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Disney World 2019 Ticket Prices

Disney World 2019 Ticket Prices

Ticket prices at Walt Disney World increased today just as they do every year around this time but this year, it’s complicated!

The pricing increase is a bit different than past years as it’s now gone to a date based pricing system. We saw a little of this last year with one day only Magic Kingdom tickets but now this date based pricing is across all 4 parks.

Base Ticket Prices

*Base ticket means one park per day.

The price of a one-day base ticket (visit one park per day) ranges from $109 to $129 for all four of Disney World’s parks. Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.

Multi-day ticket prices will be determined by the first day of your visit. Depending on how many days of tickets you wish to purchase will determine how many pricing tiers there are.

Hopper Ticket Prices

*Hopper ticket means you can visit multiple parks in one day.

Park Hopper ticket prices range from $164 to $184 for a single park day (multiple parks per day).

For me, the biggest take away is that you will have to know exactly what day you want to start visiting the parks and be mindful about how many days you can skip going to the parks or visiting another park (um, Universal or Sea World) in the middle of your Disney Vacation.  Gone are the days of deciding upon arrival that you’d like to run over to the Magic Kingdom because you just can no longer contain your excitement.

For guests that would prefer not to plan so strictly, there is also a flexible ticket option available that can be purchased at the highest tier year round and won’t expire until 14 days after first use or by December 31, 2018, like guests have been accustomed to in the past.

Why is Disney using this pricing system?

The parks have always had peak seasons where the crowds are much higher, this is why you should always plan your vacation using a crowd calendar. And low seasons where the parks feel practically empty. By varying the price of tickets Disney hopes to level out some of these high vs low crowds by encouraging guests who have the flexibility to visit during less busy times. It’s really not a horrible plan. In fact, if you’re able to visit in the low season this new pricing system is slightly less expensive than what a park ticket cost prior to this new tiered structure. So my point being, if you can flex your vacation you could potentially save a few bucks even from previous years ticket prices.

Annual Passes

Parking Costs

Parking prices have also increased.

Parking at the Resorts

Resort Parking Costs have remained the same since their introduction on March 21, 2018.

How to purchase tickets

To purchase tickets contact us and we can help you plan and sort out how to best spend your days while on your Disney vacation. To see Disney’s ticket and season calendar head over to the Disney website.

History of Disney World Park ticket costs

I always find the history of Disney parks interesting.  It’s amazing to me how Walt had what must have sounded like a crazy idea and made it come to life not once, but twice!  Disney is ever evolving and I think where it started and where it is now is worth mentioning!

Park Open

1971 Park Open: Entrance to the Magic Kingdom was $3.50 per adult, $1 per child but that did not include riding any attractions. Rides ranged in price from an A ticket at .10 to an E-ticket at .90 per ride. Within the first few years, Disney offered guests ticket books with a mix of A and E-tickets to ride attractions but quickly found that the system was costly and hard to manage.

Prices have steadily increased each year following except for a handful of years. (all information from the Orlando Sentinal and Travel & Leisure)

1972: $3.75

1973: $4.50

1974: $5.25

1975: $6.00

1976: $6.00

1977: $6.00

1978: $6.50

1979: $7.00

2nd decade

1980: $7.50

1981: $9.50

1982 – $15 (EPCOT opened this year)

1989 – $29.00 (MGM now Hollywood Studios opened this year)

3rd decade

1990: $31

1997: $39.75 (Animal Kingdom opens)

1999: $44

4th decade

2000: $46

2010: $82

2011: $85

2012: $89

2013: $95

2014: $99

2015: $106

2016: $110

2017: $115

For a complete list of prices by year read this great Travel and Leisure article. The history of ticket prices listed above is from this article.

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