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Travel Agents -10 Reasons You SHOULD Use One

Travel Agents – 10 Reasons You SHOULD Be Using One

Last Updated: June 28, 2017

Travel Agents – In a world of internet searches and endless travel booking sites, there are more reasons than ever to use a Travel Agent to book vacations and endless family get a ways!

  1. ?First,?Service: ?Most of all, service. ?The cornerstone of a good Travel Agent is good service. ?Travel Agents take care of you when you’re in a bind. Stuck in the airport, flights cancelled, or impending hurricanes are approaching while you’re in the Caribbean? ?You’ll be glad you booked with a Travel Agent. You will continue to relax and enjoy your vacation, sipping on your tropical cocktail or specialty coffee, while your Travel Agent does the work.
  2. Connections:? Travel Agents have connections. Travel Agents spend countless hours getting to know the people and companies that help you have a better vacation. ?Therefore, Travel Agent relationships make your travel experience better. ?Whether it be in a travel bind or a simple upgrade that is not offered to the “search engine booking travelers”, your Travel Agents connections will keep you vacationing in style!
  3. Value – The cheapest flight, to the cheapest destination, in the cheapest motel is NOT what we do! ?The best value for your vacation budget is! ?Maximizing vacation time with included amenities (think extra “stuff” included in the price) is how Travel Agents send our clients on vacation. ?Because Happy vacationers = Happy Travel Agents.
  4. Experts?– Travel, it’s what we do! ?As a result, we’re experts in travel. ?We plan and do the research for you, so you can spend your time doing what you do best! ?From location, to best time to go and why… we will tell you the who, what and where for your next adventure!
  5. Travel Secrets – Do you want to travel like a local or travel like a tourist? ?Studies show that more and more travelers want to skip the tourist traps and see their destination in the eyes of the locals. ?Travel Agents know the ins and outs of your destination. ?Instead of eating at a chain, you’ll be eating at that “to die for hole in the wall.” Instead of a long line to get into the local site, you will skip the line and walk straight in. ?Not yet sold on why you should use a Travel Agent?

5 more exceptional reasons why you SHOULD be using a Travel Agent!

  1. Destination Savvy – We’re experts in everywhere! ?How you ask? ?We have peeps. ?Enough said! ?OK fine, I’ll give you more. ?Travel Agents have a network of other agents and experts in all areas of travel. ?We work together as one large team helping to create magical vacations for our clients. ?Therefore, each vacation you book with your Travel Agent will be expertly planned, no matter the destination. ?Being happy with your vacation is our top priority.
  2. Travel Documents – In this crazy ever changing world of what documents are necessary to travel where, we keep up with what you need to know! ?Traveling stateside? ?You may need more than a drivers license come January 2018. ?Cruising? ?We tell you what you need to bring. ?You will be surprised the answer. ?Heading to Europe and your passport is still good for 6 months? ?You’d be shocked to know, that’s not good enough. ?Don’t get stuck without the proper documentation and miss your trip. ?Travel Agents make sure you have what you need!
  3. Room Categories – Room categories will leave you with a blank stare of “What the hell does 8A mean”? ?and “Why should I upgrade to 8B”? ?Travel Agents know and will tell you when “8A” is OK to go with, and when it’s appropriate to upgrade to “8B”. ?Why don’t I give you the answer here? ?Because, it’s not that simple. ?Travel is not one size fits all. ?Travel Agents need to know you and your likes and dislikes before we can tell you to upgrade, or don’t, and save your money for a margarita, or pair of shoes. ?Your choice. 😉
  4. Personal Shopper – This goes back to “8A” and “8B”. ?Travel Agents are your personal shopper of travel. ?Because we get to know your likes, dislikes and bucket list destinations, we easily tell you when and where you should go and stay. ?As we get to know you, you’ll get to know and trust us. ?With that comes easy vacation planning. ?We book, you hop on the plane, train or ship and relax. ?It’s that simple.
  5. Winging It – Winging it is never the way to go on vacation! ?NEVER! ?Therefore a little research goes along way in not wasting your precious vacation time. ?No one wants to stand on the corner/dock/theme park and wonder what to do next. ?Wasting time collecting each differing opinion of the others traveling with you is the worst! ?Travel Agents provide you with a detailed itinerary of when, and where, and how, to do what’s next. ?If nothing else, a complete list of must see’s and do’s, or NOT do’s, while you’re on vacation. ?Because sometimes the “NOT do’s” are just as important as the “DO’s”!

Why Should You Use A Travel Agents?

Telling you why you should use a Travel Agent in just 10 reasons was hard! But those are some pretty good reasons if you ask me! ?Hence the reason you SHOULD use a Travel Agent. Are you ready to pack your bags? ?Where are you headed? ?We’ll take you there!

Yes, we book Disney, but really, we want you to see the WORLD with us! ?It’s a great big AMAZING place to explore! ?Contact us today!

Jamie Rumph
Jamie Rumph
Hi, I'm Jamie, traveling mama, entrepreneur, and travel advisor. I'm addicted to Disney, traveling and exploring the world with my family, and have a passion for helping families experience the magic of travel. My home is filled with love and chaos, 2 crazy girls, 2 large dogs, and the most spectacular architect and Disney Cast Member I call my husband. We live in Florida and spend our weekends playing at Orlando's many theme parks and visiting the beach. In 2015, after helping numerous families plan their vacations to various Disney Destinations, I started a blog to answer all of the many travel questions I received daily. In 2016, the blog grew into a travel agency, and Love of the Magic Vacations was born. With a team of nearly 20, we spend our days creating family vacations around the world. What started as a blog is now a full service, worldwide vacation destination planning service. I create custom itineraries for each of my clients that not only meets but exceeds expectations. There is no greater gift than making memories while sharing the world and its cultures with your kids.


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