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Why you should NOT decline housekeeping at Disney?s Pop Century Resort

by Jamie Rumph

This past week my team and I spent four nights at Pop Century. Staying on property and taking in the Magic of Disney 24/7 is nothing short of amazing! Staying with friends makes it all that much more fun!

We had three rooms next to each other for our weeks stay and spent time eating, laughing, riding some of Disney’s best attractions, resort hopping and finally touring the Disney Dream Cruise ship.

When you have multiple rooms you can request for them to be next to each other but there are no guarantees. We got lucky and Disney worked their magic for us.

When we checked into Pop Century each room was offered a gift card in exchange for declining “mousekeeping” (also known as maid service) during our stay. Disney will pay $10 per day, not including check-in or check-out day to calculate the total you’ll receive. Each of our three rooms accepted the gift card and were excited to have our lunch paid for that day!

By day two I had already decided I’d rather buy my own lunch and have my room cleaned instead! Here’s why:

1. Not too many of us have daily maid service in real life! It’s vacation! So treat yourself to clean counters, fresh towels and having your bed made daily! There’s nothing like coming home from the parks exhausted to a freshly made bed!

2. Pop Century’s rooms have recently been renovated and they’re beautiful. The retro style with orange and white polka dot drapes and graphic Mickey Mouse art adds to the fun of the Classic Years that Pop Century celebrates. With this renovation, each of the rooms carpet was replaced with vinyl wood looking floors. It’s a great look and a lot cleaner in my opinion! But you’ll want them vacuumed and wiped down daily.

If you’re anything like me you hate the feeling of dirt on the bottoms of your feet. Climbing into bed at night with dirty feet is pretty darn gross if you ask me! So having them cleaned daily is a must!

By the end of our 4 days stay our floors were dirty. And not just dirt I could feel on my feet but dirt and smudges I could see. There were days of park grime that had been tracked into our room! They definitely needed to be moped! I can’t imagine if we had stayed longer what the state of our room would have been!

3. The trash! When you give up “mousekeeping” your trash doesn’t get emptied daily. The trash cans in the rooms are rather small and fill up quickly. You can call and request the trash to be emptied anytime you’d like, but honestly, it’s so much better to just have it taken care of while you’re out and about during the day, rather than having to wait on someone to arrive at the end of a long day.

We loved our stay at Pop Century and I’d certainly stay again especially with the newly updated rooms, but next time I will make sure to keep mousekeeping derives and have my room cleaned daily!

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