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Sunday Funday Travel Quiz: Should You Use a Carry On Bag or Checked Luggage?

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Welcome to our newest Blog Series: Sunday Funday Travel Quizzes! Remember the days when weekends were full of trips to the mall, spending hours on the phone with your best friend, and of course, taking the latest quizzes in all the teen magazines? Don’t you miss answering a few fun questions, and feeling like your whole life was figured out by reading your results? Well, we’re recreating that feeling for you with our Sunday Funday Quizzes! 

While your favorite Love of the Magic Vacations Travel Advisor is always available to help you make decisions about your travel and vacation plans, we thought a short and sweet quiz (on different travel topics as they come up) would be a fun way to kick off the thought process for you! So sit back, relax and enjoy our Sunday Funday Quiz!

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Should you use a Carry On Bag or Checked Luggage?

baggage claim

1. Your biggest fear when traveling is losing your luggage.

A) True; I am in a constant state of anxiety about where my stuff is unless I can see it with my own eyes.

B) False; out of sight, out of mind. 

C) It’s crossed my mind, and can sometimes sway my decision, depending on the situation.

Line of Luggage

2. You absolutely hate having to schlep a bunch of bags around while traveling.

A) False; I actually hate the thought of someone else schlepping my stuff because then it’s out of my control.

B) True; I enjoy an unencumbered travel experience so that I’m free to browse the airport shops or stop for a drink without everything I need for the length of my trip constantly weighing me down.

C) It depends on multiple factors, such as how long the vacation is (and therefore how big my bags are), and who I’m traveling with (like, will I have enough hands to schlep my own stuff as well as my kids’ stuff, and possibly wind up holding a child, too).

Small suitcase

3. Do you consider yourself a light packer, or are you more of a “I-need-all-the-options-for-all-the-things” person?

A) I can pack as light as I need to; while options would be nice, I’d rather not risk losing my luggage and having even fewer options.

B) I definitely need ALL the options for ALL the things, and maybe even ALL the unforeseen things, too (what if we get last minute reservations to the fanciest restaurant in town? I’d rather be prepared and not miss that opportunity!).

C) I can appreciate the simplicity of packing light, as well as having options to choose from just in case; I think the need for each depends on where I’m going and what kind of trip it is.

Airport Luggage cart

4. Are you willing to pay extra to check your luggage?

A) Absolutely not; flights are so expensive as it is, and I hate the thought of paying even more for a service that should (and used to) be free.

B) I don’t mind paying extra for a service I prefer; costs everywhere have gone up, and I understand that some airlines need to charge for bags to stay in business.

C) If I have something that absolutely must be checked, such as sports equipment, or luggage packed for a two-week-long vacation, I’m willing to pay extra to check it. 

Baggage claim

5. How do you feel about Baggage Claim?

A) I hate it; it takes forever, and I hate having my vacation start off with the frustration of waiting, especially after all the time it already takes to get to the destination. 

B) I don’t mind waiting for my luggage at Baggage Claim because I feel that the wait is worth not having to lug all my stuff around to begin with.

C) The wait at baggage claim is annoying, but I know that’s part of the decision, so if I choose to check my luggage, I just deal with it.

couple at airport

6. What are your thoughts on souvenirs and shopping while traveling?

A) I love shopping and bringing home souvenirs, but I don’t want someone else handling my bag full of new and special finds, so I plan ahead: I either have items shipped by the store right to my house so they are professionally packed and there soon after I get home, or I make room in my Carry On Bag by taking out stuff I no longer need, and ship a box of dirty laundry to myself to prioritize safely transporting my new purchases.

B) Part of the whole reason I check my luggage is so that I have plenty of room to bring souvenirs home with me! Depending on where I’m going, sometimes I even bring a collapsible bag inside my luggage and check two bags on the way back if the airline allows it.

C) How much I plan to buy depends on where I’m going and whether or not I’ve been there before; based on those factors, I can plan for extra room, or make other arrangements to make sure all of my stuff (new and old) gets home with me. 

Airport Travel

7. What Travel Essentials feel the most useful to you?

A) Packing Cubes! I can organize better and fit more into small spaces by utilizing packing cubes.

B) AirTags! Putting an AirTag into each piece of checked luggage helps give me peace of mind. 

C) Sturdy, well-crafted luggage, in sizes that can be carried on or checked, depending on my choice for each trip.


Airport Walkway

If you answered Mostly As, you should use:

A Carry On Bag! In a situation where so many things are out of your control (weather, flight delays, cranky kids in crowded airports), you like to take control of what you can, which, when flying, means making sure you AND your belongings make it to your destination together! You’re willing to sacrifice extra outfit options and souvenir space for the peace of mind that comes with having your bag with you at all times. When you use a Carry On Bag, your preference to control what you can means you won’t lose your luggage, you won’t have to pay extra to check anything, and you won’t have to wait (stewing in anxiety) at baggage claim! Just be sure you’re ready to board as soon as your section is called to score that coveted overhead bin space!

Suitcase at airport

If you answered Mostly Bs, you should use:

Checked Luggage! You love the freedom of an unencumbered airport experience, and the ability to pack options and leave room for souvenirs! Whether an airline charges for checked luggage or not, you’re willing to pay a little extra so that you don’t have to schlep everything you need for your trip through every airport shop, restaurant and especially bathroom (how does anyone close a bathroom stall door without brushing their suitcase against the toilet anyway?). Plus, you much prefer packing as much as you need, including regular size toiletries, and having ample space for whatever you purchase on your trip. And, after all the waiting around at airports between security and taxiing and the flight itself, what’s an extra few minutes at Baggage Claim, anyway? As they say…patience is a virtue!

Airport travelers

If you answered Mostly Cs, you should use:

Either a Carry On Bag or Checked Luggage! While many people fall strictly into Team Carry On or Team Checked Luggage, you are someone who needs to assess the situation before making a decision. Your flexibility in not sticking with one way or another allows you to choose what will make each trip easiest, depending on the location and length of your travels. You know that while sometimes people do lose their checked luggage, that situation is not the norm, and you generally trust the airline to get your luggage to your destination if you have to check it for a long trip or because of special equipment. On the other hand, you’re fine with keeping your bag with you in the airport when you can fit everything you need into a Carry On Bag. Making your decision based on the specifics of each trip you take means you’re never trying to force something to work, and you’re always considering what will work best for the unique situation you’re in.

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Ready to Plan?

Now that you know whether you should plan to use a Carry On Bag or Checked Luggage, are you ready to plan your next adventure and get packing? Curious about where you should go next, now that you’re ready to go with your best luggage option? Contact your favorite Love of the Magic Vacations Travel Advisor or email to start planning today! 

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