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Toy Story Land- Everything You Need to Know to Plan Your Visit!

Toy Story Land –

Everything You Need to Know to Plan Your Visit

Toy Story Land entrance with talking Woody

Toy Story Land! The latest Disney craze opened a few days ago (June 30th) and it’s all it’s hyped up to be!

Opening Day Happenings

The grand opening was scheduled for Saturday, June 30th at 8 am but Disney switched things up last minute and did an unannounced soft opening on the afternoon of June 29th and then officially opened the land at 6 am on June 30th.

Yep, you’ve read it correctly! Hollywood Studios opened unannounced at 6 am on Saturday, June 30th!

If you’re tuned into the happenings of Disney fans at all, either via Facebook or Instagram, this is where you find these types of rumors. And then you just have to decide if it’s worth the risk of it happening or not!

A friend and I had planned to be at the park by 6 AM to get lined up, but figured what’s an hour less sleep and left the house at 4:30 am for a park arrival time at 5 am. It was the perfect timing!

When we arrived there was a relatively small crowd that was being held at bag check. Each bag check station had a security guard that was waiting for the green light to start moving people though. At about 5:15 am that’s just what they did.

Opening day of Toy Story Land outside the turnstiles at about 5:30 am

After going through bag check we were then held at the ticket entrance. Again the crowd was still relatively small. The area between the turnstiles and the ticket booths were filled with people standing in lines, many sitting and not super close in.

Waiting for Hollywood Studios to open

We all stood around and talked and took in the excitement of something so fun about to happen!? There may have even been a group-wide signing of Mickey Mouse Club too.? Appropriate don’t you think?

About 10 mins until 6 AM Disney made an announcement that they would be opening Hollywood Studios at 6 am and would escort us, walking not running, into Toy Story Land.

The remainder of the park would be open at 6:30 AM. I would venture to guess there wasn’t a soul in the rest of the park!

Hollywood Blvd on Toy Story Land opening day at 6 am

Hollywood Studios Opens Early

At 6 am our park tickets were scanned via iPad, not the typical Disney tap the ticket and hold your finger admission style. And each guest walked towards the new magic being debuted!

My ticket didn’t seem to want to scan so I got a nice Cast Member who helped me out. I can only imagine the day these guest Services Cast Members were about to have! Just the sheer number of people anticipated on coming to Hollywood Studios that day would have had me stressed out!

Me with a guest Services Cast Member on opening day.

As I made the turn to head into Toy Story Land I was giddy with excitement! I had decided not to stop for pictures and get straight in line for Slinky Dog Dash since I knew it would fill up the quickest.

Toy Story Land opening day

We waited a total of 40 minutes and were off Slinky Dog before 7 am. Not too shabby and totally worth the 4:00 am wake up time!

What to Expect when visiting Toy Story Land

Toy Story Land is a completely immersive experience.? As you walk in you’re leaving Hollywood Studios and entering Andy’s backyard. You’re transformed into one of Andy’s toys and every detail helps you to feel as if you are one!

Make sure to really stop and take in the little things like straws as light poles, the sketched drawings of Andy’s plan to create Slinky Dog Dash, the price tag that tells us the year Toy Story the movie came out and so much more!

Straw light poles inside Toy Story Land

Andy?s Top Secret plan for Slinky Dog Dash inside the ride que

Andy?s Slinky Dog Dash Coaster Plan

Price tag showing the opening date of the original Toy Story movie


There are three attractions in Toy Story Land. One of them being the long-standing Toy Story Midway Mania ride.

Don’t be fooled though, just because it’s been here a while doesn’t mean it’s not a great attraction. In fact, I would venture to guess its continued popularity helped to fuel the decision for a whole land of similar theming.

New line entrance for Toy Story Midway Mania inside Toy Story Land

Midway Mania

Prior to Toy Story Land opening Toy Story Midway Mania was accessed via Pixar Place. In fact, it was so popular that a third track was added a year or so ago.

