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What to eat on your Disney Cruise

Let’s talk! So much of what we do in life is surrounded by food!  And the better the food, the more fun we’re having!  

In fact, I haven’t gained this 15 pounds in the last several years just hanging around Disney World or Disney Cruise Line!  I’ve earned every single one of these pounds surrounded by great friends, laughter and unforgettable experiences.

Disney Cruise Line offers a variety of dining experiences onboard and most are included!  There are a few options for an additional cost and we’ll talk about those below, but let’s start with what’s included!

Evening Rotational Dining

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We’re going to skip straight to dinner and talk about what to each on your Disney Cruise each night!  This is one of my favorite dining features on Disney Cruise Line!  Guests will be able to experience all three main dining rooms without the hassle of getting to know your wait staff each night.  They rotate with you!

  • Each night at dinner guests will rotate through three different dining rooms.  
  • Your schedule is predetermined and will be given to you upon arrival to your stateroom.
  • You can request a specific rotation prior to sailing if you want to avoid missing a favorite dining location or want to dine in a specific location on Pirate night.  My recommendation is Art of Animation on Pirate night!

The service on Disney in the dining rooms, onboard the whole ship really, is impeccable.  By the end of your cruise, your waitstaff will feel like family. You will be shocked at what they remember about your dining preferences.

There are three main dining rooms for the rotational dining experience each evening.  The names vary by ship but the concept is the same.

  1. Animator’s Palate
  2. Tiana’s Place, Rapunzel’s Royal Table, Enchanted Garden
  3. Lumiere’s, Triton’s, Royal Palace, Royal Court 

Animator’s Palate – All Ships 

Animators dining area on Disney cruise lineAnimators Palate sign on Disney Cruise LineAnimators palate menu on Disney Cruise Line

At Animator’s Palate, guests will start their dining experience in “black and white” and by the end of the evening, the dining room comes to life in full color.  The experience on the Magic and Wonder vs the Dream and Fantasy are a bit different but the concept is the same.  

the magic of color at Animators Palate on Disney Cruise line

Truthfully I enjoy it more on the Dream and Fantasy.  While dining you will draw a character on a special placemat that will then be brought to life on the restaurant walls at the end of the evening. 

Animators Palate kid menu o n Disney Cruise LineAnimators Palatte on Disney Cruise Lineappetizer from Animators Palatte on Disney Cruise Line

On both ships, characters roam about the restaurant on the walls interacting with guests, talking about everything from the food you’re eating to the clothes you’re wearing.  I think it’s my favorite dinner dining spot during the whole cruise.

Tiana’s Place – Disney Wonder, Rapunzel’s Royal Table – Disney Magic

what to eat on Disney Cruise Line at Tiana’s PlaceDining area at Tiana’s Place on Disney Cruise Line

In my mind, these three restaurants (Dream and Fantasy have the same) are the specialty dining rooms on each of the four ships.  They’re what sets the dining apart from each of the different ships in their themes and the characters that join guests nightly while eating. 

Both Tiana’s Place and Rapunzel’s Royal Table showcase their namesake and guests are entertained while the characters roam table to table.  It’s very much like a character meal at Disney World or Disneyland BUT it’s included!

what to eat at Pirates Night themed dinners on Disney Cruise Line

The Enchanted Garden on Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy

The Enchanted Garden does not have any character experiences but it does have its own set of magic.  Guests will arrive in this magical garden all lit up and by the time the meal has ended, it’s magically turned to night.  The overhead chandeliers open up into beautiful flowers and showcase the Versaille inspired location.

Mickey statue at Tiana’s Place on Disney Cruise Lineseating area at Tiana’s Place on Disney Cruise Line

Lumiere’s – Disney Magic, Triton’s – Disney Wonder, Royal Palace – Disney Dream, and Royal Court – Disney Fantasy

what to eat on Disney Cruise Line at Lumiere’sdining area at Lumiere’s on Disney Cruise LineThese four restaurants are what I consider the traditional cruise line’s main dining room for a couple of reasons.  

First, these are the dining locations or grand dining rooms that are immediately seen as you enter the ship on deck three for the first time.  They’re located in the main grand atrium and a focal point on each ship.Tritons doors on Disney Cruise Line7 dwarfs wall on Disney Cruise Linethe Royal Court on Disney Cruise Lineappetizer from the Royal Dinner menu on Disney Cruise Line They have pretty staircases leading up to them and the ship’s mascot sits close by welcoming its guests.  

