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The Perfect Mexican Beach Vacation

Cabo San Lucas Arch

Whenever we fantasize about “getting away from it all,” or “escaping everyday life,” many of us picture ourselves relaxed on a beach with our toes in the sand and drink in our hand. And after the last few years of restricted travel, that dreamy surf-side image has truly become a vacation goal many of us can’t wait to experience. So, what’s the best place for that perfect beach getaway? Mexico!

Why Mexico?

Mexico is famous for its rich culture, its ancient sacred sites, and its masterful culinary scene, but perhaps it’s most famous for its indescribably beautiful beaches. And, with its proximity to the United States, and its relative affordability, Mexico has become one of the most sought after vacation destinations, especially for Americans. 

Cabo Resort and Coast

In addition, Mexico seems to have embraced the tourism it attracts, and has cultivated an impressive collection of luxury All-Inclusive Resorts. For some people, the idea of an All-Inclusive Resort is everything they could want: no need to worry about where to eat or drink, everything all taken care of, just relaxing on the beach day after day with no real need to even leave the resort. 

While for other people, the thought of staying in one place for their whole vacation is not as enticing; to those people especially, I say, WAIT! The All-Inclusive Resorts that are now available can truly offer a beach vacation to suit everyone, from the most avid scuba diver, to the very discerning palettes of gourmands and oenophiles, to daring thrill and adventure seekers, to, of course, anyone who needs to unwind by sitting on the beach listening to the ocean for as many hours a day as possible. 

Cabo San Lucas Marina

The following Inspiring Itinerary is meant to offer The Perfect Mexican Beach Vacation with something for every kind of beach goer to enjoy, because even the most wild adventurers could use an afternoon of downtime here and there, and even those who relish their relaxation time could be pleasantly surprised by trying something new!

Let’s Go!

Cabo San Lucas Resort

Day 1

While there are a myriad of places in Mexico that offer incredible options for vacations, since we are focusing on the Perfect Beach Vacation, Day 1 will have you arrive in Cabo San Lucas, on the Baja Peninsula, featuring some of the most picturesque beaches in the world (if you’d rather focus your Perfect Mexican Vacation on something other than beaches, like some of the sacred sites and ruins, your Love of the Magic Travel Advisor can plan any trip according to your specific interests). 

You’ll arrive at your Five Star All-Inclusive Resort, with sweeping beachfront views of the sparkling Sea of Cortez, and 7 distinct gourmet restaurants to choose from throughout your stay, including an option with a Michelin Star Chef at the helm. After checking in, you’ll have the afternoon to explore everything the resort has to offer, and of course, spend some time on the golden sand beach. 

Cabo San Lucas Waterfall

Day 2

If you are someone who likes to get the lay of the land wherever you are, and loves to experience your destination the way locals do, today will be the perfect way to spend your first full day in Mexico. You’ll be picked up from your resort in the morning for your private adventure that begins with an off-road Jeep tour of the area, with your knowledgeable guide, who will give you information about the locale, as well as answer any questions you may have. Upon arriving at Fox Canyon, you will then hike to the beautiful cascading waterfall, and even go for a swim in the crystal clear water if you would like (so don’t forget to wear/pack appropriate clothing!). After that, it’s off to lunch at a small local restaurant in the quaint and colorful town of Santiago, where you will have time to explore and converse with locals about their home and culture. And even with all this, you’ll be back to your resort by mid-afternoon to relax by the pool or beach before dinner at a resort restaurant of your choice. 

Cabo Surf Lesson

Day 3

After such a busy first full day, spend this morning taking your time to get moving, and lounging by whatever pool you choose, or of course, on the sand at the beach, or both if you want to be sure to experience everything included in your All-Inclusive Resort! Then after your leisurely start to the day, get ready for your next adventure: surf lessons! You’ll be picked up at your resort in the early afternoon, and brought to the perfect beach for beginner surfers, where you’ll receive professional instruction, and be standing up on your board in the water faster than you may have thought possible! Once you’ve acquired your new enviable skill, you’ll be brought back to your resort where you can ready yourself for dinner at your evening’s choice of restaurant.