With the opening of Toy Story Land, the attraction is now accessed via the land rather than Pixar Place. The old entrance has been patched closed.

Old entrance to Toy Story Midway Mania

Pixar Studios sign has been removed.
Pixar Studios sign has been removed.

It will be very interesting to see how this area develops and the character meet (Woody & Buzz, sometimes Jesse) that is across from the old entrance feels tied to the new land. Currently, it’s pretty separated.

The new cue line for Toy Story Midway Mania is right on theme with the new land! And the exit is home to some very popular social media picture spots! More on that below!

New que line for Toy Story Midway Mania

Toy Story Midway Mania que line

Toy Story Midway Mania que line

Slinky Dog Dash

The newest most popular e-ticket attraction is none other than Slinky Dog Dash. The newest coaster to arrive at Disney World.

Entrance to Slinky Dog Dash Slinky Dog Dash Part of the Slinky Dog Dash Coaster where Jesse is

This coaster feels like a mash-up of Big Thunder Mountain in speed and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in smoothness. And unlike Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, it’s NOT too short!

The coaster has the perfect amount of dips, swirls, and drops that are fun for all ages. Nothing too scary for little kids but still all sorts of fun for adults!

It’s made up of two parts. The first as you leave the loading area and start your ride through Andy’s backyard. Don’t miss the fence that makes up the walls of the new land and the Tinker Toys that surround the coaster and build all of the guest areas throughout the land.

Fence wall inside Toy Story Land Pencil light poles and tinker toys

The second part of the coaster begins just under the bridge that leads you to the coaster queue line.

Slinky Dog, the coaster car, comes to a stop under the “Go, Go, Go” signs. As Slinky Dog stops he then goes backward?and the forward again as if you launch you into the second part of the coaster. Don’t worry the actual launch of the coaster from this area is not too intense.

Go, go, go

Go,go, go

Slinky Dog going through the go, go, go spot

Slinky Dog on backside of the coaster

As you speed off under the “Go, Go, Go” tunnel you’ll fly up over the second half of the land and right on by the Alien Saucer Swirl. The third attraction in the new land.

Then as you finish up you’ll pass by Wheezy the singing penguin from Toy Story Two and Mr. Spell who are both wishing you farewell.

Wheezy Penguin Mr. Spell

Slinky Dog Dash is so well done you’ll be wanting to ride it again and again!

Alien Saucer Swirl

Alien Saucer Swirl

The third attraction in the new land is Alien Saucer Swirl. This little twirling ride has the same ride system as Tow Matter in Carsland at Disney’s California Adventure. The ride cars have been rethemed to match the land.

While this attraction does spin it does not feel like the teacups. It’s milder than that kind of spinning. Those of you that literally can not stomach the teacups, there is hope you can handle Alien Saucer Swirl.

Alien Saucer Swirl

The Alien in the spaceship (main car) twirls around a larger circle while the rocket car you’re riding in is being towed behind it.? As the alien swirls around the big circle, your car gets kicks out behind it, swirling you back and forth.

Ride cars in Alien Saucer Swirl

The length of the ride was just about perfect for me. I’d had just enough fun and swirling and was ready to get off about the time it ended.

The music along with the aliens saying “safety, safety” of course brought it all full circle and perfectly to Toy Story life.


Woodys Lunchbox

Andy’s Lunchbox is the only dining option in Toy Story Land.? It’s a quick service location and it looks like an open lunch box.? The lid of the lunch box is being held open by Andy’s thermos.? The seating area comprised of bright colored chairs and tables plus some benches shaped like wedges of Babybel cheese.

Babybelle cheese chair

When I was visiting there wasn’t quite enough seating but I attribute this more to it being opening day mayhem than an actual issue. I think once the hype subsides a bit there will be plenty of space.

Andy’s Lunchbox is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and has allergy friendly options at each. Because of my, 6 am arrival on opening day I ate off the breakfast menu.