They’re also the one wait staff dining location that will offer breakfast and lunch, in addition to dinner daily.

Character Dining on your Disney Cruise

One of the greatest things about Character Dining on Disney Cruise Line is that it’s included!  So when you’re wondering what to eat on your Disney Cruise, definitely include a character breakfast if it’s an option on your sailing!

Mickey Character Dining on Disney Cruise LineCharacter Dining for breakfast on Disney Cruise LineMickey waffles during Character Dining on Disney Cruise Line

Yep, it’s true!  Both Tiana’s Place and Rapunzel’s Royal Table are part of the nightly rotational dining (Wonder & Magic) and the Disney Jr. breakfast at Animator’s Palate is also included on select sailings (typically cruises 5 nights or longer) but a reservation is required.

  • Tiana’s Place – Wonder, included in rotational dining
  • Rapunzel’s Royal Table – Magic, included in rotational dining
  • Animator’s Palate – breakfast with Disney Jr. on some sailings (typically 5 nights or longer) *Reservations required and can be made at the time of check-in.  These spots fill quickly so make sure you check in at midnight eastern time on your select day.  

Early & Late Dining Times

Disney offers two dining times to be chosen by the guest at the time of booking.  

  • Main Dining – 5:45 pm – this is the most popular and fills up fast
  • Second Dining – 8:15 pm 
  • *Select itineraries shift the dining time back by about 15 minutes.

For guests who have young children and are not able to be seated at the Main Dining time or prefer late dining, the kids club will pick up the kids at the front of the dining room about 30-45 minutes after dining has started and take them to the kids club. 

This is the perfect way for adults to be able to enjoy a nice meal without having to deal with kids who are over the long dining experience.  It’s our preferred way of dining. It means a meal with the kids but also a nice adult experience to follow. It’s the best of both worlds in my experience.

That being said, the waitstaff is fantastic at taking care of the kids every need and entertaining them all while serving dinner so that you don’t have to!  They’ll even cut their food and deliver condiments in Mickey shapes! It’s magic!

delicious french fried to eat on Disney Cruise Line

*For those worried about the kids being too hungry by late dining time you can get a snack at one of the snack locations or order room service.  We typically rest after the day’s excursion or activity in the room and order room service for all of the hungry tummies!

Nighty Entertainment

Something to note, the evening entertainment onboard Disney Cruise Line plays twice nightly so that all guests are able to enjoy their dinner and see the amazing shows!  For example, if you have early dining you’ll eat and then go to the show or late dining, you’ll go to the show and then eat. So don’t fret, you can do it all!

Specialty Dining – Additional Cost

All four of Disney’s cruise ships offer specialty dining at an additional cost.  The Disney Dream and Fantasy offer both Palo and Remy, whereas the Magic and Wonder only offer Palo.  These dining locations are for guests 18 years and older. Kids are able to go to the kids club for the evening and will be fed there.  

Palo (18+) – Brunch and Dinner 

Palo is an Italian restaurant located on deck 10 (Wonder and Magic) and 12 (Dream and Fantasy), which means you’ll have some of the best views from the ship.  You should eat at Palo at least once while you’re on vacation.  It’s at the top of my list of what to eat on your Disney Cruise!

what to eat at palo on Disney Cruise Linedining area at Palo on Disney Cruise LineThe restaurant requires advanced reservations that should be made online during your check-in process.  

Guests are allowed to make one reservation per cruise but can add an additional reservation on board if it is available.  Brunch is very popular, especially on sea days.

The current additional cost is $40 per person. *Subject to change at any time.

There is also a 5-course meal with a wine pairing in addition to the $40 per person.  I’ve yet to try it, but it’s on my “Disney eating bucket list” which is forever growing and getting more expensive!

Palo also offers brunch on sea days for an additional $40 per person.

Guests are required to dress appropriately meaning no shorts, cutoffs, flip flops, bathing suits, etc.  This is an upscale dining location and guests are asked to dress as such.

Remy – (18+) – Dinner on the Dream and Fantasy only.

Remy is a french inspired restaurant named after the beloved Chef Remy from Disney’s Ratatouille. 

what to eat on Disney Cruise Linewhat to eat on Disney Cruise Lineseating at Palo on Disney Cruise Line

The menu has been created by two renowned chefs, Chef Scott Hunnel from Victoria and Alberts Restaurant at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Chef Arnaud Lallement from l’Assiette Champenoise, a famous restaurant in France. 

