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Sunday Funday Travel Quiz: Which Adventures By Disney Vacation Should You Take?

Adventures By Disney Galapagos Expedition

Welcome to our newest Blog Series: Sunday Funday Travel Quizzes! Remember the days when weekends were full of trips to the mall, spending hours on the phone with your best friend, and of course, taking the latest quizzes in all the teen magazines? Don’t you miss answering a few fun questions, and feeling like your whole life was figured out by reading your results? Well, we’re recreating that feeling for you with our Sunday Funday Quizzes! 

While your favorite Love of the Magic Vacations Travel Advisor is always available to help you make decisions about your travel and vacation plans, we thought a short and sweet quiz (on different travel topics as they come up) would be a fun way to kick off the thought process for you! So sit back, relax and enjoy our Sunday Funday Quiz!

Which Adventures By Disney Vacation Should You Take?

Adventures By Disney Paris

1. Your idea of the perfect Adventurous Vacation is:

A) Visiting world famous sites that I’ve always heard and learned about, like the Colosseum, the Eiffel Tower, and the Acropolis.

B) Getting right into the heart of multiple locations without having to pack up and change hotels every few days.

C) Exploring the breathtaking landscapes and majesty of nature without having to leave the country.

D) Going on a once-in-a-lifetime expedition, such as an African Safari or Galapagos Islands discovery tour.

E) Being able to visit remote corners of the world, such as Antarctica and the Arctic Circle.

Adventures By Disney

2. On a Scale of 1-10, you’d rate your own Spirit of Adventure at a:

A) 6; I love to experience new cultures and participate in activities that aren’t the norm for me, but you won’t catch me skydiving or bungee jumping anywhere. 

B) 5; I am all for trying new things, but I prefer them to be highly curated experiences that enhance the understanding of whatever location I’m in.

C) 7; I’m a big believer in the saying, “Not all who wander are lost,” and thoroughly enjoy a scenic hike with panoramic views and a chance to see some wildlife.

D) 10; If there’s an opportunity to safely explore an unusual or exotic location, count me in! 

E) 12; I’ll try pretty much anything once (as long as it’s safe, of course). 

Family Travel

3. Your preferred temperature range is:

A) Seasonal; I enjoy a festive snowfall in the winter, and I like to be able to go outdoors in the summer, though I don’t mind wearing a jacket to be comfortable outside.

B) Moderate; I don’t mind a range of temperatures, as long as I stay out of the extremes where it’s super hot or cold, and also, as long as my accommodations are comfortable no matter where I am.

C) Mixed; I never understood how anyone could live in a place where the weather stays relatively the same. I love to fully experience the weather of all four seasons: snow in winter, flowers in spring, swimming in summer, and foliage in fall. And I especially love traveling to destinations during their “show off” seasons, like New York at Christmas, and New England in the fall. 

D) Warm! I would choose a warm-weather destination over anywhere else 365 days out of the year.

E) Cold! I don’t mind bundling up to see extraordinary places that many people miss out on because they’re afraid of a little snow. 

Yellowstone National Park

4. A Perfect Day on your Adventurous Vacation would be:

A) Touring one of Italy’s picturesque coastal towns, a private boat ride to get that post-card picture from the water, a pizza-making lesson on a private farm with freshly picked ingredients, and a traditional Tarantella dance to end the day!

B) Biking around a quaint European village, stopping to visit a Music Box and Coo-Coo Clock Museum, and also for a Hot-Chocolate and/or Riesling Tasting, and then ending the day on the river and passing through a famous Gorge with over 30 spectacular castles lining the shore.

C) Exploring the Hot Spring Terraces of the First National Park, Yellowstone, having a picnic lunch after a horse-drawn Stagecoach ride, then taking in some of the grandest vistas in the Park, and horseback riding in the afternoon before settling in to your Glamping-style Tent complete with S’mores by the fire.

D) Island touring with a Naturalist who leads you along the coastline, where you’ll discover some of the indigenous animals of the Galapagos, before cooling off with a swim and snorkel before lunch on your ship, then take a glass bottom kayak ride along the beach, enjoy dinner on the boat and spend the night stargazing on the Equator.