Woodys Lunchbox Menu

Breakfast Menu

Woodys Lunchbox Breakfast Menu

Woody's Lunch Box Menu - Beverages

The one thing I was disappointed in was there isn’t an actual allergy menu to look over while waiting in line. The Cast Member handing out the menus assured me there were gluten free choices but I would need to talk to a coordinator once I reached the ordering podium.

Doing it this way is not my preference as I prefer to have time to look over the menu, compare the gluten free and dairy free items since I’m somewhat sensitive to dairy as well, and then be ready to order when I arrive at the front.

I also absolutely hate to hold up the line behind me. I get it, most people are patient to these kinds of things and even if they’re not it is what it is, but I still don’t love to be the one holding up the line!

When I reached the front a coordinator told me that each item on the breakfast menu could be made gluten-free. Yeah! I didn’t even inquire about the dairy. Sometimes to my own detriment I do these stupid things!

Food allergies and eating out are the pits! Disney makes it much more accessible than many places but still, it’s just not fun!

Smores French Toast Sandwich

S’mores French Toast Sandwich

I ordered the S’mores French Toast Sandwich with marshmallows and chocolate ganache ($7.99) and my friend ordered the Smoked Turkey Breakfast Sandwich with cheese, green peppers, onions and scrambled eggs. ($7.49) They are exactly like they sound and oh so yummy!

The S’mores Sandwich tasted exactly like a S’mores and even though many people were like yuck “all that sugar for breakfast” I was happy to consume it all! In all fairness by the time I ate it, I’d been up for the better part of 5 hours. So it was truly lunch! Who am I kidding, I would have happily had it for breakfast too! I heard one guest return to the counter wanting something different because they said it was “utterly awful” but honestly I just can’t understand that. It tasted 100% like a S’mores!

Smoked Turkey Breakfast Sandwich

The Smoked Turkey Breakfast Sandwich was “really yummy” too! I didn’t have a bite since it wasn’t prepared with GF bread but it did look very good!

Smoked Turkey Sandwich

Mystic Portal Punch

The other fun thing we both ordered was the Mystic Portal Punch. It’s a green power aid of sorts that can be ordered just as a drink or with a souvenir cup upgrade. The punch itself is $4.49 and the oh so popular Alien Claw Cup it comes in if you upgrade is $16.19.

The cup alone is $14.99 so if you want both the better value is the combo. I didn’t love the punch but I’m guessing my sugar loving kids would have!

Claw Cup with Mystic Portal Punch

As for the lunch and dinner menu, I’ve not tried it yet. But as soon as I do I’ll happily add to this post as well as my Facebook page and Instagram Stories!


Inside Toy Story Land there is not an actual store for merchandise. There are however two cute little kiosks, made from some of our favorite childhood toys, of course, that house Toy Story themed merchandise.

Fisher Price Play Family Camper Merchandise kiosk

Play Family Camper top

Dump Truck merchandise kiosk

There isn’t a lot of merchandise inside the land. A couple of different headband options, the oh so popular Claw Cup (which you can also get at Andy’s Lunchbox) some Slinky Dog toys and that’s about it. But it’s not all Disney has to offer in terms of Toy Story merch.

Alien Popcorn Holder

Alien Claw Cups

Slinky Dog Dash toy

Woody and Jesse dolls

Me wearing the new Slinky Dog headband

Slinky Dog headbands

Alien headband

Disney for a long time has offered a great line of Toy Story items throughout its stores and especially in the Hollywood Blvd shops like Mickey’s of Hollywood and Disney & Co.? You can find things like T-shirt’s, plushes and trading pins there. It’s nice to get off an attraction and not be directed through a large souvenir shop!

Things Not to Miss

There are soooo many details inside the land that it’s truly hard to take it all in! So to help you “see it all” I’ll post pics of things you should look for along with their location!

If you know of something I’ve missed but should see, message or email me! I love to see all of the well thought out details. It speaks to my inner Interior Designer!

Popsicle Wall
The Popsicle Wall has been all the rage! Walls of Disney have become a social media thing and it seems Disney is playing along!