Guests can enjoy dinner for an additional $125 per person or brunch on sea days for an additional $75 per person. 

The attire is upscale.  A tux, sports or dress coat are appropriate for me,  and women are asked to wear a cocktail dress, pants suit or the like.  

Dressing up is part of the fun!  Go out, dress up, enjoy the upscale atmosphere and yummy food! 

Cabanas – Buffett

Cabanas is on all four of the Disney ships and is open breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily on your cruise.  The daily buffet is filled with several options to choose from the basics like chicken fingers and french fries to more upscale items like crab legs and a carving board.  And the petite dessert station means you can try them all! Even though it’s not on the top of my list of what to eat while on your Disney Cruise, it is a convenient option while on board.

what to eat at Cabanas on Disney Cruise Lineseating at Cabanas on Disney Cruise Linedining area at Cabanas on Disney Cruise Line

Snacks – all day and nearly all night

Pizza, hot dogs, burgers, chicken fingers, sandwich wraps, ice cream and more can be found daily on all of the ships!  What’s not to love about this?

Goofy’s Galley – Wonder & Magic

Located poolside on deck 9 on the Disney Wonder & Magic is home to Pinocchio’s Pizzeria, Daisy’s De-lites and Petes Boiler Bites (Magic only).

Flo’s Cafe – Dream & Fantasy

what to eat at Flo's Cafe on Disney Cruise Line

Located poolside deck 11 on the Disney Dream & Fantasy features Luigi’s Pizza, Tow Mater’s Grill and Fillmore’s Favorites.

Essentially the two areas, Goofy’s Galley and Flo’s Cafe are home to the same snack favorites but with different names and themes.

Eye Scream

what to eat at Eye Scream on Disney Cruise Line

Endless soft serve ice cream with sundae toppings on all four ships poolside and one of my kids’ favorite stops on the ship.  I mean who can say no to endless ice cream while on vacation. I know I certainly didn’t. Emmy’s tummy told her when it was time to stop! Ha

Frozone Treats

what to eat at Frozone Treats on Disney Cruise Line

Only on the Disney Dream, Fantasy and Magic where guests can order fruit smoothies.

Vanellope’s Sweets & Treats 

what to eat at Vanellope’s Sweets & Treats  on Disney Cruise Line

This is one of my favorite stops on the Disney Dream. (It’s only on the Dream).  This fun and sweet inspired candy shop from Wreck-It Ralph is adorable and yummy!  Here you’ll find gelato, fresh waffle cones, baked treats, and candy.  

Unfortunately, these treats aren’t included in the cruise fare and of course, your children and children alike will be begging for you to spend more money here daily!what to eat on Disney Cruise Line


candy selection at Vanellope’s Sweets & Treats  on Disney Cruise Line

Adult Only Areas 

Disney has amazing family experiences and amazing ADULTS ONLY experiences as well!  I can bring the kids, enjoy them most of the time and then happily send them to do their own thing at the amazing kids clubs while I enjoy the adults-only areas with my husband and friends.

Cove Cafe (18+)

Both the Cove Cafe and Signals are located in the adults-only areas of the ship near the adults-only pools.  Grab a snack and relax in the peace and quiet while the kids go crazy in the main pool and splash zone!

After 9 pm, “The District” on the Disney Dream, Europa on the Disney Fantasy, and “After Hours” on the Disney Magic and Wonder are the adults-only evening entertainment areas.  

seating area at Cove Cafe on Disney Cruise Line

Signals (18+)

what to eat at Signals on Disney Cruise Line

Plan to send the kids to the kids club after the evening family show and join the adults-only fun!  I’ve always enjoyed comedy, game shows, and live entertainment! Don’t be “too tired” and miss out on this experience!

Lounges and Bars

*Some of the lounges may be used for various activities throughout the day.

There are many lounges aboard the Disney ships and most are used throughout the day and night for various forms of entertainment including live music, comedy shows, and presentations.

In the evening they host family-friendly entertainment for everyone to enjoy together.  

Guests looking for a more adults-only experience can visit the various adult areas (shown below) after 9 pm when it becomes not so family-friendly with adult comedy and game shows.

