine and a gorgeous view or some live piano music are just right for me; I prefer to relax and unwind in the evenings. 

C) Depends; sometimes I love a party, sometimes I want to keep it low key, so whatever the options in front of me are, I can make it work.

Jamie on River Cruise

3. How are you when it comes to (the dreaded) Motion Sickness?

A) I got my Sea Legs a long time ago; whether I’m on the water or on Guardians of the Galaxy, I can handle any amount of movement. 

B) Even car rides can make me queasy, so boats make me nervous about motion sickness; I prefer to not even realize I’m moving. 

C) I’m okay with most movement, and I’ve learned to carry a pair of SeaBands in my bag just in case something becomes a little too much for me. 

VV Pool

4. In your opinion, Cruise Ships should:

A) Offer at least as much, and preferably more, entertainment and activities as the ports and destinations I’m visiting.

B) Be a relaxing atmosphere that compliments the locations I visit, with local influences found in the cuisine and the (minimal) onboard entertainment.

C) Be a fun and memorable experience, with great service and attention to detail, however that is achieved. 

Mickey on Deck

5. If you’re taking the whole family along, your ideal Cruise for families:

A) Offers something age specific for everyone in my family, such as clubs for the kids and teenagers, and plenty of opportunities for fun and relaxation for parents while the kids are busy. 

B) Has excursions that the whole family can enjoy, especially with opportunities to learn and experience new things together, such as cooking or dance classes, or castles with fantastical histories. 

C) Depends on the kind of vacation I need: sometimes that means having a break from entertaining the kiddos 24/7, and sometimes that means creating deeper connections with them, and I generally know which type I need when, so I base my choice on that. 

Riverside Castle

6. The type of Ports you prefer to visit are:

A) Mostly seaside towns. I’m all about that coastal, beachy vibe, and anywhere else I want to go is usually accessible through the excursions offered. 

B) Smaller towns in the heart of a country. I want to see the intricacies of local, everyday life, not just a country’s vacation destinations. 

C) Anywhere I can experience new and different cultures works for me!

Cruise Ship Deck with Slide

7. A Dare-Devil-esque tube-style Waterslide that may or may not jut out over the side of the Cruise Ship is:

A) Something I have to try!

B) Insane. 

C) Not a deal-breaker, either way.

Sunset at the Rose

8. Do you consider yourself a more spontaneous traveler, who loves the thrill of finding something great on pretty short notice, or are you more comfortable planning ahead, and having plenty of time to prepare?

A) Spontaneous! Especially if I can score a last-minute deal.

B) I pre-plan my planning in advance! Plus, I love having something to look forward to. 

C) Either! Both! I love all the travel, however it happens. 

VV Ship and Palm Trees

9. Would not getting your top choice excursions ruin your cruise experience?

A) There are usually so many choices, I’m sure I could find something else. 

B) Absolutely, why bother if I can’t do everything I want?

C) It wouldn’t ruin my vacation, but it is something to consider and plan around. 

Castaway Cay

10. Your Perfect Port is:

A) A Private Island.

B) A Small Village that I may never have even heard of before, and probably can’t pronounce. 

C) Anywhere that is welcoming and happy to have me!

Wish DCL Logo


If you answered Mostly As, you should take:

Cruise Ships

An Ocean Cruise!

You love a vacation with something for everyone, whether it’s a different form of entertainment each night, an age-specific club for each kiddo, or a wide range of excursion choices. You love the thrill of a daring waterslide as well as the opportunity to relax by the pool or at the spa. You enjoy both Caribbean escapes and European adventures, and you’re not afraid to travel on a moment’s notice. Ocean Cruises, with their huge variety in destinations and excursions, with something for everyone of every age, and with their endless ocean views, are the perfect choice for your next vacation!

If you answered Mostly Bs, you should take:

River Cruise Deck with Track

A River Cruise!

Your taste is a bit more refined, and you prefer a more boutique and personalized experience on your vacations. You don’t love a crowd, but you do enjoy deepening your connections with your own family as you travel, and possibly even making some new friends on your trip, too. You enjoy both history and adventure, and some of your favorite experiences combine the two in picturesque villages and castles. You love being immersed in the local culture of a new destination, and learning about a place, and yourself, through hands-on experiences. You also like to plan ahead, and you prefer the security of having your top choices, from dining to excursions, be guaranteed. River Cruises, with their smaller size and limited cabins, offer a front-row seat into the heart of a country, with authentic, immersive excursions, and the highest quality dining experiences, making them the perfect option for your next vacation!

If you answered Mostly Cs, you should take:

VV Pools

Either an Ocean Cruise or a River Cruise!

You love to travel to any and all destinations, and you just want to experience more of the world in any way you can! You are open to traditional family-style fun, like water slides and live shows, as well as an all-in family deep-dive into a new culture. You want your kids to enjoy some freedom with others their own age, and you also want opportunities to bond with them as a family by experiencing new things together. You’re flexible with planning, and can appreciate something to look forward to, as well as a last-minute deal. You want to go wherever the wind, and the water, takes you, and you can make any kind of cruise work for you and your family. Still wanting to narrow down your choices? Your favorite Love of the Magic Vacations Travel Agent can help you decide what, and where, your next cruise should be!

Jamie and Kristin River Cruising

Ready to Plan?

Now that you know what kind of Cruise you should take next, are you ready to plan your next adventure, whether it’s on a winding river or the high seas? Curious about destinations and where a River Cruise or an Ocean Cruise can take you? Contact your favorite Love of the Magic Vacations Travel Advisor or email to start planning today! 

Sunday Funday Quiz: River or Ocean Cruise



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