Girls sign from blocksWater fountain built in blocksSinks

Women?s bathroom

Women?s bathroom stalls Green Army Men

Andy?s Ball
There are Green Army Men everywhere! This one is holding a Babybel cheese.
Balsmic wood plane
I loved these more than anything! I grew up building them!

Domino benches

Tinker Toys and plastic ants Ticonderoga pencil light pole

Ticonderoga pencils as light poles! Only the best pencils being used in Andy?s Backyard

Midway Mania Games photo opBuzz Lightyear

Fast Pass and Park Planning Strategy

Since Toy Story Land is the newest addition to Disney World, planning is going to be key to enjoying your experience! If it’s anything like Pandora – World of Avatar, and I suspect it will be, the wait times for the Slinky Dog Dash Coaster will not be getting shorter anytime soon!

Toy Story Land map

You will want a fast pass for this attraction, and at least for the immediate future, you’ll want to get it at exactly 60 days prior to arrival.

To have access to fast passes at 60 days prior to your trip, you’ll need to be staying at a Disney Resort. Guests staying off property can book fast passes at 30 days prior to arrival. Slinky Dog Dash Fast Passes will be long gone by then.

Another thing I found with Flight of Passage at Pandora is that Fast Passes were gone for day one and two of a guests vacation, but I could find them for day’s three or four.

So if you’re looking for Slinky Dog Dash Fast Pass on your first few days of vacation and you don’t see them, look towards the end of your trip.

Of course, you’ll need to be flexible with your dining reservations and planned days to visit each park but it still can work out.

In fact, I highly recommend you plan your Hollywood Studios day for at least day three and maybe even day four of your Disney World vacation.? Just to be safe.

Park Arrival

The best strategy for busy parks is to arrive early for park opening.? Disney fanatics call this rope drop. Be at the ticket gate about 45 minutes prior. This will give you time to go through baggage check and be ready to enter when the park opens.

Most of the time Hollywood Studios will let guests enter the park and meander down Hollywood Blvd prior to the rest of the park opening. This will give you time to take pictures, shop or get coffee and be ready to make your way to Toy Story Land when the Cast Members allow it.

Despite your fast pass time, if your priority is Toy Story Land, you should walk not run directly to the new land.? Then you will be able to ride the two attractions that you don’t have Fast Passes for and see more of Andy’s backyard without large crowds.

The earlier in the day the lower the crowds and honestly the more enjoyable it is. Toy Story Land is not overly large, only about 11 acres and it will become crowded quickly. So head there first, at park open, and get in line for whichever new attraction you don’t have a fast pass for. Make sure to enjoy the details and a S’mores French Toast Sandwich too!

Tiered Fast Passes?

A tiered Fast Pass System is currently in place at Hollywood Studios. This means you can only have one Fast Pass selection from the three Toy Story Land attractions, Slinky Dog Dash, Toy Story Midway Mania or Alien Saucer Swirl.

You will be able to select one Fast Pass from tier one and two Fast Passes in tier two. I’ve highlighted in red the attractions I would recommend choosing.

You’ll notice in tier two I highlight more than two options. If you like coasters pick the two coaster options if you don’t like coasters or drops pick my other two highlighted suggestions.

Tier 1 Attractions

  • Slinky Dog Dash (38″)
  • Toy Story Midway Mania
  • Aliens Swirling Saucer (32″)

Tier 2 Attractions

  • Tower of Terror (40″)
  • Rocking Roller Coaster (48″)
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Star Tours (40″)
  • Fantasmic
  • Frozen Sing Along
  • Muppet Vision 3D
  • Indiana Jones
  • Voyage of the Little Mermaid
  • Disney Jr. Live on Stage

Once you have your Fast Passes selections made you’re good to go!? Now sit back, relax and of course work on your Disney outfits for your upcoming trip!

I hope the helps you to navigate the new excitement that has arrived at Hollywood Studios.?Toy Story Land is truly a great new addition to Hollywood Studios!

If you have questions please email at or follow along on my Facebook or Instagram page! @loveofthemagic

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