Promenade Lounge

what to eat at the Promenade Lounge on Disney Cruise Line

D Lounge

what to eat at D Lounge on Disney Cruise Line

Sulley Sips

what to eat at Sulley Sips on Disney Cruise Line

selection of drink at the Lounges and Bars on Disney Cruise Line

Adults Only Areas after 9 pm

After Hours – Disney Wonder & Magic

chandelier at Disney Wonder & Magic on Disney Cruise Line

Azure (18+ after 9 pm)

seating area at Azure on Disney Cruise Line

Cadillac Lounge (18+ after 9 pm)

This fun, old school Cadillac-inspired lounge, is the perfect place for a late-night drink with friends.

seating area at Cadillac Lounge on Disney Cruise Linelounge area at Cadillac Lounge  on Disney Cruise Line

Crown & Fin Pub (18+ after 9 pm)

Take a trip to the Irish pub while sailing at sea.

Crown & Fin Pub on Disney Cruise Line

pun and grub menu at Crown & Fin Pub on Disney Cruise Line

The District – Disney Dream

what to eat at The District on Disney Cruise Line

The District bar area on Disney Cruise Line

The District dance floor area on Disney Cruise Line

seating area at The District on Disney Cruise Line

Evolution (18+ after 9 pm)

Evolution on Disney Cruise Line

Evolution seating area on Disney Cruise Line

Pink (18+ after 9 pm)

Pink on Disney Cruise LinePink bar area on Disney Cruise Line

Pink might be my most favorite bar area on Disney!  This perfectly pink champagne bar celebrates all the bubbles.  And, just when you think you’ve seen it all an elephant in a pink tutu dances by.  Is it really happening or have you had too much champagne and are seeing things?

Skyline Lounge (18+ after 9 pm)

Skyline Lounge bar on Disney Cruise Line

Skyline Lounge is a pretty cool bar too.  Stick around a while as the skyline scenes on the wall change into a new and exciting city skyline.  It’s so subtle you’ll hardly notice when it’s happening.

Pub 687 (18+ after 9 pm)

This sports bar type lounge that really reminds me more of a cigar lounge (no smoking allowed, we’re merely talking ambiance) which showcases numerous TVs to catch all the games.  But my favorite part is the art throughout the pub, showing the very ship your standing on being built in the Meyer Werft shipyard. In fact, “687” refers to the Disney Dream before it was named and being built in Germany – “hull 687”.

Pub 687 on Disney Cruise Line

Pub 687 seating area on Disney Cruise Linebar area at Pub 687 on Disney Cruise Line

Pub 687 menu on Disney Cruise Line

Europa – Disney Fantasy

Bringing a taste of Europe to the Disney Fantasy this adults-only nightlife area takes on a whole new scene come 9 pm. 

*I sailed on the Disney Fantasy in October 2015, and have very little memory of this area.  Since this time I have been on the Wonder or Dream, so I’m not overly familiar with the exact parts of it, but do know what it is very similar in nature to the other ships.

Europa on Disney Cruise Line

La Piazza

O’Gills Pub

Similar to Pub 687 this is the sports bar onboard the Disney Fantasy.

Ooh La La

Evolution bar area on Disney Cruise Line

The Tube

what to eat at The Tube on Disney Cruise Line


Skyline Lounge is a pretty cool bar too.  Stick around awhile as the skyline scenes on the wall change into a new and exciting city skyline.  It’s so subtle you’ll hardly notice when it’s happening.

Meridian Bar 

Themed Dinners

Pirates Night – All rotational dining locations

Pirates Night is my all-time favorite night on any Disney Cruise itinerary!  We’re only talking food in this post but really the best part of the pirate night is guests dressed in pirate costumes and fireworks at sea!  We’ll talk more about this in the entertainment post! 

On Pirate Night, each of the three rotation dining rooms will showcase a special pirate menu for the evening featuring Caribbean favorites.  Guests will still go to the dining room that is assigned for their rotation. After dinner and the evening show, you’ll want to head outside to the pool deck for a fantastic evening with a special pirate show by Mickey himself culminating in fireworks!  

after dinner drinks menu on Disney Cruise Line

main course menu on Disney Cruise Line

what to eat on Disney Cruise Line with specialty drinks

Room Service

Room service can be ordered for breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout your cruise.  The only exception is on debarkation day when breakfast will not be served unless you are a concierge-level guest.

*One of the perks of staying concierge level, is being able to order room service to your room on debarkation day.  Concierge guests can also dine in the concierge lounge.

All meals are included, but there are a few things to note.  If you order soda with room service you will be charged for it, whereas anywhere else on the ship soda is included in the price of your cruise fare.  So you are better off to pick up the soda you’d like to have at the poolside drink station and bring it to your room.  