E) Sailing the icy waters toward the Antarctic Peninsula and getting to step foot on the seventh continent, then fueling up with lunch on your ship before setting out on a Penguin Colony Walk, where you’ll see penguins in their natural habitat, waddling in and out of the water, and ending the day recapping your activities with other Adventurers. 

Jamie and Castle

5. You are MOST excited about:

A) Visiting World Famous Landmarks in person!

B) The ever-changing scenery and getting to see castles in real life!

C) All the outdoorsy activities!

D) Immersing myself in a new environment!

E) Witnessing nearly untouched landscapes and rare wildlife!

National Park Trees

6. You DON’T want your Adventure to be:

A) Super extreme.

B) Overly exerting.

C) Mostly indoors.

D) Like anything else you’ve ever done.

E) Full of crowds.

Italy canal

7. If you could pick a Theme Song for your Adventure, it would be:

A) “That’s Amore” by Dean Martin

B) “Moon River” by Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer

C) “Born in the USA” by Bruce Springsteen

D) “Beyond the Sea” by Bobby Darin

E) “I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm” by Billie Holiday

Adventures By Disney


Family in London

If You Answered Mostly As, You Should Take:

A European Adventure! You want it all from your Adventure, and with Adventures By Disney, you can have it! You want to see the sites you’ve spent your life dreaming about, like the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, The Colosseum, and the Parthenon, but you also want to experience the more quaint side of the country too, and get a glimpse of what everyday life is like there, with cooking or dance lessons from locals. You want to be able to check big name landmarks off your Bucket List, but you also want to experience things you may not have known were possible on a vacation before. An Adventures By Disney Vacation to Europe will be everything you’re looking for, and then some!

Adventures By Disney River Cruise

If You Answered Mostly Bs, You Should Take:

A River Cruise Adventure! For you, the greatest Adventure is immersing yourself into new cultures, right at the heart of whatever country you visit. You love experiencing things the way locals do, and getting to see parts of a country that can’t always be found on a big city tour. And while your Adventurous Spirit loves diving into local traditions, you also appreciate being able to visit a number of places without having to unpack and repack for each location, making a River Cruise your perfect option! 

Denali National Park

If You Answered Mostly Cs, You Should Take:

A North American Adventure! While far off lands certainly have their allure, you truly appreciate all that your home country has to offer, and you know that Adventure can be found right here in the United States of America! From the breathtaking landscapes of National Parks like Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon, to the majesty of America’s Last Great Frontier, Alaska, you prefer to explore everything at home before venturing abroad. One of the North American locations will be the perfect Adventure By Disney for you!

Adventures By Disney Expedition Cruises

If You Answered Mostly Ds, You Should Take:

An Equatorial Expedition or Tropical Adventure! You are all about exploration and discovery, as long as it’s not too cold! You would love getting up close with the wildlife on a Galapagos Expedition, or observing the mighty animals of the desert on an African Safari. And you would also enjoy marveling at the Pyramids of Egypt or the ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru, among other warm weather options, such as Costa Rica and Morocco. An Adventures By Disney Vacation somewhere close to the Equator is the best fit for you!


If You Answered Mostly Es, You Should Take:

A Polar or Antarctic Expedition! You want to go where very few other people have ever gone before, even if it means bundling up in a parka and snow suit! You relish the opportunity of being able to see landscapes that you can hardly believe exist here on Earth, as well as witnessing wildlife that only live near the North and South Poles. Your Spirit for Adventure is off the charts, and the farther away, and more remote the location, the more you want to experience it! Therefore, a Polar or Antarctic Expedition is the perfect Adventure By Disney to suit your tastes!

Adventures By Disney

Ready to Plan?

Now that you know what kind of Adventures By Disney Vacation you should take, are you ready to plan your epic Adventure, whether it’s to the world’s most famous sites, or on a winding river, or to an awe-inspiring archipelago? Want to know more details about Adventures by Disney? Contact your favorite Love of the Magic Vacations Travel Advisor or email to start planning today! 

Which Adventures by Disney Vacation Should You Take




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