Cabo San Lucas Arch Beach

Day 4

Now that you’ve gotten the lay of the land by off-roading, and gotten your feet wet surfing, it’s time to really get out on the water on one of the famed glass-bottom boat tours! You get to decide if you’d like to be picked up from your resort in the morning or early afternoon, and from there you’ll start your tour with expansive views of Los Cabos while tasting Tequila! Your knowledgeable guide will explain the tequila-making process as you sample some of Mexico’s award winning liqueurs. Then, you’ll board your glass-bottom boat for a tour of the iconic Los Cabos Arch, with stops along other famous spots like Land’s End, Pelican’s Rock, Neptune’s Finger and the Sea Lions Colony. Your boat tour will then drop you off at a beach of your choice (depending on surf and tides), and you will decide on a pick up time with your boat captain, leaving you free to swim and explore the picturesque beaches and coastline. And if shopping is more your preference, you also have the option to skip the beach, and be brought back to the marina to peruse the markets. Either way, you get to set your end time with your guides, who will in turn make sure you are transported back to your resort when you so choose. Of course, upon your return, you’ll be free to enjoy dinner at the restaurant of your choice. 

Cabo Camel Ride

Day 5

Today you will experience the beach in a way you may never have even dreamed of: by riding on a camel! Depending whether you enjoy your daily pool/beach time in the morning or afternoon, you will choose what time to start this unique experience. Of course, you’ll be picked up at your resort, and you’ll enjoy a scenic drive through the countryside to a private oceanfront ranch. Once there, you’ll make your way to the beach by taking a guided nature walk designed to educate you about Baja’s ecology, until you arrive surf-side for your camel ride. Perched high on your camel’s back, you’ll experience a stroll along the beach unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before! Afterward, you’ll have a chance to take a picture with your camel, and then make your way back to the ranch for traditional Mexican fare, while overlooking the water and watching for humpback whales. 

Cabo Dolphin Swim

Day 6 

Making the most of the time you have left in Mexico, you will get to spend most of the day engaging in your choice of activities at your resort, whether that’s finally getting to finish the book that’s been stashed in your carry-on from the comfort of your beach chair, or dipping in and out of the pool while working on your tan, or even sampling any of the resort goodies you haven’t yet tried. Your activity today will be a little shorter in duration than other days, but no less exciting: swimming with dolphins! As usual, you’ll be picked up from your resort and brought to the marina where you will have about an hour to get to know dolphins up close and personal, complete with feeding the dolphins, a dolphin show, swimming and a belly ride, and even dolphin kisses! Swimming with dolphins is often a life-changing experience that people rave about for years and years, so try to relish this opportunity!  Once back at your resort, this would be a perfect night to indulge in the ten course tasting menu of your multi-star Michelin Chef, another experience you are sure to be raving about for years to come!


Cabo San Lucas ShoppingDay 7

As your last full day in Mexico, this day is wide open for you to do whatever you choose. Maybe you want to stay at your resort and really soak up everything that’s included in your All-Inclusive package, or maybe you spotted some snorkelers on your glass-bottom boat trip, and want to swim and snorkel with the colorful fish of the area, or maybe you want one more grand adventure, like a sunset cruise, or to go parasailing, or maybe just a stroll around town to pick up some mementos to remind yourself what an incredible time you’ve had in Mexico. Whatever you decide, you then of course get to end your day with a farewell dinner at the restaurant of your choice.

Cabo Sunset

Day 8

As all good things must come to an end, so must your Perfect Mexican Beach Vacation, but not before you spend your last few hours basking in the sun and the glow of the golden sands! At least upon leaving, you know where to come back to whenever you are craving that “toes in the sand, drink in the hand” Perfect Beach Vacation feeling!

Cabo San Lucas Local Color

Ready to Plan?

If you are ready to plan your All-Inclusive Mexican Vacation to experience the Perfect Beach Vacation for yourself, contact your Love of the Magic Travel Agent today. And whether you want more of a Perfect Cultural-Immersion Mexican Vacation, or a Perfect Caribbean Beach Vacation or anything in between, your LOTMV Travel Agent will work with you to create the unique experience you’re looking for. 

The Perfect Mexican Beach Vacation

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