Also, gratuities are not included for room service staff.  Make sure to tip them with either cash or by adding it to your room account.

Don’t forget to order your ice cream Mickey bars from room service.  They’re not on the menu, but they are definitely available free of charge!

It’s truly the little things that add up to make the higher price of sailing with Disney worth it!

Concierge Lounge

Concierge-level guests have access to the concierge lounge daily.  Guests can enjoy small plates, specialty coffees, wine, beer and soda inclusive of their cruise fare here.  This is just one of the many reasons to cruise concierge-level when sailing with Disney Cruise Line.

Concierge Lounge on Disney Cruise Line

the Concierge Lounge on Disney Cruise Line

Concierge-level rooms include verandah staterooms that are noted as concierge-level, 1 bedroom, and 2 bedroom suites as well as the Royal Suites.Concierge Lounge beverage area on Disney Cruise Line

Beverage Packages

Disney Cruise Line does not offer unlimited alcoholic beverage packages the way many cruise lines do.  They do offer “survival beer packages”, wine packages and water bottle packages.  These are not endless as supplies like other cruise lines but are discounted quantities.

Guests are also able to bring on two standard-sized bottles of wine or one 6-pack of beer per cabin.

Beverage Packages on Disney Cruise Line

water embarkation special on Disney Cruise LineDisney Cruise Line Survival Beer Package

They will also offer a drink of the day.  Waitstaff will roam the pool deck area to deliver these fun drinks to you.
what to drink on the Beverage Packages on Disney Cruise Line

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner + Snacks an Overview

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served in a variety of locations daily and the choice is really yours as to where you’ll enjoy them. 


  • Cabanas – Buffett, all ships
  • Dining room – location by ship: Tritons, Lumiere’s, Royal Court, Royal Palace


  • Cabanas – Buffett – all ships
  • Daisy’s De-Lites – Magic, Wonder
  • Palo Brunch (18+) – all ships *Reservations required
  • Pete’s Boiler Bites – Wonder
  • Duck In Diner – Magic
  • Flo’s Cafe – Dream & Fantasy
  • Pinocchio’s Pizzeria – Magic & Wonder
  • Dining room – location by ship: Tritons, Lumiere’s, Royal Court, Royal Palace


  • Cabanas – all ships, table service
  • Animators Palate – *rotational dining
  • Tiana’s Place, Rapunzels, Enchanted Garden – location by ship, *rotational dining
  • Tritons, Lumiere’s, Royal Court, Royal Palace – location by ship, *rotational dining
  • Palo (18+) – all ships *Reservations required
  • Pete’s Boiler Bites

Late Night Snacks

  • Cabanas Buffett
  • Pinocchio’s Pizzeria


  • Eye Scream for Eye Scream
  • Beverage Station
  • Room Service

*locations and available times are subject to change and guests should consult the Navigator, Disney’s Cruise Schedule, when onboard.  The printed Navigator can be found at guest services and is sometimes delivered to your stateroom. The schedule can also be found on the Disney Cruise Line app.


How do I plan my Disney Cruise?

Planning your cruise can seem overwhelming at first.  Here are a few key things to know to get your planning started.

Can I order the evening dining room meal to my room from room service?

No, guests are not able to order from the dining room menus to be served in their stateroom.  Room service has a separate menu. The only exception to this rule is the few staterooms that have a dining table in the room.  This includes the Royal Suites and 2 bedroom suites.

Why types of foods are on the room service menu?

Breakfast – continental style included donuts, pastries, toast, coffee and juice

Lunch/Dinner – American food such as sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, pizza and chicken fingers, soups, salads, and various desserts.  If there’s something you want, ask. Disney is fantastic about doing what they can to provide you with what you want.

Can I take my kids to the 18 and over areas if I’m ok with it?

No, guests are not able to bring children younger than 18 to the adults-only areas.  Whereas you may be ok with your child coming along other guests want to enjoy a kid-free experience.  Disney preserves this for all guests.

What’s included on a Disney Cruise?

There is so much that is included in your cruise fare!  Here’s a complete list! 

Where does Disney Cruise Line sail?

Disney Cruise Line sails all over the world throughout the year.  Click to explore the itineraries.

How do I get a quote?

For a free no-obligation quote and to book your Disney Cruise contact me at and let’s get you sailing with my favorite mouse!

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