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The Perfect “Have-It-All” Beach Vacation in Turks and Caicos: Family Time, Date Nights and Self-Care

Turks and Caicos Beach

Why Turks and Caicos?

For many of us, the ultimate “getaway” destination includes a beautiful beach where the horizon is nothing more than ocean and sky. There’s just something about golden sands and turquoise waters that allows us to escape into vacation-mode in a way that not much else does. 

If this sounds familiar to you, Turks and Caicos needs to be on your “Must Visit” Short List! Why? Because Turks and Caicos has been voted as the number one Beach Destination in the World again and again, AND on top of that, one of its beaches, Grace Bay, has been voted the Best Beach in the World over and over, as well. So for anyone in search of the World’s Most Perfect Beach, head to Turks and Caicos and your search will be over!

Turks and Caicos

Located between the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos is a stretch of eight main islands, six of which are inhabited, and countless tiny islands that are all part of the Lucayan Archipelago (which also includes the Bahamas). Providenciales and Grand Turk are the two most populated and popular islands, while North Caicos, Middle Caicos, South Caicos, and Salt Cay are much quieter and more remote, though often they are visited on day trips by visitors staying on one of the two bigger islands. 

Turks and Caicos Resort

Have It All!

In addition to the most beautiful beaches you can imagine, Turks and Caicos has something for everyone. From high end All-Inclusive Resorts, to incredible snorkeling and scuba diving, to the bright and cheerful towns full of friendly locals, to a restaurant scene featuring the freshest of fresh seafood, Turks and Caicos is thought of by many as the most perfect string of islands in the Caribbean, for the beaches and everything else it has to offer, too. Whether you are looking for a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or a solo rejuvenation escape, there is a resort, a stretch of sand, and an adventure waiting to provide exactly what you need. 

For this month’s Inspiring Itinerary, we are going to explore a little bit of everything: a Family Vacation, with some Romantic Evenings for Parents, and time for every member of the family to choose their favorite activity so that everyone gets that dose of self-care! 

Beaches Resort Lazy River

Just for the purposes of this Itinerary, the “family” on vacation will be two parents and two children, with each person getting a day to choose an activity, but if you are traveling with more children, or grandparents, or even bonus parents, adjust as you need to by letting each family member choose a half-day activity, or eliminating one of the full day family activities. As always, your Love of the Magic Travel Advisor is ready to help customize any itinerary for YOUR family’s needs!

Turks and Caicos Beach

Let’s Go! 

Day 1

Since Turks and Caicos is just 90 minutes from Miami, and under four hours from New York, even if you’re connecting from somewhere farther away, the islands of Turks and Caicos are some of the easiest to get to from the continental United States, since they are not too far South. For this Inspiring Itinerary, you’ll be landing on Provinciales, surrounded by impossibly clear turquoise waters, and then whisked away to your Deluxe, Award-Winning, All-Inclusive Resort to settle in to your own slice of paradise for the week. 

Turks and Caicos Resort View

After taking in the sweeping ocean views from your balcony, you’ll want to explore everything your hand-selected resort has to offer; remember, each member of the family gets to choose an activity for one of the days of the trip, so knowing everything available will be key in making decisions (it’s worth noting that kids, whether toddlers or teenagers, should be prepped ahead of the trip that each person will get to pick what to do for a day, and as exciting as having that decision making power is, it’s equally important to accept the decisions of other family members and go along with everyone’s choice on their day). 

All of your travel surely worked up an appetite in everyone, so as you explore, definitely take advantage of popping into one of the 21 restaurants throughout the resort, as some provide walk up service perfect for grabbing a bite throughout the day. And speaking of dining, once your family gets the lay of the land, you may have time for a quick nap or dip in the pool before freshening up for dinner at one of those amazing restaurants you likely walked by while exploring. 

Boats on Grace Bay

Day 2

Part of a “Have-It-All” Vacation is getting to spend that coveted family time together that many of us don’t always have an opportunity to do while at home (and busy with practices and meetings and schedule conflicts that make even sitting down to dinner at the same time a struggle some nights). So while everyone is deciding what they would like to choose for their special/self-care activity, the first full day of your vacation will be one that appeals to everyone (whether voted on or chosen by Mom and Dad). 

If you and your family have always wanted to learn to sail, a select few resorts now offer an eight-hour sailing course that can be taken over the course of four days or two! What better way to kick off the Family-Time portion of your vacation than by learning something new all together! In programs partnered with the American Sailing Association, you’ll begin your introductory sailing course today, and literally will learn the ropes on the most perfect crystalline waters.

Beaches Dinner

After your day on the water, you’ll no doubt be looking forward to an evening filled with expertly curated cuisine, and maybe even some evening relaxation by the pool. The perfect end to an exciting day!

Beaches Water Park

Day 3

It’s up to you whether you go by age order or pick names from a hat to decide who gets to choose the Activity of the Day first, but that’s all that will be up to you today (to an extent of course), because today Child #1 sets the to-do list!

With an adventurer on your hands, today will be another exciting experience with your child’s choice of spending the day at a Water Park. But guess what? The Water Park is actually part of your resort and included with your stay! You and your family get to spend the day racing each other down water slides, zooming around in tubes, and even trying out the surf simulator! Hot Tip: parents can get in on as much fun as they want, and then give the kiddos the independence they crave by sidling off to the lazy river or keeping an eye out from a lounge chair. An on-site Water Park is seriously a win-win for both parents and kids!

Beaches Food Truck

Although there are swim-up soda bars and food trucks to keep everyone’s energy up throughout the day, you won’t want to miss a night at one of the amazing restaurants offered with your stay!

Beaches Stay Forever Sign

Day 4

Today is the day Child #2 has been waiting for because the day is theirs to dictate! Although there are never large crowds anywhere in Turks and Caicos, exploring some of the smaller islands that are even more secluded is your Child’s choice today!

Iguana Island is a popular Cay that many visitors journey to as part of their Turks and Caicos experience, though it’s still very remote with minimal explorers there at once. It’s possible to paddle to Iguana Island with the included kayaks from your resort, or if you (or your child, whose choice it is) want a more guided exploration, you can take a day trip excursion with someone who will give you a tour around the island by boat, provide snorkeling gear to observe some of the marine life of the coral reefs, and lead you to a private beach where you will feel like the only family around for miles. Either way, you can pace your day according to the kind of experience you want, whether that’s a slow meander through the turquoise waters, or an adventurous power paddle with time left in the day to relax poolside back at the resort. 

Beaches Dessert

Once back at your resort, and now that the kids have been seen and heard with their activity choices, tonight is the perfect time for a Romantic Date night for Mom and Dad. In room childcare is available, so the kids can have a dinner-and-a-movie night in while you and your sweetie get dolled up for one of the fancier and more romantic restaurants at your resort!

Turks and Caicos Resort Restaurant

Day 5

Today is Dad’s choice (that’s right, Mom, saving you as the best for last)! So it turns out that Dad was super into the sailing lessons from the first day, and he’d like nothing more than to finish up the lessons and finally feel like a competent sailor (as a fan of Wedding Crashers, Christopher Walken’s line, “Sailor, good man!” has always stuck with him). 

Therefore, you and the family spend the day back on the water, growing more and more confident in your ability to navigate the ocean at the helm of a boat! This experience will for sure be one of the most incredible experiences your family has together, not just on this vacation, but maybe even ever, as you create both skills and memories that will last a lifetime. 

Beaches Restaurant

Completing your sailing class as a family definitely deserves a celebratory dinner, so once back at your resort, head out to the restaurant that the whole family has been looking forward to throughout the whole trip. And make sure the kids give Dad an extra hug for making this his choice today (and then give you an extra hug for being the one to initiate it on the first day, too)!

Turks and Caicos Beach

Day 6

Finally! It’s here! Today is your day, Mom! You can call it saving the best for last, but we all know you needed the whole week to decide what to do on your day, and not fall into the trap you do at home whenever you get a free fifteen minutes (“Fifteen minutes? What do I do first? Laundry? Dishes? Try to relax and do something for myself? Phone a friend?” And then wind up mindlessly scrolling your phone because you couldn’t decide what to do, and before you know it your fifteen minutes are gone; don’t worry, we’ve all been there, and like I said, this is why your day is last). 

Today, you’ve decided to venture outside of the resort to explore the local culture. You’ll wander in and out of shops with handmade souvenirs (without anyone complaining about how long you’re shopping), and maybe even try the local delicacy, conch, in whatever form you choose, from salad to fritters, at one of the authentic cafes run by the friendliest people you’ve ever met. 

Beaches Gazebo

After your morning exploring, you’ll head back to the resort for some relaxing beach time before freshening up for the evening’s activities. The one thing you did plan ahead for your day is a family photo session on the beach at sunset. The family can always count on Mom to plan the pictures that will capture the memories forever, right?! 

Once the photo session is over, the whole family will head to dinner, maybe at the restaurant with the best water view, and watch as the setting sun creates a blaze of reds and oranges in the sky. 

Turks and Caicos Beach

Day 7

Your last full day in Turks and Caicos can take the form of whatever you and your family need it to. You’ve had lots of family time, a bit of romance, and hopefully everyone’s “self” feels cared for after having a whole day to choose whatever they needed most. Today can be all relaxation by the beach or pool if that’s what everyone needs most. Or maybe Mom and Dad go for a couples massage for some extra time together, while the kids go to one of the kid programs. Maybe it’s a Mother/Daughter Date for manicures while the boys take out a couple jet skis. 

Aquatrikes at Beaches

Maybe there’s a few activities that the family has had their eye on all week but never got to, like stand-up paddle boarding, or windsurfing. Whatever you decide to do for your last day, try to make sure everyone in the family feels like they’ve filled their cups with quality time together and meaningful self-care, so that everyone is as happy and rejuvenated as possible, and has truly leaned into vacation mode throughout this trip.

Turks and Caicos room

Day 8

Departure day is always the saddest day of the trip, although maybe you have some time in the morning for some coffee on the beach, or at least from your balcony so you can soak up as much of those ocean views as possible. Maybe even end your stay as you started it, by wandering around the resort one last time, but instead of looking for how you’d like to spend your week, look instead for where you’d like to stay when you come back next time. 

And as you board your flight heading home, try to remind yourself that the turquoise waters and golden sands of the World’s Most Perfect Beach are just a few short hours away, and now that you’ve found the Perfect Beach, you know exactly where to return to find it again. 

Chairs on Turks and Caicos Beach

Ready to Plan?

If you are ready to plan The Perfect “Have-It-All” Beach Vacation to Turks and Caicos, contact your Love of the Magic Travel Agent today. And of course, whether you are traveling solo or with a family of twelve, your LOTMV Travel Agent will work with you to create the unique experience you’re looking for. 

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Ready to plan The Perfect “Have-It-All” Beach Vacation to Turks and Caicos? Contact your Love of the Magic Vacations Travel Advisor today or email 

Have It All in Turks and Caicos



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